Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Update on Morgan the Orca

Morgan, January 20, 2012

Pictures speak louder than words. That's why we're glad we can show beautiful images of Morgan while she swims for the first time with all the adult orcas: Keto, Tekoa, Kohana and Skyla. Another special milestone for Morgan!

Since her arrival in Loro Parque, Morgan gradually introduced to the other killer whales. Morgan resides alternately with the different animals. The killer whales swim together with them and get to know each scan. Morgan is doing well also participate in the sessions with her caregivers.

Weighing is one of the first parts that Morgan has learned. An orca can weigh it is necessary that the side slip. If successful, the animal on the special orca sliding scale. Morgan has in recent weeks show that they are not inferior to the other orcas. She has now, with evidence of the trainers and copying from the other animals realize how it works. Meanwhile, she weighed weekly.
On her departure from Harderwijk, she weighed about 1075 pounds. In Loro Parque she has more room to move so the expectation was that she would lose weight. But Morgan eats well, about 40 pounds per day, moves well and now weighs 1113 pounds!

The behavior of killer whales in all Orca Ocean is carefully monitored. Not only the caregivers but also by researchers and students who work on Orca Ocen intensive research. The pools are in different places hydrophones installed. Continuous sounds of the animals are included. These sounds are later analyzed and used for various studies.

However, it is difficult to analyze if there are multiple sounds killer whales swim all sounds. Therefore, the students ethogrammen. These are detailed reports of objective behavior and the location of individual animals. This way is clearly the sounds of the animals originate. In nature it appears very difficult. There, by means of photography determine which animals are present in one shot, but even with the pictures it is difficult to conclude what animal certain noises.
to Orca Ocean animals are always visible making this study very well can be performed, of course, be the sounds of Morgan also included. A valuable study that more and more insight into the acoustic world of orcas.


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