Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ocean Park Hong Kong experts concluded suspected to have been stranded porpoises killed in boat crash

BEIJING, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) News reported, according to Hong Kong, 2 at about 2:30, at Cheung Chau Tung Wan stranded dolphins found in the body, the Ocean Park's veterinary examination, has proved to be female porpoise, length 172 cm, weight of 65 kg, estimated about 32 years old.

Experts say, the finless porpoise breast development, the finless porpoise is believed to breastfeeding mothers, but a large number of parasites found in his breast, I believe died before suffering severe mastitis. According to the preliminary inference, the cause of death may be caused by the vessel hit the head, or wound caused by fishing nets, but it does need to be the cause of death can only confirm the completion of a detailed laboratory report.

Hong Kong Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, the Deputy Director Wu Shoujian that from 2006 to 2011, the Conservation Fund in conjunction with the AFCD had stranded cetaceans were 185 confirmed cases, of which 57 for the Chinese white dolphins, 122 of finless porpoise, 6 is another cetacean species. In recent years, each year about 20-40 dolphin stranding events, most of which porpoises.

Wushou Jian said: "The general public may not understand the reported cases of whales and dolphins stranded importance to rescue stranded whales and dolphins live emergency of course, but even that whale and dolphin carcasses should be reported immediately, because the dead animals can bring us a lot of important information, including age, gender, accumulation of pollutants, and even cause death. the sooner the report received from the public, our 'Cetacean Stranding Network Action Group' will be able to arrive at the scene earlier, get more fresh samples, acquire more accurate information. "

He urged the public can call the 1823 Call Centre "Cetacean Stranding Hotline" to report, the informant should provide details of their name, contact phone, stranded whales and dolphins found in the date, time and place; the case of stranded cetaceans (survival, minor or severe decay, etc.); and stranded whales and dolphins in length and features (such as whether there is dorsal, beak is obvious, etc.).

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