Wednesday, 11 January 2012

arthquake precursors? Second floating whale spotted

Direct Translation from Chinese:
[Compiled Lin Chui Yee / roundup] Tokyo, Japan, in the harbor on the 10th found a length of about 17 meters of floating dead whale, which is the coast of Japan the second time in the past eight days the dead whale appears. Less than three weeks ago, Shizuoka coast also discovered a commonly known as "earthquake fish" oarfish body.Vision for the spate of sea, earthquakes scholars are concerned that this may be a warning sign before the earthquake struck.

10 dead whale floating in the morning from Tokyo to Hong Kong Container Terminal Ching Hai about 20 meters. Tokyo Maritime Security Department said the whale length of 17 meters, who have severe lacerations, should be judged from the appearance of the blue whale, is likely to be the vessel's propeller cuts. As the blue whale to whale body length up to 2,30 m, only blue whales should also minor.MEPC officials said Tokyo, Tokyo Bay can be seen in the occasional whale movements, but added for the first time within the Port of Tokyo.

Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture Morito River near the mouth of the coast, 2 found a 6.3-meter-long humpback whale dead, there is no surface trauma.

In addition, last December 21, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture, the coast also found a 4.5-meter-long oarfish dead.Oarfish usually live in deep thousand meters below sea level in ancient times was known as the "earthquake fish."

The emergence of an unprecedented large number of dolphins

Also in December 28, MEPC staff in the Tsushima Strait found only in groups of up to 300 dolphins. Although wildlife experts say the area every time this season, there will be a large number of dolphins, but security officials said the sea had never seen such a large group of dolphins.

Professor Emeritus, University of the Ryukyus Akira Kimura political concerns, this may be a precursor to a major earthquake. In fact, the Tokyo submarine southeast of Bird Island, New Year's Day this year will be a magnitude 7 earthquake, and the emergence of oarfish only separated by 10 days. 311 before the earthquake in Japan, Ibaraki Prefecture city of the coast there are deer Nakajima 50 whales stranded.

Kimura said that whales are very sensitive to sound, and ultrasound navigation, before the earthquake will produce sound waves, sound waves may be interference by these whales will be stranded. The emergence of oarfish more worthy of attention because of the earthquake in 311 the year before, at least 10 coast of Japan a few oarfish.


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