Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dead whale appears in Huatulco Bay

Oaxaca • In the Pacific coast, off the coast of the tourist resort of Huatulco, a humpback whale found dead about five feet long. "Apparently got out, he lost track of any trace of pollution at sea," confirmed the state delegate of the Ministry of Environment, Alvaro Esteban Ortiz surrounds.

The official said the whale was found by a group of fishermen in the vicinity of the beach Coyula, was allegedly dragged by the current to the shore by the tide. Presumably he came to die to the coastal areas.

Port staff reported that inspectors from the state delegation of the Federal Environmental Protection (Profepa) and staff of the Universidad del Mar (UMAR) work performed to investigate the reasons of death.

"They have taken laboratory samples will be tested for his death, the studies will be available to researchers at the school for educational purposes, I understand that up a technical report that will be integrated into the file and final opinion."

Reported that the remains of the whale were taken to the Shrine of the Huatulco National Park, where his funeral was held on an unspoiled beach.
Surrounds Ortiz said there are several hypotheses regarding the death of the species, may have been attacked by local fishermen or some orca.

"In general these marine species are losing control of your navigation path, due to problems of temperature, water conditions and pollution levels.

The whale sailed off course and natural area, species usually travels this season and deep water cooler located in the northern part of Mexico, in the vicinity of the beaches of Sinaloa and the Gulf of California. "

In the past 10 months have been placed on the beaches of Oaxaca at least three bodies of whales, other beaches located in Puerto Angel and Salina Cruz.


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