Monday, 25 March 2013

March 19 - 25th 2013

Whale drama at Noordhoek Beach
Independent Online

Dead Whale Found In Thames Estuary Off The Isle Of Sheppey
Huffington Post UK

False Killer Whale Grins While Hunting
Comedy Central UK

Blue Whale Encounters in the Sea of Cortez
Huffington Post (blog)

Dead Whale Contains a Bounty of Life

Monday, 18 March 2013

March 15 - 18th 2013

Mass whale strandings aren't all in the family
Ars Technica

Antarctica's First Whale Skeleton Found With Nine New Deep-Sea
Science Daily (press release)

Whale found dead 

Entangled humpback whale rescued
Mother Nature Network

DutchDolphin found in tin of tuna
The Daily Standard (blog)


Chubut: appeared a dolphin killed and ate
Site Andino

Thursday, 14 March 2013

March 12 - 14 2013

Whale entangled in fishing gear freed (blog)

Whale's Streaming Baleen Tangles to Trap Food
Science Daily (press release)

No cause of death determined for beached whales
St. Augustine Record

Two Right Whales Observed off Menemsha Coast
Martha's Vineyard Gazette

Lost in New York: Dolphin breaks away from its pod for a swim along ...
Daily Mail

Ukraine Denies Weaponized Dolphin Program
Escapist Magazine

Gangetic river dolphin population stable in Bihar
Times of India

Maneka Gandhi slams dolphin park
The Hindu

Dolphin assessed after stranding in Brewster

Dolphins use human shields against orcas
3News NZ

Porpoises in the Elbe: They're back!

dolphin Tanabe Bay wandered into the head a few

Open farm "Umi"
Town News

Taiji whale research toward ranch, the opening
Report Kii people

Chinese White Dolphin corpse two life
Yahoo Hong Kong

Marine Life Park opened in 80 days welcoming 500,000

Spanish:Dolphins in Havana
Cause of dolphin mortality of marine litter
International newspapers

Saturday, 9 March 2013

February 27th - March 9th 2013

Spanish sperm whale death linked to UK supermarket supplier's
The Guardian

False Killer Whale Hooking Threatens Tuna Fishery Closure
Maui Now

Melon-headed whale likely died of parasites

Register by March 21 for Killer whale protection workshop

lifeboat crew encounters humpback
BBC News

Calif. Regulators Reject Navy Offshore Training
NBC 7 San Diego

Japan's whale hunt may be over - Sea Shepherd

Mother whale and calf found Sunday on Jensen Beach are euthanized
Palm Beach Post

Whale and Dolphin Rescue Training in Ullapool
Stornoway Gazette

Angus whale died from intestinal infection

Find baffles fishermen

Necropsy inconclusive on what killed whale on Waianae Coast
Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Surfers get a whale of a tale after close orca encounter
CTV News

Killer whale's sudden appearance behind boat startles anglers
Pete Thomas Outdoor

Whale struck and killed by container ship headed for Port of Los ...
Long Beach Press-Telegram

Save the whales? There's an app for that!
Deep-Sea News

Dolphin Pod Saves Policewoman and Her Dog From Drowning ...

Why Is SeaWorld Allowing Its Killer Whales to Live in Squalor?

Arabian Sea humpbacks' singing put to test
BBC News

Baby Mimo joins Port River dolphins
Herald Sun

Surat: Dolphin found dead in Tapi river
Times of India

Discovery Cove: Male dolphin born to Kendall
Orlando Sentinel (blog)

NATURE NICHE: Rozzi the Amazing Dolphin Dog
Port isabel south padre

Tests to determine dolphin's cause of death
ABC Online

This Year's 'Cove' Slaughter Is Almost Over, but the Death Toll Is Steep

Raw: Dolphin pod overtakes New Zealand harbor
Washington Post

Dolphin dies at Coney
Brooklyn Daily

2 dolphins swimming in shallow cove

Bunbury welcomes new dolphin calf
The West Australian

Photographer snaps orcas close up
3News NZ

DOC considers action against orca swimmer
3News NZ

Dolphin Sightings Reported at Chappaquiddick

Second stranded dolphin dies
Daily Express

Editorial: Before new aquarium, hammer out details

Dead spotted dolphin found on elba island beach
Gazzetta del Sud english

Two dolphins found in Kishanganj
Times of India

Harbor porpoises making a comeback in South Sound
The Olympian-

Dead Harbor Porpoise Found on Duck Island Beach

Coastguard in search for porpoise
This is Kent


Killer OK Public Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Chunichi Shimbun

Whale research toward Taiji ranch, the establishment
Report Kii people

Endangered whale migration, off the coast of Aichi? WANTED sightings
Asahi Shimbun

Dolphin will interact with! "Dolphin Park" to Marina
Online News Shimpo Wakayama

Dolphin Kagoshima Aquarium Lasky of one year old
Japan Newspaper south

Dolphin Wakayama ~ that wander, to beaches

Naga birth, of life dwells not Kagoshima Aquarium dolphin , stillbirth
Asahi Shimbun -


Independent seaside found a giant whale carcasses weighing up to 1 tonne
Kwong Wah Yit Poh