Thursday, 14 March 2013

March 12 - 14 2013

Whale entangled in fishing gear freed (blog)

Whale's Streaming Baleen Tangles to Trap Food
Science Daily (press release)

No cause of death determined for beached whales
St. Augustine Record

Two Right Whales Observed off Menemsha Coast
Martha's Vineyard Gazette

Lost in New York: Dolphin breaks away from its pod for a swim along ...
Daily Mail

Ukraine Denies Weaponized Dolphin Program
Escapist Magazine

Gangetic river dolphin population stable in Bihar
Times of India

Maneka Gandhi slams dolphin park
The Hindu

Dolphin assessed after stranding in Brewster

Dolphins use human shields against orcas
3News NZ

Porpoises in the Elbe: They're back!

dolphin Tanabe Bay wandered into the head a few

Open farm "Umi"
Town News

Taiji whale research toward ranch, the opening
Report Kii people

Chinese White Dolphin corpse two life
Yahoo Hong Kong

Marine Life Park opened in 80 days welcoming 500,000

Spanish:Dolphins in Havana
Cause of dolphin mortality of marine litter
International newspapers

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