Sunday, 29 December 2013

Dec 23rd to Dec 29th 2013


Fin whale dies after it washed up on Irish beach

Year of the Whale: 2013 brought a marine show unlike any other

Gray, fin and killer whales off South Bay and Long Beach this ...

Abbott will pay for this whale of a broken promise

Dozens Of Gray Whales Spotted Off Point Reyes As Migration Begins

Counting Whales In Hawaii Might Be The Best Volunteer Program ...

Whale-watching week on the Oregon Coast

Researchers to study dead sperm whale found on Maui

Killer whale spectacle in Santa Monica Bay is 'like SeaWorld without ...

Whale dies after washing ashore south of Vero Beach

TV | The Whale – The true story that inspired the wonderful Moby Dick

Underwater Compositions: Song Sharing Between Southern Ocean ...

Channel Islands Whale Watching Opens

Whales put on show off Del Mar

SeaWorld takes out ads to defend itself against whale mistreatment ...

Whale saved from fishing net in Mexican waters

Dolphin pictured flying through the air after getting in the way of killer ...

Season's first whale calf sighted off Sapelo Island

NSRI rescues beached whale

Public asked to maintain safe distance from marine mammals

Lifelike sperm whale draws attention in railway station parking lot

Speed limit for ships is reduced to protect whales

Amazing! 50-Ton Whale and Her Calf Appear Under Tiny Tourist ...

Australia To Monitor Japanese Whale Hunt By Air

Sea World issues statement to counter 'inaccurate reports' in wake of ...

NOAA head gets up-close look at whale sanctuary

Whale sighting excites Nasinu villagers in Cakaudrove

Protesters demand end to killer-whale shows at SeaWorld

'Scientific' Whaling's Political Battle Begins

US Endangered Species Act Turns 40

Killer Whales Frolic off the South Bay

Dolphin 'patrolling' behavior disturbing

Bottlenose dolphins off US coast hit by measles-like virus

Concerns after two dead dolphins found in two days on Exmouth ...

Dolphin Swims Into Sochi as Name of City's New KHL Team

Dolphin washes up on North Myrtle Beach shore

Porpoises on European coasts maintain their populations but...

Sea Shepherd USA Seeking Submissions for its “From the Cove to ...

Frolicking Family Of Orcas Off Redondo Beach Caught On Video

Seeing in the dark - New research sheds light on how porpoises ...


Whale watching endangered humpback whales in Hawaii


'Maritime Show' in VinarĂ²s to receive an dolphin in the harbor


Donor allows dolphin therapy for 24-year-old from Gelsenkirchen


St. Petersburg against the Dolphinarium tent

Scientists are trying to create a translator to communicate with dolphins

Santa Claus visiting Klaipeda dolphins

Dolphinarium in mobile Kupchino interested ...


"Lurking beneath the boat whale image wow "

Confirmation of humpback whales this season's first 'll return your

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Dec 15th to Dec 22nd 2013

15 December 2013 to 22 December 2013

Threats to whales led to shipping lane change

Whale Hides Under Boat; Tourists Have No Idea (PHOTO)

Vietnam whale temples: Sites of worship and research

Greg Hunt misses deadline to send vessel to monitor Japanese ...

Surprise surge in orcas and humpback whales in BC waters

Scientists uncover more clues in a whale of a mystery

SeaWorld CEO Responds to Controversy Over Whale Handling

Jenni Barrett: For the whales

Humpback Whales Return To Hawaii, Do Their Best To Outshine ...

Can You Save the Whales With a Smartphone?

'Sludgie the Whale' Skull to be Displayed at Gowanus TEDx ...

Exploitation of the orca whale is a heavy price for cheap tourist thrills

Blood in the water: Graphic pictures shed light on annual whale kill ...

Sea Shepherd campaigners leave to save whales from slaughter in ...

East county community briefs: Whale-viewing trips offered from harbor

Has 'Blackfish' Ruined the Family Vacation to SeaWorld Forever?

Whale rescue team frees entangled humpback

US Navy to expand its whale- and dolphin-killing training exercises

Winter Whale Watching Begins

Stunning images show close southern right whale and calf ...

Washed up whale

West Seattle Whale Watch: Orcas heading back this way

Watch A 1400-Pound Right Whale Skull Arrive At the Smithsonian

Whale entangled by line freed by federal rescuers

Speed limit reduced permanently to protect whales

Navy expands sonar testing despite troubling signs for whales ...

Iceland Imposes Huge Whaling Quotas – Help Stop This Now!

Large dead whale found on Saudi beach

Oil tankers, threatened humpbacks on collision course on BC's north ...

Whalers, protesters told to behave during whaling season

Dolphins Suffering Lung Disease as a Result of BP Oil Spill

Martina McBride cancels SeaWorld performance

Dolphins Aren't as Smart as You Think

Bottlenose Dolphins Oiled By Deepwater Horizon Spill are Dying ...

Italian prosecutors investigate claims of restaurants serving dolphin

Solitary dolphin sighted on the northern beaches only known female ...

'Lost' Dolphin spotted in Saphan Hin canal

Tenth dolphin found dead in Volusia County in past 2 month

Public kept in the dark about dolphin deaths

Swiss dental group helps save dolphin

Scientists find evidence that BP oil spill killed dolphins in the Gulf of ...

Dead dolphin comes ashore in Ormond Beach

New enclosure at Dolphin Marine Magic sealed with a kiss

New Device May Open Up Communication With Dolphins, But Will ...

Dolphin gets root canal surgery

Marine center offers degree, hands-on training

Boy's Wish to Swim With Dolphins Granted by Sea Shepherd (In a ...

A Very Orca December

Orca Calf and Baby Polar Bears in Week's Animals

Engulfed in Controversy, SeaWorld Turns to Groupon


What the controversy is about "diet dolphin "

SAN DIEGO SeaWorld Announces Birth dolphin nose ...


Dolphins win


From leek field of Kashiwa whale fossils

Keep track Japan fleet sailed to the Antarctic Ocean to Australia: whaling ship interference

[Oita] Spotted dolphin egg increasingly attractive to sea publication of three places first appearance in the national


Duh, Italian Restaurants Serve Meals of Meat Dolphin

Before the games: days

In Odessa, the adventure brought dolphin


Tourist found dolphin killed in beach sand Depth of ParanĂ¡

Laguna project receives Porpoises


Fish coast due to land exercises

Successfully rescued dolphins to shore communications

Sunday, 15 December 2013

09 December 2013 to 15 December 2013


Whale of a time: Juno the beluga whale flashes big smile in hilarious ...

Sperm whale found dead on north-west beach

"Whale Wars'" Paul Watson on waging battle against whalers, being ...

Blackfish, SeaWorld and the backlash against killer whaletheme ...

West Seattle Whale Watch: More orca sightings today

Iceland raises whale hunt quota

Everglades whale deaths doubles as more stranded pilots wash up ...

Dead sperm whale, spinner dolphin found off Negros Oriental

Scientists asks public to help find missing whales off Florida coast

Whale supporter, 12, makes plea to politicians

Tiny ships take 'Whale' of a risk

Whale stranded on beach at Abergele, Conwy is refloated

A killer whale. Source: News Limited

Second dead dolphin found in two days in Plymouth Sound

Decoding Dolphin Talk: Are We Smart Enough?

Dolphin disease found in Georgia

Brookfield Zoo gets two new dolphins

Curious solitary dolphin makes a playful appearance on the ...

Bayou La Batre shrimper admits shooting dolphin with shotgun

Hungry, angry bottlenose dolphins appear to be turning against their ...

Dolphin virus still killing: Dolphin found on Isle of Palms is ninth ...

Updated: Three orca whales beached

Celebs skip SeaWorld, keep orca issue alive

Orca decline not due to commercial fishing

Researchers study SeaWorld's Tilikum

Olympic City Next to Exploit Captive Orcas

Sea World Struggles to Stay Above Water

Kayakers' unexpected encounter


Sperm of 8 m whale will be exhibited triple the skeletal preparations

Stranded whale difficulty, of rescue

Sunday, 8 December 2013

02 December 2013 to 08 December 2013


Top News: Orca Megapod, New Hat Bandits

Willie Nelson cancels concert at Orlando's SeaWorld amidorca ...

Orcas pay rare visit to Budd Inlet

Olympic Winter Games Capture Controversy

Sea lions looking for love may end up lunch for killer whales: study

Dutch court reserves orca decision

Orcas turn heads in Pukerua Bay

Orca Network to host screening of 'Blackfish' in Edmonds Sunday

Wellingtonians warned about Orca, dolphins

Orcas Frolic Near Ventura

Students get up close with orcas

New baby whale at SeaWorld San Antonio

No salmon, no whales

PETA Protests SeaWorld's Rose Parade Float

Whale rescue effort continues in Florida's Everglades as pods move ...

Amazing pictures show whale running out of patience over playful ...

Whale pods move away from coast

Feds make whale protections permanent

Killer whales go into silent stealth mode to stalk mammals

Charity boss draws on her real-life experience with a killer whale

Santa Cruz kayakers agog over whales (22-pic gallery)

Beluga Whale Crashes Wedding, And Everyone Is Happy About It

Killer Whales Visit Marina del Rey

Whalers leave Japan for annual hunt

River Thames dolphins: Live updates as pod of five porpoises swim ...

Water park in Japan lets you play with -- and EAT DOLPHINS

Plan to save Maui's dolphins

Dead dolphins washing up on Florida beaches

Germany Protects Porpoise With New Offshore-Wind Rules

West Seattle whales: Orcas swim by in the sunshine


Stranding on the beach whale rescue hotel employee, et al, to the sea

My name of "Yu" Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium dolphinbaby

Aquarium charter of one night only Kamogawa Sea World!"Christmas Dinner and killer whale ...

Finless porpoises baby, Toba Aquarium to raise nickname


Orca in sight

The orca in the tele

Sunday, 1 December 2013

25 November 2013 to 01 December 2013


Barenaked Ladies cancel SeaWorld concert after watchingorca ...

PETA protest Macy's SeaWorld float in orca costume

Op-Ed: Sochi to display captured orcas during Winter Olympic Games

Keeping animals in captivity for our own entertainment must stop

Scientists unraveling mystery of Orcas in race to save them

Killer Whale Might be Released off Iceland's Shores

Exploding sperm whale carcass

Mysterious Deaths Threaten a Population of Southern RightWhales

Whales put on show off California coast

Whale of a Tale: Dive expedition in Australia

Third minke whale found dead on UK shores

Ship strike kills two whales in Norfolk waters

Only one right whale spotted in Gulf of Maine

Curious humpback encounter dazzles whale watchers

Whale euthanized after stranding

Funeral held for 21st whale washed ashore in W/R

Heart-wrenching whale rescue bids prove unsuccessful

Hydrographic Survey Linked to Mass Whale Stranding

Pilot Whale found on Santa Rosa Beach

Bats and whales behave in surprisingly similar ways

Anti-whalers prepare to head south

Protective measures are a 'death sentence' for rare dolphinsay ...

Latest dolphin death probed; is fatal virus spreading to whales?

Rescued dolphin thanks fishermen with dance

New Zealand's Endangered Dolphins Slide Toward Extinction

Beached dolphin dies in the Saguenay

Migrating dolphins found dead

Diseased dolphins bad sign for humans


Whale to the museum of the skeleton dug up from the coast of Nago Tateyama:

47NEWS> Kyodo News> dolphin baby missing Wakayama ...


Found four dead dolphins in Daytona Beach


Eavesdropping on orcas