Sunday, 15 December 2013

09 December 2013 to 15 December 2013


Whale of a time: Juno the beluga whale flashes big smile in hilarious ...

Sperm whale found dead on north-west beach

"Whale Wars'" Paul Watson on waging battle against whalers, being ...

Blackfish, SeaWorld and the backlash against killer whaletheme ...

West Seattle Whale Watch: More orca sightings today

Iceland raises whale hunt quota

Everglades whale deaths doubles as more stranded pilots wash up ...

Dead sperm whale, spinner dolphin found off Negros Oriental

Scientists asks public to help find missing whales off Florida coast

Whale supporter, 12, makes plea to politicians

Tiny ships take 'Whale' of a risk

Whale stranded on beach at Abergele, Conwy is refloated

A killer whale. Source: News Limited

Second dead dolphin found in two days in Plymouth Sound

Decoding Dolphin Talk: Are We Smart Enough?

Dolphin disease found in Georgia

Brookfield Zoo gets two new dolphins

Curious solitary dolphin makes a playful appearance on the ...

Bayou La Batre shrimper admits shooting dolphin with shotgun

Hungry, angry bottlenose dolphins appear to be turning against their ...

Dolphin virus still killing: Dolphin found on Isle of Palms is ninth ...

Updated: Three orca whales beached

Celebs skip SeaWorld, keep orca issue alive

Orca decline not due to commercial fishing

Researchers study SeaWorld's Tilikum

Olympic City Next to Exploit Captive Orcas

Sea World Struggles to Stay Above Water

Kayakers' unexpected encounter


Sperm of 8 m whale will be exhibited triple the skeletal preparations

Stranded whale difficulty, of rescue

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