Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Beluga Birth at Marineland Canada

Acadia has given birth to a male calf at Marineland Canada. This is the second calf to be born at the park and two more belugas are expected to give birth soon.

Source:Ceta Base

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Three Dolphins Arrive to Fushun Royal Sea World

Yesterday, four 3-year-old juvenile bottlenose dolphin arrived from Osaka, Japan, which the Royal marine theme park in Fushun, autistic children will be treated.

  At 6:00 pm, after 5 hours of death in the face, four from Japan, "doctor" arrived in Shenyang.

  This 4 "Japanese doctor", is actually in Japan after a specially trained dolphins, a special trip to the Royal marine theme park Fushun, treatment for autistic children.

  Royal Marine Fushun joint newspaper theme park, free for the poor treatment of children with autism, registration hotline :024 -96 006.

  "Dolphin doctor" to the

  "To! Finally arrived!" 6 o'clock yesterday evening, direct from Osaka, Japan, Shenyang Tao Xian airport "Dolphin doctor" plane, arrive on time.

  The airport staff and correspondents who are most worried about is the "Dolphin doctor" safety, although the Dolphins are mammals, like people breathing with lungs, but the dolphins live year round in the sea, leaving the water the longer the more dangerous.

  Open the door view, four dolphins breathe normally and safely.

  Random from Japan to Shenyang, Japan Matsushima marine animal experts said the dolphin transport, using the "wet transport" and "dry shipping" mixed mode of transport. Arrive at the airport from Osaka, Japan, using the "wet transport", Dolphin is the first ride in air-conditioned van with a power refrigerated trucks, refrigerated transport containers on board to keep the water temperature at 20 degrees Celsius.

  After arriving at the airport in Japan, four dolphins were packed in 5 meters in length, width and height of 1 meter a special cage, covered the following sponges, transportation, dolphin received a sedative injection. In order to ensure the body's moisture dolphin, dolphin staff who need to give Vaseline and covered in dolphins towels soaked with water, stop water.
  "Dolphin doctor" trained six months

  The four dolphins, the marine theme park to the Royal Fushun is to give visitors not only bring joy, more important is the treatment of autism in children.

  To the new "medical" skills more than the original "Doctor" skills, particularly the Royal marine theme park in Japan, these four dolphins arranged for up to six months of professional training.

  Accompany children to tease, to protect children's safety, reducing the range of motion, and the children kiss, touch, are "dolphin doctors' training courses in Japan.

  In addition, "Dr. Dolphin," and also learn to refuse, children in contact with the dolphins in order to control the process of emotional needs, but also to prevent contact with autistic children because the dolphins were too happy when you are in emotional harm. Dolphins have refused to step by step, to a large extent to protect the children's feelings are not hurt.

  Free treatment of poor children

  Since October 2010, the Fushun Royal Marine theme park began to carry out the "Dolphin doctors' treatment of children with autism project has more than 100 autistic children for the service, receiving treatment in children, has 13 Children made significant therapeutic effect.

  Currently, an autistic children in this month of treatment costs around $ 5000, generally require treatment for 2 months to see results. The cost for some children with autism, family difficulties, it is difficult to bear. In order to make family difficult for autistic children can be "dolphin doctors' treatment, the newspaper with the cooperation of Fushun Royal marine theme park, free for the destitute families of children with autism treatment.

  Application requirements:

  Liaoning province that holds poor, children with autism, through the newspaper and the Royal marine theme park, after passing the examination, you can get, "Dr. Dolphin" 2 months of free treatment.

SOURCE: http://www.ln.chinanews.com/html/2011-08-27/325786.html

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Skyla, a beluga, gave birth at Marineland Canada

Skyla has given birth to a female calf at Marineland of Canada. The calf was born on the 25th of August.

Source: Ceta Base