Sunday, 26 January 2014

20 January to 26 January 2014


Huge lumps of whale vomit thought to be worth thousands is actually ...

Whale meat snacks seized at German trade fair

Sochi Olympics Set to Feature Killer Whales

Unusual number of whale breaches spotted

25 dead pilot whales found off Florida: 5 things to help understand it

SeaWorld, activists make questionable claims on killer-whalelife ...

Much to people's relief, whale returns to sea

Killer whale held in Miami Seaquarium recommended for ...

Whaling fleet found after Hunt tip

Navy denies sonar training near dead pilot whale discovery

Family of killer whale trainer Dawn Brancheau backs SeaWorld in ...

Did Taranaki seismic survey cause whale strandings?

Not Only Dolphins. Japan Keeps Killing Whales, Too

Navy denies sonar training near dead pilot whale discovery

Farewell Spit a 'perfect whale trap'

A whale of a time as orcas return

Marine-life protection agency issues whale-watching guidelines

Sea Shepherd Boxes in Whaling Fleet, Suspends Poaching

New species of river dolphin identified in Brazilian Amazon

Japan's Abe Defends Dolphin Hunt

Skippers admit dolphin pod disturbance in Camel Estuary

Dolphin slaughter: Taiji cove hunt begins in Japan

Dolphin helps groom take plunge

Oshawa girl gets her dolphin wish

Ancient Dolphin Fossil Found In New Zealand, 'Papahu Taitapu ...

No match for us: Dolphins gatecrash California surfing contest and ...

Record numbers of orcas in the Marlborough Sounds

Lolita, Miami Seaquarium orca, endangered list candidate

Orca gets too close for comfort

Lolita the captive killer whale could be returning to B.C. waters

SeaWorld Spends 0.0006% of Profits on Orca Rescue and Rehab


"Prime Minister Abe dolphin fishing to "mention Japan from abroad How are seen ...


Expect a big dolphin birth, tensions ahead of Ulsan


Over 13 only beluga collective Check Changlong Ocean Kingdom

Sunday, 19 January 2014

13 January to 19 January 2014


Sochi aquarium set to display killer whales during Olympic Games

Whales restrand at Golden Bay

Kayaker gets shock when a sperm whale emerges right next to him

Joppa sperm whale 'crushed under own weight'

Kiwi boatbuilder's 260hp killer whale craft

Well, This Is One Way To Remove A Dead Whale From The Beach

Former SeaWorld Trainer: Stop Using Killer Whales for Entertainment

Illegal killer whale feeding case 'worst nightmare,' biologist says

Anglesey beach find could be whale ambergris

Whale Sightings Break Record in Southern California

Rare whale vomit may have been found at Porth Dafarch

50 whales stranded at Farewell Spit

Frequency of ship engine noise 'almost the same' as that ofwhale calls

Whale Tails: How Caribbean sailors can help whale research

Dolphins see the world in the same way as humans do according to ...

250 dolphins rounded up in Japan's Taiji cove

US envoy Caroline Kennedy attacks Japan's 'inhumane'dolphin hunts

Baby Dolphin Born at Six Flags Gets a Name

Mystery Solved: How Do Dolphins Swim So Fast?

Hybrid Dolphin: Neat Curiosity or Bad Omen?

Dolphin In Captivity May Be First Discovered To Communicate With ...

Amazon: Dolphins under threat

Playful Dolphin Surprises Swimmers

Scientists to test anecdotal evidence of a Derwent dolphin ...

Frolicking Dolphin Pup Great Sign For Upcoming Celtic Mist Trip

Rare Albino Dolphin Among 250 Corralled in Japan's Infamous ...

New breed of orca takes to the water

Orca Whales Of Seattle's Puget Sound Deserve Greater Protection ...

Orcas spotted off Banks Peninsula coast

Southwest Air faces “Blackfish” backlash


Wakayama) white dolphin Publish the Taiji Whale Museum

Kuraimen dolphin or birth, from the cross of


Jeju beach standing mink whale found ... "mink whales what is going on "

Black killer whale found off the coast of West Gangneung


Featured a dolphin died on the beach A Ameixida

Traffic meat dolphin between Taiwan and Italy to luxury restaurants

Call for investigation of attempted use of meat dolphin

Two dolphins rescued in Tayabas Bay


Dead porpoise found by Bårdesø

Sunday, 12 January 2014

06 January to 12 January 2014


Sperm whale carcass being moved from Portobello beach

Killer whales cruelly snared by hunters will be put on display at

Fishermen in Mexico find two conjoined whale calves

Iceland prepares to sell dead whale in 'Viking' beer

Whale may have been hit by boat

Whale beaches at Spanish River Park in Boca

Welcoming the whales

Japanese ship accused of killing protected minke whales

DNA Discovery Reveals Surprising Dolphin Origins

Pakistan's Controversial Dolphin Show

Australian dolphin that prefers to play with humans

Rescuers save dolphin stranded on Par beach

Dolphin Love Child: How 2 Species Made a Third

Death Returns to Taiji: 24 Bottlenose Dolphins Butchered at the Cove

Dolphin gives birth at Six Flags in Vallejo

Study links poor dolphin health to Gulf oil spill

Polluted Pearl River Estuary is killing pink dolphins, research finds

Bouncing baby dolphin

Wounded vets swim with dolphins in Florida Keys

Dolphin found dead in shark net at Newport

Decline in dusky dolphin population

Body of dolphin washed up at Lepe Beach

A Side of Dolphin with Your Shrimp Cocktail

Researchers learn more about the rare Burrunan dolphin

Dolphin rescued

Damaged Teeth a Consequence of Captivity for Orcas

Marine scientists 'tag' along with Puget Sound orca

Young Killer Whales Take On a Shark; They Are Not Playing With ...

Mapping orca travels

Port Townsend students participate in marine mammal necropsies


Huge Argentina waters,忽然whale appears

14 m length of the network whale and landed in the fish market of Kamaishi

Risso's dolphin dolphin : ~ The new well water with fellow transfer from Taiji -

A killer whale Exhibition: killer whale popular Taiji-Kujiranohakubutsukan, until the 13th of the commentary / WakayamaKanagawa ...

Children finless porpoises and Toba Aquarium nickname, the "wheel"


Chiclayo: request support for firefighters who saved a dolphin

Chiclayo: sacrifice dolphin to sell their meat

Employee is Senasica Dolphin Deaths


Gangwon three standing long beak dolphins found dead in seven

" Dolphins dancing with ... "beautiful snow Joint Performance


Prohibition Circus Dolphin : firmly regulation, Zero Instruction


Dead porpoises washed up on beaches in Zeeland,nl

Sunday, 5 January 2014

30 December 2013 to 05 January 2014


France: 'Whale' spotted on motorway

A Killer Whale, a Dogged Filmmaker

Unusual California Whale Sightings: Gray Whales, BlueWhales ...

Sperm whales swim across Caribbean coast in stunning underwater ...

Killer Season: Record numbers of gray whales, orcas arrive in South ...

Kaikoura whales in Japanese kill zone

Whale Traffic Jam Delights Visitors And Baffles Scientists

Dead Sperm Whale Towed Away From Florida Keys

Humpback whale jumps for joy after pal is cut free from lobster pot ...

Un-beached whale

Ocean-Killers Increase Whale Harvest

Rare True's beaked whale washes up in Newport

Killer Whale Approaches a Boat and Imitates the Motor Sounds

Humpback whales could be removed from endangered species list ...

A dolphin, a seal and whale of a time

Leviathan: Up close and personal with a pod of majesticwhales ...

Whales, dolphins and diving drive wave of popularity for the Azores

Right whales saved by ship restrictions, NOAA says

Volunteers key to Whale Watch Week success

Whale Calf Observed Breaching and Active in Maui Waters: Pacific ...

San Diego vs. SeaWorld: Let the Battle Begin

'Podcam' shows life of dolphins in BBC Spy in the Pod series

Port River dolphin Zoom is recovering well after suffering horror ...

Dolphin massacre: 15000 killed each year in Peru

Dolphin Megapod Of Thousands Of Spinner Dolphins Seen ...

Rescuers come to aid of two stranded dolphins off Wellfleet

Dolphins 'deliberately getting high on puffer fish toxins'

Looking Back: The story of Ecco the Dolphin

East Coast Dolphin Virus Hits Georgia

Diver films encounter with pod of orcas

Orcas put on show for visitors

$25K fine sought in orca case

PETA's SeaWorld Protest at Rose Parade Sees at Least 16 Arrests ...

Trapped Finless Porpoise Rescued in E China's Jiangxi


Saturates body dolphin in the Bay of Chetumal, give burial

What the controversy is "dolphin diet"


Net caught a whale , thanks to the fishermen, fishery lived jidoseon

2014 Pohang dolphins swimming competition from powerful