Sunday, 19 January 2014

13 January to 19 January 2014


Sochi aquarium set to display killer whales during Olympic Games

Whales restrand at Golden Bay

Kayaker gets shock when a sperm whale emerges right next to him

Joppa sperm whale 'crushed under own weight'

Kiwi boatbuilder's 260hp killer whale craft

Well, This Is One Way To Remove A Dead Whale From The Beach

Former SeaWorld Trainer: Stop Using Killer Whales for Entertainment

Illegal killer whale feeding case 'worst nightmare,' biologist says

Anglesey beach find could be whale ambergris

Whale Sightings Break Record in Southern California

Rare whale vomit may have been found at Porth Dafarch

50 whales stranded at Farewell Spit

Frequency of ship engine noise 'almost the same' as that ofwhale calls

Whale Tails: How Caribbean sailors can help whale research

Dolphins see the world in the same way as humans do according to ...

250 dolphins rounded up in Japan's Taiji cove

US envoy Caroline Kennedy attacks Japan's 'inhumane'dolphin hunts

Baby Dolphin Born at Six Flags Gets a Name

Mystery Solved: How Do Dolphins Swim So Fast?

Hybrid Dolphin: Neat Curiosity or Bad Omen?

Dolphin In Captivity May Be First Discovered To Communicate With ...

Amazon: Dolphins under threat

Playful Dolphin Surprises Swimmers

Scientists to test anecdotal evidence of a Derwent dolphin ...

Frolicking Dolphin Pup Great Sign For Upcoming Celtic Mist Trip

Rare Albino Dolphin Among 250 Corralled in Japan's Infamous ...

New breed of orca takes to the water

Orca Whales Of Seattle's Puget Sound Deserve Greater Protection ...

Orcas spotted off Banks Peninsula coast

Southwest Air faces “Blackfish” backlash


Wakayama) white dolphin Publish the Taiji Whale Museum

Kuraimen dolphin or birth, from the cross of


Jeju beach standing mink whale found ... "mink whales what is going on "

Black killer whale found off the coast of West Gangneung


Featured a dolphin died on the beach A Ameixida

Traffic meat dolphin between Taiwan and Italy to luxury restaurants

Call for investigation of attempted use of meat dolphin

Two dolphins rescued in Tayabas Bay


Dead porpoise found by Bårdesø

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