Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Jul-31 2012

SeaWorld starts acclimatising killer whales to trainers in pools
Daily Mail - 4 hours ago
SeaWorld has begun conditioning its killer whales to accept trainers in their pools again, nearly two-and-a-half years since an employee was butchered by one.

Critically Endangered Whales Sing Like Birds
Newswise (press release) - 17 minutes ago
Newswise — When a University of Washington researcher listened to the audio picked up by a recording device that spent a year in the icy waters off the east

Humpback whales linger in Antarctica
msnbc.com - 17 hours ago
Humpback whales spend their summers in Antarctica chowing down on shrimplike krill.

Whale Carcass Submerged on the Water of Kotok Island
BeritaJakarta.com - 6 hours ago
The carcass of a sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus) that had stranded on the water of Tanjung Pakis Beach

Whale guided off South Amboy coastline may be dead
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com - 22 hours ago
SOUTH AMBOY — Rescuers that led a one-ton whale back to the Raritan Bay off South Amboy this weekend later lost contact with the apparently disoriented

40 blue whales sighted off La Jolla coast
U-T San Diego - 7 hours ago
Blue whales have been appearing with increasing frequency off the coast of San Diego ... Thewhale poo is the same color as the krill they feed on

New whale-watch permits blocked
Marlborough Express - 21 hours ago
No new permits for commercial whale-watching off Kaikoura will be issued in the next 10 years, the Conservation Department announced yesterday

Whale skull found on Cape headed to Smithsonian
My Fox Boston - 2 hours ago
Brian Sharp from the International Fund for Animal Welfare, says it's believed to be a right whaleand likely got to the Cape before even the pilgrims did.

6 ships can't move stranded 20-ton whale
StandardNet - 3 days ago
The whale was stranded in waters at a depth of between one and two meters, thereby making it difficult for the mammal to move

Lone dolphin still swimming in Cayman waters
Cayman News Service - 16 hours ago
Dolphin_FulvioBonati (249x300).jpg (CNS): A bottlenose dolphin which appeared in Cayman waters several weeks ago is still in the area

Dolphin beaches itself in La Jolla
fox5sandiego.com - 11 hours ago
SAN DIEGO - Beachgoers tried to help a dolphin that washed ashore in La Jolla Monday afternoon by pushing it back into the water, b

Monday, 30 July 2012

Jul-30 2012

Rescued sperm whale dies in Indonesia
AFP - 9 hours ago
JAKARTA — A sperm whale that was rescued and returned to sea after being stranded for four days in shallow waters off the coast of West Java in Indonesia

Rescuers in NJ nudge whale back to deeper waters
Sacramento Bee - 6 hours ago
Rescuers managed to nudge a 20-foot long Minke Whale out of shallow waters in New Jersey.

Mystery over whale death
Greenock Telegraph - 6 hours ago
EXPERTS are unable to say what caused the death of a Minke whale which was found washed up at a beach in Wemyss Bay.,

9. Video: Whales Saved 
IcelandReview - 5 hours ago
A group of more than 200 pilot whales ran into difficulties by Innri-Njarðvík in Southwest Iceland on Saturday.

Divided dolphin societies merge 'for first time'
BBC News - 10 hours ago
The unique social split dividing a population of bottlenose dolphins in Moreton Bay, Australia is over, scientists say

Dolphin: an alternative
El Diario de Coahuila - 10 hours ago
... which gives the sound of the dolphin , ultrasonic frequencies that stimulate the central nervous system and the patient's immune system that induces

In Tatarstan, choose a name for a newborn dolphin
TVNZ - 7 hours ago
Six weeks later became known sex dolphin, dolphin born in Chelny. It's a girl.
While the take up and weigh the baby dolphin employees failed because in the first months of life, adult dolphins are very jealous of their interference in the lives of the people.
Recall baby was born on June 19. She is now more confident in the water is kept, recently mastered the new style of swimming - on the back.

Beluga exhibit now closed
"Beluga birth was expected in mid-August from late July (gray), now seen as a decrease in body temperature is a sign of birth from Friday, July 27. Has been observed in the preparations for 24 hours Event and exhibition (beluga training, look! Wonders! Beluga listening) will be discontinued from Sunday 29 July, as well as conduct observation for 24 hours in preparation for childbirth, be greeted by the birth with confidence gray."

Was born in March, "Kagoshima City Aquarium" dolphin recruiting baby names
Akita Keizai Shimbun - 12 hours ago
"Kagoshima City Aquarium World Io" (town Honkoshin Kagoshima City, TEL 099-226-2233) from July 21, recoil was born on March 5 this year in the dolphin has been looking for baby names

Ha Long Heritage Tourism are selling low
VNExpress - 15 hours ago
Royal Park has almost no games, Tuan Chau resort still around performing dolphins

Dolphins stranded on beach dies Black Cat Hai
Dan Tri - 10 Jul 2012
(AP) - This morning, 10/7, at the beach area belonging to Mr. Bay Ang Hien Hao commune - Cat Hai - Hai Phong city, people have found a dolphin black

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Jul-29 2012

Beached whale in Indonesia finally back in sea
Washington Post - 3 hours ago
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Rescuers in Indonesia say they have led a beached spermwhale back to the sea after hordes of spectators blocked its return for days

Playful humpback duo wow whale watchers
TheChronicleHerald.ca - 7 hours ago
ST. JOHN'S, N.L. — Whale watchers off Newfoundland call them Mutt and Jeff.

Whale skull found to be at least 300 years old, headed to Smithsonian
Boston Globe - 12 hours ago
Researchers now realize that a whale skull found on Brewster beach dates back at least three centuries, and it may provide a missing link

Gray whales bumping boats may be no fluke
Victoria Times Colonist - 7 hours ago
They are known as "friendlies," but at up to 15 metres and 30 tonnes, they can also be downright scary.

Whale freed from fishing lines
ABC Online - 13 hours ago
The Department of Environment and Conservation has freed a humpback whale which was entangled in fishing line off Fremantle

annual dolphin count tallies 40
Daily Press - 3 hours ago
The Virginia Aquarium held its annual dolphin count on Saturday, according to a WVEC report . About 50 trained volunteers helped the aquarium tally sightings

Boat Strikes Bottleneck Dolphin in Sea Isle
NBC40 - 2 hours ago
SEA ISLE – This evening around 5:30 PM, a boat that was approximately eighteen feet long struck a Bottleneck Dolphin.

Good weather draws in sea creatures
Divernet - 19 hours ago
“The sightings of white-beaked dolphin were particularly satisfying, as MARINElife ... “Over the four days at sea, at least six different dolphin schools were seen.

Marine mammal stranding topic of free Thursday lecture

Thegardenisland.com - 6 hours ago
Michele Bane of the National Marine Fisheries Service, in center wearing red, responds to a report of a stranded bottlenose dolphin in February 2011.

New photos of Lovey's Calf

Moscow Mobile Dolphinarium Moves on
Russian: Moscow mobile dolphinarium travels to Nizhny Novgorod with bottlenose dolphins Dasha & Neon (reported to be mother & son), and two belugas Lera & Hera.

Alusta considers building a dolphinarium.
Russian: "In Alushta considered the prospect of construction of the dolphinarium. This was announced by the Executive Secretary of the Executive Committee of Alushta city council Victor Fradkin. According to him, it will greatly affect the level of development as a resort of Alushta and could become the new "chip" of the next summer holiday.

Baby born at Shimoda Aquarium
"Yesterday, 11:00 in the show is done in a natural cove, dolphin head number next to the pier suddenly became noisy. I thought the moment? "What are you doing? What", the back of the "mikan" and I saw a small dolphin. "mikan" is the bottlenose dolphin has been expected to give birth earlier this month"

Kagoshima recruits name for calf
Japanese: "The recruitment was born on March 5, the nickname of Miruki baby bottlenose dolphin.
Gender is male.

Squirt is expecting any day now at Dolphin Cove

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Jul-28 2012

Indonesian rescuers free stranded whale

AFP - 2 hours ago
The 11-metre (36-feet) whale had been stuck near Pakis Jaya beach since Wednesday, attracting local residents who paid half a US dollar each for boat rides

VIDEO: Humpback whales from helicopter

Newcastle Herald - 21 hours ago
By air or by sea, it's almost impossible to put the majesty of humpback whales into perspective.

Please don't blame the whales

Victoria Times Colonist - 6 hours ago
I would like to speak on behalf of the young gray whale sighted in our waters

Whale's skull found on Cape Cod may be 500-years-old

My Fox Boston - 14 hours ago
What appeared to be a rock sticking up through the sand on Ellis Landing Beach in Brewster turned out to be an ancient skull from a North Atlantic right whale.

Whale tangled in craypot rope free

Perth Now - 7 hours ago
SEA rescue teams have spent three hours working to free a nine metre humpback whale tangled in a craypot rope about 1.5km out from South Beach

Officials ponder prosecutions over dead whale interference

Warrnambool Standard - 23 hours ago
GOVERNMENT officials will decide soon if three south-west men who interfered with a dead whaleat Warrnambool should be prosecuted.

Delight as dolphins are spotted off the mouth of the Tyne

Journal Live - 9 hours ago
A GROUP of more than 20 white-beaked dolphins have been spotted off the mouth of the Tyne

Whales and dolphins in Lyme Bay

This is Cornwall - 12 hours ago
The baking hot weather has attracted more than holidaymakers to the Westcountry's coast, with a spectacular array of marine life spotted in the last week

Magic: Divers delighted as dolphins frolic near Newquay

This is Cornwall - 19 hours ago
YOU COULD be forgiven for thinking these pictures of dolphins playing in the sun were taken in the more tropical climes of Jamaica or perhaps Australia

Authorities warned of jetski risk

Herald Sun - 5 hours ago
"(There) are a large number of vessels chasing the dolphins. ... The letter was written a week after adolphin calf was found dead on a Portsea beach, with locals

Kiwis urged to push for action over Maui's dolphin

NZ City - 19 hours ago
New Zealanders are being urged to call on the Conservation Minister to take action to protect our remaining 55 Maui's dolphins.


High waves or was kidnapped? Whale bone coast Kanbara not found

Shizuokashinbunsha - 19 hours ago
Adoption of humpback whale bones buried in order to sample the coast of Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City Kanbara, could not be found in the excavation of 26 days


Finless porpoise strayed into North Sea waters near the pier suspected fishnet ridden to death

Guangxi News Network - 16 hours ago
According to the staff of the new Olympian Transportation Company, 8:00 pm, near the pier a few workers of the transport ship to see to a " dolphin "in the side of the boat floating, they think it is" dolphins strayed into shallow water in the rain, they start a transport ship, with a wooden

Jumping for joy: Northern Ireland porpoises now have extra ...

Belfast Telegraph - 16 hours ago
Harbour porpoises have won extra protection as their north coast stronghold has just been named Northern Ireland's newest Special Area of Conservation

Friday, 27 July 2012

Jul-27 2012

Whale found dead on popular beach after floating in the water for days
stv.tv - 3 hours ago
A whale has washed up dead on the beach of a popular seaside town after floating in the water for days.

Stranded whale becomes money-making attraction in Indonesia
Washington Post - 2 hours ago
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Efforts to save a beached whale in Indonesia are being thwarted by hordes of spectators and some may have climbed on the creature.

Two killer whales spotted by brother and sister off Bacton
Norwich Evening News - 8 hours ago
Two young dog walkers had the surprise of their life when they spotted a pair of killerwhales circling their prey off Bacton in north Norfolk

South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Vote Expected in Panama
GreenAnswers - 23 hours ago
Greenpeace will demonstrate at the annual International Whaling Commission meeting in Panama to urge the creation of a South Atlantic whale sanctuary

Cape whale skull may have predated Pilgrims
Cape Cod Times (subscription) - 5 hours ago
Carbon dating on part of a 400-pound whale skull dug up last year at a Brewster beach revealed that the whale may have lived before the Pilgrims landed

Meet the National Aquarium's first fish doctor
Fortune - 41 minutes ago
Brent Whitaker talks to Fortune about dreaming of a job that didn't yet exist and making a celebrity out of a sperm whale named “Inky.” Interview by Shelley

Sheryl Crow takes her delighted sons to meet a dolphin at SeaWorld
Daily Mail - 20 hours ago
Sheryl and her adopted boys, five-year-old Wyatt and Levi, two, looked like they were having a whale of a time as they cuddled up to their new friend.

7-foot dolphin spotted near Longbeach, but
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 23 hours ago
A male dolphin was recently spotted on the Washington coast far north of its typical range, but this isn't a happy story about a happy sea creature

Watch Japan, dolphin, whale hunting scene
网易 - 15 hours ago
The United States, "National Geographic magazine published a set of photographs showing Japan and other bloody and cruel dolphin and whale hunting scene. Every year, Japan will be the name of scientific research under the banner of killing a large number of whales at the same time claiming that the so-called "research whaling"

Cinci dead dolphins, accustomed to the pain eg litoralul Romanesc
Ziare.com (Press Release) - 12 hours ago
A fifth dolphin found dead on the beach in South Eforie. ... We will carry babydolphin to the incinerator, "

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Jul-26 2012

Researchers lower the alarm as more whales are snared
The Age - 1 hour ago
Warning whales away. Whale watchers at Solander Head in Sydney are checking whether audio alarms are keeping migrating whales away from fishing nets.

That grey whale bumping your boat may be no fluke
Vancouver Sun - 6 hours ago
They are known as "friend-lies" but at up to 15 metres and 30 tonnes, they can also be downright scary.

Fin whale threatened in the Mediterranean
ScienceBlog.com (blog) - 3 hours ago
Until now it was thought that fin whales in the Strait of Gibraltar and the Alboran Sea made up part of the distribution of this species of whale.

The great white whale returns
ABC Online - 9 hours ago
Tour operators have confirmed Migaloo, the albino humpback whale has been sighted in far north Queensland waters, just 10 kilometres north-east

Rare sightings of humpback whales reported off Anglesey
Daily Post North Wales - 18 hours ago
RARE sightings of humpback or fin whales have been reported off the coast of Anglesey

Flipping amazing: Bottlenose dolphins put on a stunning aerial show 
Daily Mail - 6 hours ago
These incredible pictures show Bottlenose dolphins frolicking in the waters of Kessock Channel near Inverness in Scotland.

Dead dolphin washes ashore far north of normal range
KATU - 21 hours ago
A dead 7-foot male striped dolphin washed ashore Monday night north of Long Beach, the Seaside Aquarium said.

Vancouver Aquarium Rescues Porpoise
A male porpoise was rescued on Jul-24 2012 and was later named Theodore. Theo's condition is grave, but we are cautiously optimistic at this time. He is currently being supported by a specially made sling to support him in the water.

Sperm whales off the coast of tracking strategy Rausu
Asahi Shimbun - 16 hours ago
According to Professor Amano, sperm whale is a male, female and children to act separately, females and children are in coastal waters, such as the Ogasawara Islands.

Beijing Inspection and Quarantine view imports of dolphins conditions
China Quality News - 16 hours ago
July 24, Beijing Inspection and Quarantine staff came to the Beijing Aquarium to viewthe status of imports of dolphins .

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Jul-25 2012

Whale rescue drill in Sydney harbour
Sky News Australia - 3 hours ago
Crews will train in whale rescue techniques on Sydney Harbour on Thursday to prepare for a real-life emergency. So a NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Fishing gear suspected in death of right whale
CBC.ca - 3 hours ago
A team of veterinarians from the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown is trying to find out what killed a rare right whale that washed up in Nova Scotia.

Humpback Whale Buried At Sea
Patch.com - 7 hours ago
Mystic Aquarium took genetic samples of the whale before it was dragged out at sea

Baby humpback having a whale of a time
August Margaret River Mail - 15 hours ago
THIS humpback whale calf spotted in Flinders Bay, off Augusta, last week is thriving, despite initial concerns for its health.

dolphin numbers 'best in years'
BBC News - 7 hours ago
Numbers of bottlenose dolphins visiting a Highland firth are the highest since the late 1990s, according to a conservation officer

Bottlenose dolphins and basking sharks in Manx waters
BBC News - 23 hours ago
A large pod of around 30 bottlenose dolphins and several basking sharks is spotted off the coast of the Isle of Man

New alarms warn dolphins about shark nets
World Fishing - 5 hours ago
New acoustic alarms are being trialled on Australia's Gold Coast and Rainbow Beach north of the Sunshine Coast to help reduce the number of dolphins caught

Protecting dolphins and turtles around the Maltese waters
Gozo News - 6 hours ago
Protecting dolphins and turtles around the Maltese waters The Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) said it has managed to secure €1 million

The first time in Japan! Killer whale born baby picture of the moment
Japanese:: テレビ朝日 - 6 hours ago
The first time in Japan! Killer whale for the first time in Japan (07/25 17:51). video of the moment baby born killer whale of a baby born of the moment has been officially published. This video was taken at Kamogawa Sea World aquarium orca is the moment of birth. The baby, about two meters in length, weigh
Dolphin protectors unmask dolphinarium in Nuremberg Zoo 
german: Currentgame (Pressemitteilung) - 7 hours ago
After an inspection of the files in the dolphinarium of the Nuremberg Zoo dolphin protectors are of the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Organization Conference (WDSF) shocked. Each of the seven surviving dolphins were treated with psychotropic drugs, according to the results. The medication list is long and, from more than 20 drugs, including various antibiotic preparations. Nuremberg 38 dolphins have been found since the founding of the dolphinarium in 1971 death.

Dolphin Dies at Dolfinarium Harderwijk
Dutch: "Friday, July 20 in the Dolphinarium, dolphin Kuluta deceased. Kuluta for the employees of the Dolphinarium a special dolphin. He is the first dolphin in the Dolphins Delta was born. The anger among coaches is therefore high

Two Risso Dolphins Move
Japanese: two Risso's dolphins, Canna (カンナ) & Cosmo/Kosumo (コスモ) were moved to the "Whale Beach" near Taiji Whale Museum for their summer

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Jul-24 2012

Same gray whale may be involved in boat-tipping, surfer incidents
Victoria Times Colonist - 3 hours ago
The same juvenile gray whale is believed to behind several recent incidents of close contact with humans, a Department of Fisheries and Oceans official said

National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2012
Stornoway Gazette - 8 hours ago
The National Whale and Dolphin Watch 2012 takes place throughout the UK on 27th to 29th July. Established by the Sea Watch Foundation

South Korea Still Considering Resumption of Whaling
Voice of America - 5 hours ago
Critics say if plan goes through, Seoul could face harsh diplomatic backlash.

Beluga-tagging a whale of an undertaking
Winnipeg Free Press - 8 hours ago
If you think it's hard to hold a golden retriever long enough to make it swallow a pill, try harness... - Local - Winnipeg Free Press

Humpback whale will be buried at sea on Tuesday
TheDay.com - 17 hours ago
Stonington — Barbara Albro was one of dozens of interested onlookers Monday who walked to the James Street beach on Lords Point

Migrating Humpbacks Gather Along Australian Coast
Voice of America - 5 hours ago
Australia has been at the forefront of efforts to conserve whale species and to stop Japan's annual hunt in the Southern Ocean.

Video of 2006 SeaWorld trainer-killer whale incident released
Orlando Sentinel - 36 minutes ago
Video of a 2006 incident in which a killer whale at SeaWorld San Diego pulled a trainer underwater for prolonged stretches has been publicly released

Fisherman gets too close to killer whale
msnbc.com - 1 hour ago
Video on NBCNews.com: Richard Ellison was spear-fishing nine miles off the coast of San Diego when he encountered a killer whale.

Ship terminal plan sparks fears for whales
Gold Coast Bulletin News - 52 minutes ago
GRIFFITH University researcher and marine biologist Olaf Meynecke has warned that a cruise ship terminal could have a serious impact on the safety of whales

Right whales sighted as researchers head south
Otago Daily Times - 23 hours ago
[image]Southern right whale researchers are heading to the Auckland Islands today for the final year of a study into the subantarctic population.

Japan, Norway block UN role on whales
Courier Mail - 6 Jul 2012
JAPAN, Norway and their allies have blocked a bid to give the United Nations a greater role in protecting whales,

'Distressed dolphin' was an aggressive young seal
New Zealand Herald - 9 hours ago
A 111 call earlier today about a stranded dolphin in Tauranga turned out to be a seal, which was far from stranded.

Minnesota Zoo Closing Dolphin Exhibit
Global Animal - 1 hour ago
(DOLPHINS) MINNESOTA — The Minnesota zoo recently announced that after more than a decade it's discontinuing their captive dolphin exhibit

No new confrontations with Slidell dolphin reported
NOLA.com - 2 hours ago
People are getting the message that the wild animal should be left alone.

Orcas play in the wake
Stuff.co.nz - 18 hours ago
Orcas play in the wake of a fishing boat off Loreto, Baja, Mexico


Mexico Tursiops dolphin show graceful figure
South China Sea Network - 13 hours ago
Ross Island waters near Baja California Sur, Mexico, a group of wide-kiss thedolphins are swimming in the sea, to show the wonderful posture

Nanjing scorching summer heat having a hard time up until one hundred to the animal heatstroke
Yunnan Network - 6 hours ago
10:50, to prepare the region, veterinary surgeons who are busy eating the fish to sea lions anddolphins in to join Dishui soft capsules, which can prevent sea lions and dolphins in the extremely hot weather discomfort

Korean:Ulsan Jangsaengpo whale tourism 'popular'
AP - sixteen hours agoRecently on the international community our government plans to resume whaling for research purposes identified whales chanbannonran handed around the world would the fiercely ileot. Reflecting this interest Whale Culture and Tourism

He was born a dolphin in Sado
IOL Daily - 5 hours ago
He was born a dolphin in the Sado estuary and in recent days has been the center of attention, ... In the 80s were about the 40 dolphins from the Sado

French:A dolphin rare almost annihilated by fishing gear
Maxisciences - 9 hours ago
At the last meeting of the International Whaling Commission

Monday, 23 July 2012

Jul-23 2012

Whale Washes Up in Stonington
NBC Connecticut - 56 minutes ago
Aquarium crews responded on Monday morning after the whale was found near Lord's Point

Whale and calf drop from sight
The Southland Times - 13 minutes ago
A southern right whale cow and calf spotted at Colac Bay, near Riverton, have not been seen since Thursday, but the Conservation Department is not worried.

Scientists discover whales learn to protect their ears from loud noise
MercoPress - 12 hours ago
Scientists have long known that man-made, underwater noises — from engines, sonar, weapons testing, and such industrial tools as air guns used in oil and gas

Let's all have a whale of a time
Geelong Advertiser - 18 hours ago
EARLY-MORNING surfers at Bancoora Beach found themselves sharing the waves with an unexpected visitor yesterday.

New alarms warn dolphins to steer clear of shark nets
My Sunshine Coast (press release) (blog) - 11 hours ago
New acoustic alarms are being trialled on the Gold Coast and Rainbow Beach north of the Sunshine Coast to help reduce the number of dolphins caught

Zoomarine dolphin has been named
The Portugal News - 7 hours ago
After many suggestions from the public and plenty of discussion, the staff at Zoomarine have finally announced the name of the baby dolphin born this month

Death of a dolphin female three months after being treated at the beach...
Spanish: La Hora de Asturias - 8 hours ago
A dolphin female about three months old and 88 inches long died ... It was a copy ofDauphin common female still kept

Odessa Dolphins Lily Gavryusha painted eggs for ...
Russian: The site of Odessa - 5 hours agoIn the painting of a fragment of it took only 20 minutes.
Progress geunhaeseo ginburi dolphin bycatch

Korean: AP - 9 hours ago
Progress geunhaeseo ginburi dolphin bycatch. length 3.1m, 1.6m circumference weight 0.3t: (Wando AP) reporter = Chonnam jogeunyoung progress in offshoredolphins have a phrase that caught them dead

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Jul-21 2012

Shakira lets a killer whale lick her cheek on visit to a sea park 
Daily Mail - 18 hours ago
The Colombian pop star got a big wet one on the cheek from a giant killer whale as she visited the Miami Seaquarium with her boyfriend yesterday

Minke Whale Beached In Point Au Gaul
VOCM - 6 hours ago
The rarity of the higher-than-high tide level that beached a 20-foot minke whale on the shore of Point Au Gaul is making it more difficult for rescuers

First known NZ whale birth since end of hunting
Southland Times - 23 hours ago
The southern right whale was on the brink of extinction but a newborn calf is calling Western Southland home

Whale spooks couple fishing in BC
CBC.ca - 12 hours ago
A Vancouver island couple had the fright of their lives when a grey whale started frolicking in the water beneath their samll powerboat

Dolphin propose to call Eve or Krokozyablikom
Russian: Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine - 19 hours ago
Let the adult dolphins will calm down a bit, because now they are very jealous protect her child, all the time,

Xinana's calf (Zoomarine Portugal) was named "Noxy".

Friday, 20 July 2012

Jul-20 2012

Humpback whales surface yards away from woman
WHDH-TV - 13 hours ago
TRURO, Mass. -- A close encounter off of the Cape was captured when three humpback whales surfaced just yards away from a woman on a raft

Whale carcass washes up on NS beach
CTV News - 2 hours ago
Beachgoers made a gruesome discovery on a Maritime beach Thursday. A mangled whale was found washed up on the shore in Clam Bay, Nova Scotia.

Dolphins cause a stir off South Tyneside coast
Shields Gazette - 3 hours ago
The dolphins were spotted after UK-based whale and dolphin conservation charity ORCA teamed up with The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)

Japan urged to follow Korean example
Brisbane Times - 20 hours ago
AUSTRALIA has used the decision by South Korea to abandon plans for scientificwhaling to raise pressure on Japan to follow suit.

Bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf region under major pressure
DigitalJournal.com - 20 hours ago
"Dolphins in the Gulf region are being assaulted with so many challenges," said Courtney Vail, the Campaigns Director for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation

New Zealand dolphins to 'go the way of the dodo' 
Daily Mail - 7 hours ago
Maui's dolphins, found near New Zealand, drown after becoming trapped in the heavy duty nylon fishing mesh - and fewer than 22 breeding females are left

The growing movement to give whales and dolphins legal rights
Wired.co.uk - 7 hours ago
Over the last several decades, researchers have shown that many dolphin and whale species are extraordinarily intelligent and social creatures

Orca Kamogawa Sea World - growing up healthy calf - minutes of Birth:
Japanese: 毎日新聞 - 14 hours ago
(14 years) is 19, gave birth to a baby killer whale successfully Rabbie aquarium in Kamogawa, Kamogawa Sea World in. Evident signs of birth or later, in the museum are keepers have been equipped with around the clock with reduced body temperature on the 16th of this month.

Bikini metal rings too bright Dominican dolphin angry onslaught of female tourists
Chinese: ETtoday - 13 hours ago
The first female tourist in Argentina to the Dominican resort, spending $ 100 (about NT $ 3,100 million) experience swimming with the dolphins , but her bikini metal ring suspected offend dolphins brutally the drift attacks, face and body are to be hit

Cost of construction of a new aquarium will be 60 in Kiev 
Russian: FOCUS - 3 hours ago... there will be four pools for dolphins, white whales 

Dolphin reconstruction nation's first appeal, Aqua World Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture in the sea lion riding
Japanese: MSN Sankei News - nine hours ago
Aqua World Aquarium in Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture (Oarai, Ibaraki Prefecture), dolphin"rendezvous of love" the art of riding a sea lion swimming on top of the unveiling will be from 21 days. In the nation's first attempt,

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Lovey has given birth

Translated from Japanese:

Child birth safely, the second killer whale "Lovey"

Thank you for your patronage from around the Kamogawa Sea World.

Well, 24 minutes (Thursday) at 18:00, we have safely birth the baby of the female killer whale "Lovey" becomes the second child on July 19.

For your kind words and encouragement of many so far, I thank my heart was thicker than the support will be charged.

"Lovey" is a killer whale was born and raised in Japan for the first time in 1998, and in 2008 gave birth to a killer whale has been "ground" of Japan's first third-generation, this will be the second birth.

In the future, as "Lovey" mother can devote themselves to parenting, for a while, but we will cancel the performance, humbly, thank you for your understanding.

With regard to performance killer whales, we will guide the timing of the restart again while looking at the course.

In addition, the performance but will be discontinued, you can find a healthy baby at Ocean Stadium.

We look forward to welcoming staff from a concentric everyone.

General manager of Kamogawa Sea World


Pictures and video here!


Jul-19 2012

Govt welcomes Korea whaling abandonment
Ninemsn - 7 hours ago
The Australian government has praised South Korea for deciding not to pursue scientific whaling.

Should Whales and Dolphins Have Rights? Their Lawyers Say Yes
Wired News (blog) - 6 hours ago
Over the last several decades, researchers have shown that many dolphin and whalespecies are extraordinarily intelligent and social creatures,

Teens' whale photo sparks outrage
Ninemsn - 10 hours ago
Teenagers who posted Facebook pictures of themselves playing on a 12-metre whalecarcass at Warrnambool in Victoria have been threatened with a $32000

Killer whale sighting in Scotland 'unprecedented'
Practical Fishkeeping - 1 hour ago
Over a dozen Killer whales were spotted close to the shore at John o'Groats on Monday morning.

Killer Whale Spotted Off San Diego Coast
KGTV San Diego - 18 hours ago
SAN DIEGO -- Tourists were treated to a rare occurrence off the San Diego coast on Sunday -- the sighting of a killer whale. Wednesday, July 18, 2012.

Bruda whale spotted in Gulf of Thailand
Pattaya Mail - 10 hours ago
BANGKOK, July 17 - Some Bruda whales have been sighted in the Gulf of Thailand, a rare occurrence that indicates an abundance of food sources

Dolphin Strandings May Have Been Caused by Cold Water, Oil Spill
HispanicBusiness.com - 36 minutes ago
A report by biologists in Alabama and Mississippi suggests a 'perfect storm' -- a discharge of cold freshwater, stress from the BP oil spill and unusual winter

Chuchaka not afraid of human
Russian: The newspaper Trud - 17 hours ago
Now the world is left about 100 gray whales of the Okhotsk-Korean population. ...After 15 years of gray whales may disappear from the face of the earth. Photos:

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Jul-18 2012

Killer whales have also been seen at Stroma, Scrabster, Wick
Daily Mail - 3 hours ago
From two or three pods, the 14 killer whales (pictured) swum close to the John O'Groats coast in a rare sighting. Usually seen in groups of only four or five

Coastal visitors may encounter whales
Albany Democrat Herald - 2 hours ago
NEWPORT — For the past several weeks, gray whales that spent the spring breeding or calving in the waters off Mexico have been arriving in the Pacific

Commission rejects SeaWorld whale ban appeal
MiamiHerald.com - 20 hours ago
A federal panel will not reconsider a judge's ruling to prohibit SeaWorld animal trainers from having unprotected contact with killer whales

Beached whale calf one of seven
Fraser Coast Chronicle - 10 hours ago
THE body of a stranded juvenile whale found on Fraser Island on Sunday will be left to decompose naturally. It is one of seven calves stranded in two years.

The Einsteins of the deep: Dolphins can perform feats of maths
Daily Mail - 3 hours ago
Human sonar systems would be baffled by the bubbles - but dolphins appear to have a mathematical ability to 'cancel them out, say Southhampton researchers

Why swimmers should kick like a dolphin
Yahoo! Eurosport UK - 2 hours ago
'Why swimmers should kick like a dolphin' on Yahoo! Eurosport UK. Olympic swimmers need to ignore their intuition when it comes to the best ways to propel

Improving electronics by investigating dolphin sonar capabilities
The Earth Times - 5 hours ago
The use of algorithms to solve equations has been extended to theorising as to how on earth dolphins cope with their advanced sonar in 'bubbly' conditions

Dolphin stranding was Devon's fifth this year
North Devon Gazette - 8 hours ago
A DOLPHIN washed up on Westward Ho! was most likely to have been killed in a fishing net, according to experts

Taiji whale swimming with summer rainy season coming 
Japanese: The Yomiuri Shimbun - twenty hours ago
Whale of a popular Taiji by swimming with whales in the bathing beach, the Cosmo of Risso's dolphin (female, 2.76 meters in length) is swimming around between families, cheer up here and there

The Lingdingyang on "fired" white dolphin Battle
Chinese: 21st Century Network - 8 hours ago
As the monitoring officer of the Pearl River Estuary Chinese White Dolphin National Nature Reserve and the Journal of Marine Biology at the doctoral Lin governance since 2010 began to do the white dolphin field monitoring,

The baby dolphin do not metabolize the insecticides present 
Spanish: ABC.es - 6 hours ago
The mothers also transmit these contaminants that even watching adults get completely eliminated from your body.

Batumi Aquarium
"Monday morning local media in Batumi reported that Security Police [in Georgia, armed security guards is a state monopoly and part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, called Security Police, ed.] had entered the facility as soon as the order to fire the director was issued. But Management Service, which was financing the dolphinarium, claims they never refused to stop financing it, nor have they received a notice about abolishing the agreement.

Research finds rest of insecticide dolphins along the Brazilian coast
Portugese Globo.com - 4 hours ago

The beach dolphin head 3 to be launched Miyazaki (Miyazaki)
Japanese: NEWS24 NTV - 2 hours ago
18, with children on the beach in Qingdao, Miyazaki was no swimming under the influence of Typhoon dolphin head 3 was launched, rescue work has been performed. Dolphin was launched close to the beach three head

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Jul-17 2012

Whale warning over Western Australia gas project
BBC News - 7 hours ago
Australian conservationists warn an LNG project conditionally approved by the government could pose a threat to humpback whales.

Whales get some help in tuning out man-made noises
Sydney Morning Herald - 2 hours ago
PERHAPS we can save the whales - or at least their hearing. Scientists have long known that man-made, underwater noises

South Korea dumps whaling plan
News24 - 2 hours ago
South Korea dumps whaling plan. South Korea has decided to scrap its fiercely criticised plan to resume "scientific" whaling

Free Shamu! Poll finds many oppose keeping whales captive
USA TODAY - 2 hours ago
The first-ever national poll measuring public opinion regarding captive orcas

Rare footage: Whale and calf swim in Sydney
‎ITN - 3 hours ago
Southern Right Whale and its calf swim together near Sydney Harbour whales, shows many oppose the practice

In mourning: Dolphin photographed carrying the broken body 
Daily Mail - 10 minutes ago
The incredibly rare pictures were taken by tourists in China's Guangxi Zhuang region, an area known for of its dolphin-watching tours.

Dolphins blamed for mysterious deaths of seal pups in Orkney
Scotsman - 2 hours ago
DOLPHINS are being blamed for killing a colony of seal pups in Orkney, after the dismembered bodies of 17 young seals were found on the shoreline at the Bay

Injured juvenile dolphin spotted in the Gozo channel
Gozo News - 2 hours ago
The dolphin was spotted by a family on a boat, who stayed with it until members of Nature Trust (Malta)'s Wildlife Rescue Team arrived on site 40 minutes later.

Spinner dolphin dead in Oslob
Inquirer.net (blog) - 16 hours ago
A male spinner dolphin was found dead in the shores of barangay Alo, Oslob town, south Cebu last Sunday.

Minnesota Zoo exhibit raises dolphin captivity questions
Minnesota Public Radio - 20 hours ago
The string of dolphin deaths at the zoo has become a flashpoint for a broader debate about keeping dolphins in captivity.

Dolphin Stampede
Santa Barbara Edhat - 12 hours ago
Denise Dewire photographed the sights seen from the Condor Express today.[pics]

Orca pod pays a visit for school holidays
Auckland stuff.co.nz - 20 hours ago
A pod of orca that often visits Kawau Bay showed up on July 10 to the delight of onlookers enjoying the school holidays.

“Death at SeaWorld” Hits the Bookstores as New Poll Shows
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 3 hours ago
“With recent events shining a spotlight on performing orcas in places like SeaWorld,... Whatever educational value the public recognizes in orca exhibits i

The CSIC puts the accumulation of pesticides in samples of dolphin
Spanish: Qué.es - 5 hours ago
Researchers at the National Research Council (CSIC) have managed to quantify the accumulation of pyrethroid insecticides

In Kharkov born dolphins 
Russian: News Agency Most-Kharkov - 5 hours agoAs the dolphin trainer Kharkiv Irina Mironova, the dolphin was born today at 6:45.Deliveries began at 5:30

Odessa has helped a little dolphin to escape from the trap
Russian: Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine - 5 hours ago
The man took the bottlenose dolphin in his arms and swam with the mammals in the open sea.

Dolphins 'attack' monkeys. Chernyakhovsky demands to cancel
Russian: The phrase - daily news and analysis - 4 hours ago
The decision to build a city council in Kiev zoo pavilion instead of the so-called great apes

In the Black Sea killing dolphins
Russian: News from the Green Party of Ukraine - 11 hours ago
In the village Popovka (Saki district) Crimea every 3-4 months on the beach throwing the dead dolphins

Update on Tom & Misha
Born Free Foundation: .It is now over 60 days since Tom and Misha were released back to the wild. Misha, after heading in the same direction as Tom for a few days, changed course and headed east towards the area of Antalya. The team managed to observe him there last week, but only from a distance, and he is moving and diving well.

Baby born at Vallatra Dolphin Adventures
dolphin "Shani" gave birth at Dolphin Adventures Vallarta on 11-Jun-2012. The calf was named Lulu. (pictures at link)

Scientists puzzled by what's killing Puget Sound porpoises
KIRO Seattle - 16 hours ago
Scientists in the Puget Sound region are baffled as an alarming number of porpoises have washed up on local beaches this year.

This summer dolphin Joetsu, Niigata City Aquarium and Museum on the popular show
Japanese: MSN Sankei News - 5 hours ago
Every summer in the annual Municipal Aquarium and Museum in Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture, dolphinshow began. In the event that follows from the time the opening in 1980, two head place this summer at home tricks from Sea Paradise in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture Izu Mitsu

Monday, 16 July 2012

Jul-16 2012

Rare whale washed up on E. Cape beach
Independent Online - 8 hours ago
File photo: Beaked whales can weigh up to 1.5 tons and be up to 5.5 metres long. ...Johannesburg - A rare beaked whale has washed up on an Eastern Cape

Tourism trumps whaling in Suriname
Caribbean360.com - 1 hour ago
Suriname changes stance on whaling fishery and shifts allegiances.

Vancouver Aquarium asks public to be “whale wise,” report sightings
The Province - 1 hour ago
As boating season gets well underway, the Vancouver Aquarium is reminding the public to be “whale.

'Killers' warning over dolphins
Taranaki Daily News - 18 minutes ago
Protection must immediately be given to Maui's dolphins in Taranaki waters or New Zealand's fishing fleet risks being branded "dolphin killers

Indonesia remains haven for commercial dolphin circuses
Jakarta Post - 14 hours ago
Although traveling dolphin shows are considered abusive and have been outlawed in other countries, Indonesia is still a haven for at least five companies

And his name is....
In our dolphin born on October 31, 2011 need names and friends of the zoo have a chance of becoming the godfathers of selecting one of the three proposed names inspired from ancient Greek mythology (KRONOS - LOVE - ORION)!

In the Crimea, was killed in fishing nets dolphin

Russian: Center for Investigative Journalism - 7 hours ago
News of Ukraine and Crimea: In the village on the beach Zaozernoye pension "Physicians of Chernobyl" dead in the nets

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Jul-15 2012

Feds to reroute SF Bay ship traffic after spike in whale-ship collisions
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
SAN FRANCISCO — Scientists studying the carcass of a 47-foot fin whale that washed up on a beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore

South Korea Does U-Turn On 'Scientific' Whale Hunt
Asian Scientist Magazine - 29 minutes ago
South Korea announced last week that it may abruptly scrap plans to hunt whalesfor 'scientific' purposes.

Whale capsizes skiff near Hoonah, two men swim to shore
Anchorage Daily News - 13 hours ago
Two men were uninjured when their boat capsized when a whale breached next to them.

Orcas ill-suited to be circus attractions in theme parks, author contends
Columbus Dispatch - 6 hours ago
Keiko the killer whale, the star of Free Willy, in his tank at the Oregon Coast Aquarium ... The killer whale, Tilikum, had been responsible for two previous human...

Bacterial Disease Affecting Dolphins In Costa Rica's Pacific
Inside Costa Rica - 2 hours ago
Bacterial Disease Affecting Dolphins In Costa Rica's Pacific Recent research indicates that the bacterial disease known as "Brucella ceti" is affecting the striped

Carcass of Rescued 'Dolphin' Found Beached in Dundalk
Afloat - 6 hours ago
The body of a porpoise washed up near Dundalk recently is believed to be one of two 'dolphins' rescued just days before.

Sarah Michelle Gellar & Charlotte's Whale-Friendly SeaWorld Trip
GossipCenter.com - 21 hours ago
... the beluga whale and also met sea lion pups, sharks, a rescued pelican and a bottlenose dolphin named Ripley during their visit to the marine-life park.

Chame's calf died on 14-Jul-2012
Japanese: Bottlenose dolphin baby is born on July 2, yesterday, the 13th, until the day is to swim energetically, was breast-feeding has been confirmed frequently. However, the 14 state weakened rapidly from dawn today, can not be breast-feeding mothers Sun 11 when 35 minutes was confirmed deaths.

Baby born at Okinawa Marine Research Center, Motobu
Japanese: "Chame" (チャメ), a bottlenose dolphin, gave birth on 02-Jul-2012 at Okinawa Marine Research Center, Motobu (Motobu Genki Mura). The sire of the calf is Ninufa (ニヌフ).
(translated, Japanese) "Today, it is very good news. July 2, at "Genki Motobu village" of one facility, bottlenose dolphin, "Chame" was another of our birth. And, day 10 today, the baby swims fine now."

Rare dolphin touching scene:
Chinese: recently in multiple sites on the net posts and microblogging, a touching scene of rare dolphins graphic touched many users. The photos tell an adult dolphin laden with a death of dolphins swim to the deep sea, a few small dolphin slipped from the back of adult dolphins, adult dolphins in spite of all safety, and stuck it. The dolphin's motherly love is true is moved, however, that human behavior is not more worthy of reflection? How should we truly protect dolphins?

Whale swimming, cheer along with the 100 people
Japanese:Nikkan Sports - 6 hours ago
In Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, known as the birthplace of the ancient rite of whaling, whale can swim along with the " whale beach beach "is gaining popularity from their children. From the first Sunday and open...

Calf reaches 40 days
Japanese: Of false killer whale baby was born on June 5, will celebrate the 40th day after birth. The current figure can be observed in the parent-child swim in the petting area on the right from the pier, is so very energetic. 

Japanese: With the dolphin that had participated in the show was blessed with a new life, collaboration show "The dollar Feria" of human and dolphin have been suspending performance in November last year has resumed from today.  

The results from Shen-zi's satellite Tags (See Here)

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Jul-14 2012

Feds to reroute SF Bay ships to protect whales
The Associated Press - 15 hours ago
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Scientists studying the carcass of a 47-foot fin whalethat washed up on a beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore last month

Whale watching tour operator tells navy to slow down
TheChronicleHerald.ca - 8 hours ago

Whale cemetery is under threat
Times of Malta - 8 hours ago
In February, experts located the remains of a minke whale that is believed to be 3.6 million years old. Armed with brushes and chisels, and braving intense heat

Lecture about Humpback Whales at Rookery Bay on July 25
Naples Daily News - 20 hours ago
Wayne Hasson, president of Oceans for Youth Foundation and co-founder of Aggressor Fleet, presents a lecture with underwater photos and video entitled

Whale encounter prompts warning
St George and Sutherland Shire Leader - 19 hours ago
BOAT skippers and kayakers could face up to $110000 fines or two years in jail for intentionally getting too close to whales during the migration season.

IWC approves subsistence whale quotas
Petroleum News - 22 hours ago
The International Whaling Commission, or IWC, has approved new quotas for the subsistence hunting of bowhead whales in the United States and the Russian

Boaters report whale strike off Chichagof Island
KTOO News - 18 hours ago
Details are sketchy, but everyone is okay after a collision between a skiff and a whale in Freshwater Bay off Chichagof Island.

Indy Zoo Welcomes 2 Baby Dolphins
WRTV Indianapolis - 20 hours ago
INDIANAPOLIS -- The Indianapolis Zoo is in the midst of a baby boom. Friday, July 13, 2012

Injured baby dolphin found off Comino
Times of Malta - 9 hours ago
When Christian Ellul Vincenti set sail for Comino yesterday, little did he think he would come across a baby dolphin in distress. “At first, we thought it was dead

Law officers rescue dolphin from Beaufort sand bar
The State - 13 hours ago
Several law officers are to thank for the safe return of a stranded dolphin to waters near Beaufort.

Baby Beluga dies
Japanese: Today at 2.30pm. it was announced dead baby beluga who was born to Parara on June 28, Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise died. Are investigating the cause died in the same facility

Sighted a whale in the River Uruguay
Spanish: Lanacion.com (Argentina) - 16 hours ago
Not the first time entering a marine species in the Delta and in 1986 entrerriano entered a dolphin that had to be euthanized because the fresh water

SOS dolphins !
French: TV8.ch - 5 hours ago
In Peru, the organization Mundo Azul tries to save the dolphins from the ravages of illegal fishing.The dolphins of Peru are threatened

Baby dolphin born in the village
Japanese: Okinawataimusu - sixteen hours ago
At Okinawa Research Center, Motobu, "Mischievous" gave birth on July 13th; the father is Ninufa. The park is also expecting another baby in January 2013.

Dolphin cheer to the virtuosity of the
Japanese: The Yomiuri Shimbun - 21 hours ago
From 13 children, pre-open formula of "beach dolphin beach side fan in months Nanki-Tanabe," is performed on the beach beach fan of Tanabe months, were invited, the dolphin has cheered the jump

Friday, 13 July 2012

Jul-13 2012

Off-duty officer, fire chief rescue stranded dolphin on SC coast
The Herald | HeraldOnline.com - 1 hour ago
Fridrik Tiedemann doubts his grandson will ever forget the day Papa rescued adolphin.

New dolphin born at Zoomarine
The Portugal News - 7 hours ago
A dolphin has been born this month at the Guia-based theme park and marine conservation centre Zoomarine, which is accepting suggestions from the public

Pod of dolphins will get a makeover in Clearwater
Tampabay.com - 6 minutes ago
CLEARWATER — Dolphin mania, present in this city since a popular movie was made about its famous tail-less dolphin, Winter, is going to continue right

Study looks into penguin, dolphin deaths
inmycommunity - 15 hours ago
Welcome to inMyCommunity, the local community portal for the people of Perth in Western Australia run by the Community Newspaper Group

Navy testing could devastate whales, dolphins, groups say
Sun-Sentinel - 20 hours ago
Twenty environmental groups filed a letter with the Navy saying plans for training and testing off Fort Lauderdale and other sites on the Atlantic

Born dolphin HELP ... IRISKA
Челнинская Неделя - 9 hours agoIn Naberezhnye Chelny dolphinarium June 19 there was a significant event: the birth of children and adult favorite - Dolphin Sonya. In captivity

[EXPO] Luo, Ruby, Louie "by the gorwae ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Nah!
Guangzhou deilrian Cholla - seventeen hours ago
Common dolphins , unlike the body of a dazzling white-owned, and dolphins are much larger than ... intelligence, dolphins, higher than the far the cute looks, friendly personality, and

In the "Trio" by Yamamoto et al NMB dolphin conversation with?
Sankei Sports - 15 hours ago
Of Osaka Misakikoen determined to "cheer Corps of Summer", (18) Aya Yamamoto (18), three (18) 12 days Ogasawara Mayu, who attended the inauguration ceremony in the same place and Yuki Watanabe is NMB48. Dolphin

Spotted dolphin : Taiji whale museum in accordance with two breathing head, show tomorrow ...
Mainichi Shimbun - 10 hours ago
This summer dolphin whale at the Museum of Choritsu of Taiji I reached out, spotted from 14 dolphin head Shodebi

Dolphin : From the chance to interact up close event tomorrow, at the beach hair fan Tanabe / Wakayama
Mainichi Shimbun - 10 hours ago
This summer dolphin recently, Taiji Whale Museum to preserve beaches specially Ogigahama Tanabe I reached out

Kiev proposes new Dolphinarium
Kiev Zoo proposes to build aquarium & dolphinarium (translated, Russian) "It is planned to build four swimming pools, an oceanarium and penguinarium. This complex will offer visitors a number of zoological park services, in particular, cultural and educational program involving marine mammals, environmental education program for schoolchildren and dolphin. In this case, Mazurchak said that the metropolitan community is outraged by the fact that in this whole process will be used by dolphins, who have to live by the sea in sea water."

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Jul-12 2012

Race to save the whales' graveyard
Daily Mail - 53 minutes ago
The fossilised remains of roughly 15 of the marine mammals are currently on view in the Ocucaje desert some 310 kilometers south of the capital Lima

Baby Beluga whale died of numerous infections
HeraldNet - 13 hours ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A baby beluga whale rescued in Alaska's Bristol Bay last month had multiple infections, according to necropsy results announced

Blue Whales Spotted Off Sonoma Coast
Patch.com - 1 hour ago
World's largest animal measures up to 100 feet long and can weigh 200 tons; drawn close to area beaches by krill.

Minke whales enthrall divers off coast near Cooktown
The Cairns Post - 9 hours ago
A CAIRNS JCU student has had a close encounter of a different kind, after she took these stunning photos of several Dwarf Minke Whales near Cooktown.

First whale of the season spotted
Fraser Coast Chronicle - 12 hours ago
A JUVENILE humpback whale seen lazily making its way through the bay this morning is the first to be spotted by whale-watching operators for the 2012 season.

Dead dolphin found
Times of Malta - 7 hours ago
A dead dolphin was found at the bottom of the Rdum tal-Madonna cliffs in the Aħrax tal-Mellieħa area some days ago, Nature Trust said today

Bottlenose dolphin spotted in creek near SFO
KTVU San Francisco - 17 hours ago
There was an unusual sight Wednesday on the Peninsula as a wayward dolphintraveled up a South San Francisco creek throughout the day

Dead dolphin washes up on Staten Island beach
SILive.com - 16 hours ago
A necropsy will be performed to determine whether the death was spurred by human interaction or natural causes.

The future of zoos
Minnesota Public Radio - 14 hours ago
The recent flooding at the Duluth zoo and numerous dolphin deaths at the Minnesota Zoo made us think about the issues surrounding animals in captivity

two Risso's dolphins have also moved to the "Dolphin Beach"
Japanese: "As preparation for "meet a whale swimming beach" to be held (Monday), Risso's dolphin moving of head two of the main character was held from August 20 (Saturday) 14 July of the summer vacation period."

the two spotted dolphins, Kukuna (ククナ) & Nao (ナオ), at Taiji Whale Museum will start performing in the show on July 14th.
Japanese: "In difficult breeding facilities in Japan can hardly see pantropical spotted dolphin show starts from 14 of the Taiji Whale Museum. In special events in the summer, the Museum is expected to "show the pantropical spotted Dolphin is in Japan the first time" Pantropical spotted dolphin show to be performed four times a day."

four false killer whales were transferred on 10-Jan-2012 from Japan to Qingdao Polar Ocean World
"March 1, through the last 30 days of quarantine after entering the country from Japan in four false killer whale successfully settled in Qingdao Polar Ocean World. False killer whales are toothed whales, naturally playful killer whale is so fierce powerful, it became the darling of the aquarium, won the audience favorite. The end of January, Qingdao Polar Ocean World, a one-time introduced from Japan, four false killer whale, worth a total of 3 million yuan, the scale, the first of its kind in Qingdao."

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jul-11 2012

Suriname changes stance on whaling
Stabroek News - 5 hours ago
(de Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO/CASTRIES - Suriname has changed its stance on small-scale commercial whaling.

Shark alert as navy retrieve dead humpback whale
Herald Sun - 14 hours ago
A DEAD Humpback whale floating near WA's Garden Island is to be removed by the navy amid fears it will spur a shark feeding frenzy

SeaWorld appeals whale contact ban
WDBO Radio - 6 hours ago
SeaWorld is appealing a federal judge's ruling that animal trainers can't have unprotected contact with killer whales during public performances

Decades-old Mass. whale research center is revived
Foster's Daily Democrat - 10 hours ago
BOSTON — A New England whale research center that has tracked the endangered humpback for decades and helped shift commercial shipping lanes clear

Baby Boom Of Gray Whales Attributed To Early Ice Melt
Kbps - 5 hours ago
A baby boom of gray whales migrated through California waters this spring. There were twice as many calves born this season over last, according to NOAA

EU denies Greenland whaling extension bid
IceNews - 4 hours ago
European officials have ruled against a Danish bid to extend Greenland's indigenous people's current rights to whaling.

Whitish whale thrills watchers on Coast
Gold Coast Bulletin News - 1 hour ago
HE'S not quite Migaloo, but this humpback whale still caused quite a stir onboard the Sea World Whale Watch boat yesterday.

Marine Mammals in Mexico, New Zealand Face Extinction
Environment News Service - 18 hours ago
"It is estimated that more than 300000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die each year from entanglement in many types of fishing gear,

Dolphins need new home as small, old one closes
The Local.de - 4 hours ago
Three German dolphins are looking for a new home after zoo officials in Münster said they were closing the dolphinarium

Life Dream Status: Someday We Might Speak Dolphin
The Frisky - 4 hours ago
Dolphins are like humans in a lot of ways: they have sex for pleasure, mingle with different social groups, and enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror.

Minnesota Zoo may choose rays to replace dolphins
Pioneer Press - 3 hours ago
The Minnesota Zoo may use schools of fish and stingrays to replace its dolphins. The zoo is deciding how far $4 million in.

Dusky dolphin dies in farm net
The Press - 17 hours ago
A dusky dolphin has drowned after being caught in a salmon farm predator net at New Zealand King Salmon's Waihinau farm in Pelorus Sound.

Unmanned drone to help save dolphins
Herald Sun - 12 hours ago
A NEW Zealand university is using an aerial "drone" to help monitor the critically endangered Maui's dolphin.

Jumping Dolphins in Ocean Beach
OB Rag - 1 hour ago
After going to the beach during the summer in OB for fifty years, I have never seen such a dramatic display of dolphin drama as a pod demonstrated yesterday

Warmer waters may lure more dolphins
Delmarva Now - 9 hours ago
LEWES -- With an atypical rise in water temperatures this year, the dolphin count in Delaware may rise.

Improper development of individual behavior so that the finless porpoise per year decreased by 7%
yam Sky News - 10 hours ago
Chinese: Finless porpoise, also known as river pigs, Wu Ji, bowhead rat dolphin distribution in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific, tropical, subtropical and temperate coastal ...finless porpoise is not an ordinary dolphins (Delphinidae), but the mouse dolphin (Phocoenidae,)

Plan to declare the dolphin's natural heritage Bolivia
Spanish: eju.tv - 21 hours ago
... House of Representatives, chaired by Ruben Dario Red (CN), approved a bill declaring Bolivia's natural heritage to porpoise or dolphin

Kronotsky Reserve is looking for volunteers for the study of gray whales
Russian: East Media - 20 hours ago
The expedition to the bay, Olga, through which the migration routes of rare population of graywhales , researcher Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Dead porpoise found at Sandy Shores
Vashon-Maury Island Beachcomber - 23 hours ago
A freshly dead harbor porpoise in pristine condition was found on the beach at Sandy Shores last week. According to Ann Stateler, coordinator of the Vasho

Notice of discontinuation of the killer whale performance
Japanese: Now, to give birth in August ahead of the killer whale "Rabbie", physical condition has become unstable due to the pregnancy, we will cancel the performance in the meantime. Announcements will be again when the situation has been improved.

Live Blog: Morgan in Loro Parque
Dutch: During the week of 9 t / m 14 april brought Dolfinariumweb.nl in cooperation with Orca Ocean.nl a few days to visit Loro Parque in Tenerife. During this visit this page daily report placed Morgan about her life in Loro Parque. Soon there will appear a compilation video with pictures of Morgan in the Loro Parque.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Jul-10 2012

Stranded baby beluga dies in Alaska
Businessweek - 4 hours ago
SEWARD, Alaska (AP) — A baby beluga whale that was believed to be just 2 days old when it was found stranded after a storm in Alaska's Bristol Bay has died

Whaling meeting ends with mixed results
Ventura County Star - 20 hours ago
Representatives from South Korea attend a meeting on the last day of the 64th annual International Whaling Commission meeting in Panama City, Friday, July 6

A whale of a science project
The Korea Herald - 4 hours ago
It was quite demoralizing, to say the least. Last Friday's edition of the South China Morning Post, the leading newspaper in Hong Kong, ran a big cartoon

Pilot whales stop traffic
TheChronicleHerald.ca - 7 hours ago
Whale watchers don't even have to set foot on a boat to take in this show. Large numbers of pilotwhales have been turning up in the Strait of Canso

SeaWorld appeals killer-whale safety ruling
Orlando Sentinel - 2 hours ago
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is appealing a federal judge's ruling that its animal trainers be forbidden from having unprotected contact with killer whales

Deadline to Sound Off on Navy Drills That Could Harm Whales
Patch.com - 2 hours ago
Tuesday is the final day for public comment on a proposal to test missiles and sonar off the California coast.

Whale survey tally record
Marlborough Express - 12 hours ago
Volunteer whale-spotters were left with cold bodies and sore eyes, but this year's record count of 106 humpbacks was well worth it, says a former whaler

Dolphin protection costing jobs say fishermen
TVNZ - 6 hours ago
Taranaki fishermen say they are losing money and jobs from set net bans

Actress threatened by captive orca?
Seattle Blog
Author David Kirby (DEATH AT SEAWORLD: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity) recently reported that an actress, during filming at Marineland in France, felt threatened by a captive orca:

Dolphins arrive early and often
Delmarva Now - 7 hours ago
LEWES -- With an atypical rise in water temperatures this year, the dolphin count in Delaware may rise.

The humpback whale groups fishing the spectacular scenes of shock
Chinese: 光明网 - 13 hours ago
According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on July 6, the summer the positive sardines group tour to the Pacific Northwest waters for spawning, the humpback whale groups from the warmth of Mexico, West waters north to the south of Alaska's northwest Pacific waters feeding

Bottle nose dolphin "straight" to swim back to Taiwan
Chinese: The Liberty Times - 16 hours ago
[Reporter Tsai Wen-Habitat / Tainan reports] last month released into the wild bottlenose dolphins - straight, based on satellite tracking of the National Cheng Kung University marine life and whale and dolphin research center, straight across the Taiwan Strait to Fujian, China, twice, and the coast of Guangdong, more recently, to swim back to Taiwan

A dolphin is rescued in Tenerife
Spanish: Antena 3 Noticias - 8 hours ago
A dolphin, which was in danger, saved his life thanks to a diving in Tenerife. He was found almost dying, tangled in the ropes buoys.

Animal rights activists for the closure of dolphinariums
German: Mittelbayerische - 11 hours ago
dolphin shows in the graceful animals encounter only a few meters away from the audience out of the pool water splashing and diving back into the heated water. Animal rights activists consider this form of entertainment for cruelty to animals. If it were up to them, should dolphin facilities in zoos are prohibited

Discontinued model Dolphinarium
German:Welt Online - 49 minutes ago
Where the last three dolphins of the Münster zoo come is still unclear. The decision, according to the zoo probably in October. In consultation with the Coordinator of the European conservation breeding program become a new wildlife park in Europe looking for, it said.
Scientific Whaling - dolphin show will be promoted to ban
Korean: The Hankyoreh - 10 hours ago
Assembly Environment and Labor Committee, janghana (Democratic Party), the 10th Congress of the broadsheet press conference in the open ocean ecosystem management Conservation and Fisheries Resources Management Act amending "Japanese scientific whaling 'and dolphins

"Ecological Briefing the show, dolphins into the sea! "
Korean: The Hankyoreh - 4 hours ago
Jeju Solidarity Committee and the Federation for Environmental Movement, the sea is 10 am opening the door to Seogwipo goseongri seongsaneup Minister of Marine Science 'ahkuahpeulranet Jeju in front of " dolphin show site is closed

For the second dolphin died in Evpatoria
Ukraine: UNN - Ukrainian Natsiaonalnye News - 2 Jul 2012
Crimea, Kiev. JULY 2. UNN. On the waterfront Evpatoria for unknown reasons, the bank threw a dolphin

Countries try to adopt sanctuary of whales
Portuguese: Journal Cruzeiro do Sul - 1 hour ago

SeaWorld Orlando opens Dine With Shamu