Friday, 27 July 2012

Jul-27 2012

Whale found dead on popular beach after floating in the water for days - 3 hours ago
A whale has washed up dead on the beach of a popular seaside town after floating in the water for days.

Stranded whale becomes money-making attraction in Indonesia
Washington Post - 2 hours ago
JAKARTA, Indonesia — Efforts to save a beached whale in Indonesia are being thwarted by hordes of spectators and some may have climbed on the creature.

Two killer whales spotted by brother and sister off Bacton
Norwich Evening News - 8 hours ago
Two young dog walkers had the surprise of their life when they spotted a pair of killerwhales circling their prey off Bacton in north Norfolk

South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Vote Expected in Panama
GreenAnswers - 23 hours ago
Greenpeace will demonstrate at the annual International Whaling Commission meeting in Panama to urge the creation of a South Atlantic whale sanctuary

Cape whale skull may have predated Pilgrims
Cape Cod Times (subscription) - 5 hours ago
Carbon dating on part of a 400-pound whale skull dug up last year at a Brewster beach revealed that the whale may have lived before the Pilgrims landed

Meet the National Aquarium's first fish doctor
Fortune - 41 minutes ago
Brent Whitaker talks to Fortune about dreaming of a job that didn't yet exist and making a celebrity out of a sperm whale named “Inky.” Interview by Shelley

Sheryl Crow takes her delighted sons to meet a dolphin at SeaWorld
Daily Mail - 20 hours ago
Sheryl and her adopted boys, five-year-old Wyatt and Levi, two, looked like they were having a whale of a time as they cuddled up to their new friend.

7-foot dolphin spotted near Longbeach, but
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 23 hours ago
A male dolphin was recently spotted on the Washington coast far north of its typical range, but this isn't a happy story about a happy sea creature

Watch Japan, dolphin, whale hunting scene
网易 - 15 hours ago
The United States, "National Geographic magazine published a set of photographs showing Japan and other bloody and cruel dolphin and whale hunting scene. Every year, Japan will be the name of scientific research under the banner of killing a large number of whales at the same time claiming that the so-called "research whaling"

Cinci dead dolphins, accustomed to the pain eg litoralul Romanesc (Press Release) - 12 hours ago
A fifth dolphin found dead on the beach in South Eforie. ... We will carry babydolphin to the incinerator, "

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