Thursday, 19 July 2012

Jul-19 2012

Govt welcomes Korea whaling abandonment
Ninemsn - 7 hours ago
The Australian government has praised South Korea for deciding not to pursue scientific whaling.

Should Whales and Dolphins Have Rights? Their Lawyers Say Yes
Wired News (blog) - 6 hours ago
Over the last several decades, researchers have shown that many dolphin and whalespecies are extraordinarily intelligent and social creatures,

Teens' whale photo sparks outrage
Ninemsn - 10 hours ago
Teenagers who posted Facebook pictures of themselves playing on a 12-metre whalecarcass at Warrnambool in Victoria have been threatened with a $32000

Killer whale sighting in Scotland 'unprecedented'
Practical Fishkeeping - 1 hour ago
Over a dozen Killer whales were spotted close to the shore at John o'Groats on Monday morning.

Killer Whale Spotted Off San Diego Coast
KGTV San Diego - 18 hours ago
SAN DIEGO -- Tourists were treated to a rare occurrence off the San Diego coast on Sunday -- the sighting of a killer whale. Wednesday, July 18, 2012.

Bruda whale spotted in Gulf of Thailand
Pattaya Mail - 10 hours ago
BANGKOK, July 17 - Some Bruda whales have been sighted in the Gulf of Thailand, a rare occurrence that indicates an abundance of food sources

Dolphin Strandings May Have Been Caused by Cold Water, Oil Spill - 36 minutes ago
A report by biologists in Alabama and Mississippi suggests a 'perfect storm' -- a discharge of cold freshwater, stress from the BP oil spill and unusual winter

Chuchaka not afraid of human
Russian: The newspaper Trud - 17 hours ago
Now the world is left about 100 gray whales of the Okhotsk-Korean population. ...After 15 years of gray whales may disappear from the face of the earth. Photos:

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