Friday, 6 July 2012

Jul-06 2012

Alaska aquarium cares for baby beluga whale 
Daily Mail - 2 hours ago
The male calf was just two days old when he was found in Alaska's Bristol Bay on June 18. He is now living at the Alaska SeaLife Center

Whales to gain Panama Canal traffic protection
BBC News - 10 hours ago
Shipping lanes around the Panama Canal are likely to be constrained in order to protect whales, it emerges at the International Whaling Commission meeting.

Humpback whales work in unison with 'bubble-net fishing'
Daily Mail - 6 hours ago
By cleverly blowing air at depths of 600ft, these 35-giants create a bubble net that traps the fish near the surface of the Pacific near Alaska then rise up

Ship Traffic Threatens Blue Whales
Global Animal - 28 minutes ago
(WHALES) Growing ship traffic has become a significant danger to endangered whales all over the globe. According to news reports.

Rituals of the whales
Brisbane Times - 4 hours ago
But outside the whale-watching season, an even grander ocean spectacle takes place around this pimple of barren land, midway between Buenos Aires

Rescuers free humpback whale off the coast of Chatham
Boston Globe - 1 hour ago
Rescuers freed a young humpback whale heavily entangled by fishing line ... The fishing line was wrapped through the whale's mouth and around its body

Argentinian gulls are eating whales (or at least bits of whales)
Discover Magazine (blog) - 5 hours ago
Animal behaviour | Photo by Mariano Sironi, Instituto de Conservacion e Balenas, ArgentinaLike most seagulls, the kelp gull is an opportunist.

South Korea's Whaling Declaration Sparks Outcry
Wall Street Journal (blog) - 14 hours ago
South Korea joins Japan in hunting whales for research, circumventing an international ban on commercial whaling.

Whaling body wants action on Maui's dolphins - 15 hours ago
The International Whaling Commission wants urgent action to prevent New Zealand's Maui's dolphins from becoming extinct.

Dolphin Diary: July 6
Portside Messenger - 9 hours ago
Read all about Marianna Boorman's latest trips to the Port River to photograph the dolphins

Public warned not to swim with lone dolphin
Caymanian Compass - 22 hours ago
The Department of Environment is warning swimmers not to get in the water with a bottlenose dolphinthat has been spotted in the North Sound in recent weeks.

A sign language for 'Morgan'

Spanish: La Opinión de Tenerife - 17 hours agoCoaches of Loro Parque Orcas had long estranged from ... The orca is not responding to whistle or slapping the water from their caregivers

(Other News from rest of world will follow tomorrow)

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