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Jul-15 2012

Feds to reroute SF Bay ship traffic after spike in whale-ship collisions
Washington Post - 1 hour ago
SAN FRANCISCO — Scientists studying the carcass of a 47-foot fin whale that washed up on a beach in the Point Reyes National Seashore

South Korea Does U-Turn On 'Scientific' Whale Hunt
Asian Scientist Magazine - 29 minutes ago
South Korea announced last week that it may abruptly scrap plans to hunt whalesfor 'scientific' purposes.

Whale capsizes skiff near Hoonah, two men swim to shore
Anchorage Daily News - 13 hours ago
Two men were uninjured when their boat capsized when a whale breached next to them.

Orcas ill-suited to be circus attractions in theme parks, author contends
Columbus Dispatch - 6 hours ago
Keiko the killer whale, the star of Free Willy, in his tank at the Oregon Coast Aquarium ... The killer whale, Tilikum, had been responsible for two previous human...

Bacterial Disease Affecting Dolphins In Costa Rica's Pacific
Inside Costa Rica - 2 hours ago
Bacterial Disease Affecting Dolphins In Costa Rica's Pacific Recent research indicates that the bacterial disease known as "Brucella ceti" is affecting the striped

Carcass of Rescued 'Dolphin' Found Beached in Dundalk
Afloat - 6 hours ago
The body of a porpoise washed up near Dundalk recently is believed to be one of two 'dolphins' rescued just days before.

Sarah Michelle Gellar & Charlotte's Whale-Friendly SeaWorld Trip - 21 hours ago
... the beluga whale and also met sea lion pups, sharks, a rescued pelican and a bottlenose dolphin named Ripley during their visit to the marine-life park.

Chame's calf died on 14-Jul-2012
Japanese: Bottlenose dolphin baby is born on July 2, yesterday, the 13th, until the day is to swim energetically, was breast-feeding has been confirmed frequently. However, the 14 state weakened rapidly from dawn today, can not be breast-feeding mothers Sun 11 when 35 minutes was confirmed deaths.

Baby born at Okinawa Marine Research Center, Motobu
Japanese: "Chame" (チャメ), a bottlenose dolphin, gave birth on 02-Jul-2012 at Okinawa Marine Research Center, Motobu (Motobu Genki Mura). The sire of the calf is Ninufa (ニヌフ).
(translated, Japanese) "Today, it is very good news. July 2, at "Genki Motobu village" of one facility, bottlenose dolphin, "Chame" was another of our birth. And, day 10 today, the baby swims fine now."

Rare dolphin touching scene:
Chinese: recently in multiple sites on the net posts and microblogging, a touching scene of rare dolphins graphic touched many users. The photos tell an adult dolphin laden with a death of dolphins swim to the deep sea, a few small dolphin slipped from the back of adult dolphins, adult dolphins in spite of all safety, and stuck it. The dolphin's motherly love is true is moved, however, that human behavior is not more worthy of reflection? How should we truly protect dolphins?

Whale swimming, cheer along with the 100 people
Japanese:Nikkan Sports - 6 hours ago
In Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, known as the birthplace of the ancient rite of whaling, whale can swim along with the " whale beach beach "is gaining popularity from their children. From the first Sunday and open...

Calf reaches 40 days
Japanese: Of false killer whale baby was born on June 5, will celebrate the 40th day after birth. The current figure can be observed in the parent-child swim in the petting area on the right from the pier, is so very energetic. 

Japanese: With the dolphin that had participated in the show was blessed with a new life, collaboration show "The dollar Feria" of human and dolphin have been suspending performance in November last year has resumed from today.  

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