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Week Beginning: Sep-24 2012


- Whales

Environment secretary orders whale investigation
The Courier-24 Sep 2012
Environment secretary orders whale investigation. An investigation has been launched to establish the reasons behind the recent whale beachings

Young whale washed up on Tassie beach
Ninemsn-24 Sep 2012
A 10-metre humpback whale will be buried on the beach it washed onto in northern Tasmania. ...Locals say the dead whale is an uncommon site in the area

Whale beaches on storm-wracked Northumberland coast
The Guardian (blog)-26 Sep 2012
It is an eight-metre-long minke whale which has beached itself at Druridge Bay, scene of last weekend's mass naked swim which you can read about here

Japan's whaling season in doubt this year
Herald Sun-26 Sep 2012
Japan's Fisheries Agency plans to refit the 8000-tonne Nisshin Maru, which is used each year on Antarctic whaling expeditions

Beached whale euthanized on Va. coast
The News Journal-27 Sep 2012
WALLOPS BEACH, Va. — A humpback whale found stranded on Wallops Beach on Wednesday was later euthanized by Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science

Whale watchers get world's closest encounter yet with Migaloo the ...
Daily Mail-28 Sep 2012
The all-white whale was spotted off Moreton Island late on Wednesday before he was seen out to sea beyond South Stradbroke Island on at 10am on Thursday.

Op-Ed: Third pod of pilot whales driven into Taiji Cove Sep 2012
Taiji - Another pod of 20-25 pilot whales were driven into Taiji's Cove last night. Sources who witnessed the drive, said whales caught between typhoon-churned

Seismic stress for whales
The Australian-30 Sep 2012
As shipping was stopped and the waters stilled along the Atlantic coast of North America, there was a dramatic shift in results of long-term testing of the region's

- Dolphins

Video: Dolphin gives birth in Hawaii
Belfast Telegraph-24 Sep 2012
An underwater camera has captured a 12-year-old dolphin at a Hawaii resort giving ... Footage of last week's birth on the Big Island shows the baby dolphin's tail

Beggar, the famous mooching dolphin, found dead in Florida Sep 2012
A dolphin known as "Beggar" for his tendency to approach boaters for food has been found dead, possibly as a result of his poor diet. Beggar was found floating

No dolphins at Marine Life Park opening
AsiaOne-24 Sep 2012
SINGAPORE - Resorts World Sentosa is set for a grand opening on Dec 7, as it puts the finishing touches on its second anchor attraction - the Marine Life Park.

Save dolphin campaign: Uttar Pradesh's dolphins can flip and jump ...
Daily Mail-24 Sep 2012
The population of dolphins, estimated between 4,000 and 5,000 in India in 1982, has dwindled to less than 2,000 with 130-160 of the mammals dying every year

Bad-tempered dolphin famous for living off hotdogs, pretzels and ...
Daily Mail-25 Sep 2012
A hotdog-eating dolphin famous for freeloading off humans and biting the hands ... begging for food, despite signs on shore warn that feeding dolphins is illegal.

Badly gashed dolphin hit by a propeller
New Zealand Herald-25 Sep 2012
A bottlenose dolphin, known to marine researchers as TM007, was showing the survival instinct of a James Bond when it was seen swimming gamely in the

India's dolphins left 'miserable' by toxic pollution Sep 2012
They are planning to use the popularity of the freshwater dolphins to revive the Ganges, the country's holiest river, and reduce chemical pollution in its waters

NOAA: Dolphin found in Louisiana was shot to death
FOX 8 News WVUE-TV-26 Sep 2012
NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Someone shot and killed a bottlenose dolphin found over the weekend on Elmer's Island Wildlife Refuge, and there's a $1,500 reward

Adorable dolphin washes up on New York City beach - then dies
Daily Mail-28 Sep 2012
The stranded female dolphin was spotted around 9.30am by a resident in Far Rockaway in Queens and it was 'still alive and breathing' when emergency crews

Fifth dolphin this year found dead off Trang coast
Pattaya Mail-29 Sep 2012
Prachuab Mokarat, director of the Trang marine and coastal resources centre, said the male dolphin, about 15-20 years old, was badly bruised on the head

Keo's Pre-Birth Ultrasound Exam
“The trust shared between Keo and her human Crew members throughout the birth of this beautiful baby was extraordinary,” said Dr. Rae Stone, marine mammal veterinarian and one of two Dolphin Quest founders who were present at the birth

- Orcas

Killer whale hurt at San Diego's SeaWorld show
Sacramento Bee-28 Sep 2012
SAN DIEGO -- A killer whale at San Diego's SeaWorld is recovering after he was ... It does say the whale is receiving antibiotics, swims comfortably


Feds to delay porpoise closure in Gulf of Maine
Businessweek-26 Sep 2012
BOSTON (AP) — The Northeast's fisheries chief announced Wednesday that he'll delay the shutdown of local fishing grounds after fishermen warned


The lonely dolphin Museum staged a day Gudanbalei
And information networks - 23 Sep 2012
The whistle sounded, the dolphin "to hi" Qianrushuidi the subsequent three meters high, stand out from the pool left after the fall of a beautiful arc, no time to blink, it also from the right side of the water rushed out an equally exciting jump

Tropical spot dolphins stranded Coast Guard to help with the rescue

Central News Agency - 27 Sep 2012(BUSINESS WIRE 20120928 13:51:01) Coast Guard the southern tour Authority sixth two coastal patrol brigade Laos Security Inspection at 15:45 on the 27th Xu found a tropical spot in the 200 meters in front of the security of the beach, dolphins stranded on the shore immediately

The white dolphin week three now death
Network of the 21st century - 25 Sep 2012
Southern News reporter over the country lit see also White dolphin deaths! Yesterday morning, the in the Macau friendship circular manner beach found the bodies of two Chinese White Dolphins . Macao Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau officers to the scene to check the white dolphin , initially identifiedas active in the Macau airport waters


The dolphin abandoned by his herd last month is ... - September 25, 2012The dolphin was abandoned by his pack for a month on the beach in Roquetas due to a muscle problem


Dolphins in dolphinarium Nemo conducted therapy with hundreds of ...
Watch real - 27 Sep 2012
Dolphins in dolphinarium Nemo conducted therapy with hundreds of young Kharkiv. Hundredth child with lesions of the central nervous system

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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Killer Whale Captured

From Russian Orcas:

 We have learned that in August, in the Sakhalin Bay in strict secrecy caught two orcas. One, obviously, was killed and the other was transported to Vladivostok. Since catchers orcas do not advertise their activities for fear of a public outcry, it is unclear exactly which dolphins keep it - according to some sources, this dolphin TINRO center in Nakhodka, on the other, the new dolphinarium on the island of Russian. According to some reports, the captured animals are going to sell abroad. Killer whales are one of the most intellectually advanced animals on earth. Vysokosotsialny and they live their whole lives in a close-knit family, separation from that for them - a real tragedy. Killer whale populations are few, and catching whales in all civilized countries is prohibited. The number of whales in Russian waters is unknown, and the quota for catching is not justified.


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sep 16 - 20th 2012 (English Articles)

Environmentalists link whale beachings to offshore windfarm sonar Sep 2012
Seismic surveys could be disorientating the whales and driving them to their deaths on the beaches of Fife and Angus, Scotland,

The shape of fins to come? Whale watching, not killing, the way ...
Edinburgh Evening News-19 Sep 2012
THE mass stranding of 26 pilot whales at the foot of the steep coastal path near Pitenweem prompted huge interest from readers of the Evening News

Sea Shepherd's most wanted declares new whale war
Sydney Morning Herald-9 hours ago
The wanted Sea Shepherd leader, Paul Watson, is marshalling resources for the biggest campaign yet against Japanese Antarctic whaling.

Dead whale likely young gray freed from rope
Sacramento Bee-18 Sep 2012
EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- A dead whale found floating off a Southern California beach is likely the young gray freed from rope tangled around its tail earlier

Snap! Ancient crocodiles just like killer whales, Scottish scientists 
Scotsman-18 Sep 2012
Researchers at the University of Edinburgh used fossilised remains from the Natural History Museum in London of two giant crocodylians, Dakosaurus maximus

Pygmy sperm whale found dead in Zamboanga
GMA News-17 hours ago
A whale was found dead at the vicinity of Siakol Island in Zamboanga Wednesday ... "The Coast Guard brought the dead whale at Zamboanga Port," it said

Killer whale sighted off Brier Island
Digby Courier-18 Sep 2012
Whale watchers off Brier Island watched a killer whale for an hour and a half on ... and Welcome Aboard Whale Watching Tours out of Westport on Brier Island.

Stranded baby whale freed after 8-hour rescue effort in Ha'apai
Matangi Tonga-17 Sep 2012
A baby whale that was found stranded on the beach at Nuku Namu Island in ... They spotted thewhale on the island opposite the resort when they woke in the

Satellite tracking shows whale rescue success
ABC Science Online-16 Sep 2012
Animal rescue Whales successfully released after beaching themselves, have a ... There is very little empiricial evidence about the fate of whale post-stranding

6-ton whale buried in central Vietnam
Thanh Nien Daily-18 Sep 2012
Authorities buried Monday a dead six-ton whale that had been towed to shore by ... The whale was buried near Ong Nam Hai Temple (Whales' Temple) in Lien

Sperm whale found dead on Garut beach
Jakarta Post-18 Sep 2012
Local residents swarmed onto the beach to see the whale's carcass. According to ... He added that some staff would check the whale's carcass later today

Marine experts examine Arbroath whale for clues to cause of death
The Courier-17 Sep 2012
The 12.75m sei whale, discovered by a dog walker at Elliot, near Arbroath Golf Club on Friday morning, has now been buried after a Saturday postmortem

Too soon to tell if surviving pilot whales can be released
Palm Beach Post-16 Sep 2012
Twenty-two short-finned pilot whales beached themselves Sept. ... The other, named Freddie, lives is SeaWorld's whale and dolphin stadium

Bolivia enacts law to protect Amazon pink dolphins
BBC News-18 Sep 2012
Bolivian President Evo Morales has enacted a law aimed at protecting a unique species of dolphinsthat live in the country's Amazon rivers.

Dolphin found dead near River Parrett
This is The West Country-17 Sep 2012
Helen and her husband Rod say they are not sure if the mammal is a dolphin or porpoise but ... “I think there was a live dolphin in the Parrett a few years ago.

VIDEO: Amazing video of baby dolphin birth at Hawaii resort
Big Island Video News-19 hours ago
WAIKOLOA, Hawaii: There is a new member of the family at Dolphin Quest Hawaii located ... The new baby dolphin – the first second generation calf born

First-ever dolphin show extended from two to four months
The News International-16 Sep 2012
First-ever dolphin show extended from two to four months. Waqar Hamza Monday, September 17, 2012. From Print Edition.

Dolphin found dead Sep 2012
The dolphin didn't have wounds or signs of physical abuse, said Irish Belmonte, City Agricultural Office's Resource Enhancement Monitoring and Evaluation Unit

Coming Monday: 'Name the Baby Dolphin' contest
Chicago Sun-Times-15 hours ago
The Shedd Aquarium recently welcomed a Pacific White-sided dolphin to its Chicago family. Now it is time to give him a name

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sep-15 2012

More questions after 40ft whale washes up at Arbroath
The Courier-7 hours ago
Gareth Norman, area co-ordinator with British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), has questioned why so many whales are getting into difficulty

Navy can train near rare Atlantic whales, judge rules
Business Mirror-5 hours ago
US District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood ruled the Navy took a “hard look” before concluding risks to the rare whales would be minimal at the proposed training site

Sharks circling dead whale in SW
The West Australian-13 hours ago
The sharks followed the whale 100m offshore and north of the lighthouse to rocks between Quarry Bay and Skippy Rock where the whale remains.

Japan, Taiji - mother is dead dolphin caught with his little ...
GeaPress - 1 hour ago
GEAPRESS - It 'died female dolphin captured pilot whale with her ​​baby in the bay of Taiji, Japan, Southeast Asia

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Friday, 14 September 2012

Sep-14 2012

Killer whales live on after menopause to protect sons
BBC News-6 hours ago
Killer whale mothers live longer lives in order to protect their sons, a study has found. Females give birth in their thirties but can live for a further 50 years after

Dead Baleen whale discovered on Angus beach by dog walker hours ago
A dead 40ft whale washed up on a popular Angus beach. The Baleen whale is thought to have been discovered by a dog walker just after 8am near Arbroath

Whale numbers on rise
ABC Online-10 hours ago
Whales have been regularly sighted offshore making their way back to their ... Lawrence Orel says the population of Humpback and Southern Right whales

Whale pod sneaks up on fishermen
MSN NZ News-13 hours ago
A group of fishermen has filmed a pod of whales sneaking up on their boat before suddenly popping out of the water and circling them during an angling trip

Promar opens Aula del Mar area Almerinar (Almeria) where the dolphin recovers 'Mark'
Europa Press - Social Diary - 1 hour ago
he Association in Defence of Marine Fauna (Promar) has opened a Aula del Mar to raise awareness of the world ocean in the area bounded by the beach Almerimar, El Ejido (Almería) where it remains, restoring their health status, Dolphin 'Marcos', a copy of 1.1 meters long and barely a year old that was stranded for 24 days on the coast due to kidney failure.

Dolphin found shot dead near Hotel
Glas Istre-6 hours ago
Dolphin whose body found Wednesday on the beach in Porec tourist village green lagoon has died, according to initial indications of a violent death. - It seems that the butterfly shot, but it is too early for detailed evaluation

Baby born at Dolphinarium Minsk
They say that Pasha beautifully cared for Diana. And on September 2 at 20:30 Diana gave birth to a wonderful baby.

Dolphinarium closes for season
Niigata City Aquarium is now closed for the season. It is due to reopen July 2013. On the last day, they had 1894 visitors

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sep-12 & Sep-13 2012

Dolphin, whale festival breaches in Uvita
Tico Times-5 hours ago
Massive Mammal: During the Dolphin and Whale Festival in Bahía Ballena, our reporter caught sight of a humpback whale tail.

Whale carcass removed from Smiths Beach
ABC Online-2 hours ago
The local community raised concerns that the carcass could seep whale oil into the ocean and attract sharks to the popular swimming and surfing spo

Whale dies ashore at Mahia
Gisborne Herald-4 hours ago
A LARGE sperm whale that beached itself at Mahia on Tuesday

Jail threat for whale bone smuggler
Southland Times-7 hours ago
A Tongan man who smuggled illegal whale bone into the country has been convicted and warned if he does it again he may end up in jail.

Fisherman in frightening whale encounter
Yahoo!7 News-28 minutes ago
A pod of three whales emerged within arm's reach of his boat. ... Mr Chavaux reaches out to the humpback whale before it knocked him off his feet

Brutal few days for dolphins driven into Taiji Cove hours ago
Of the three whales taken captive and held in sea pens, one animal says Sea ... Heartbreaking video of the sick pilot whale was captured by Martyn Stewart

Russian:In Berdyansk Poison Dolphins

Animals dolphin found in dirty water. Inspectors Azov Sea State Ecological Inspectorate checked Berdyansk Dolphinarium "Nemo" by taking a sample of the pool water. In the artificial pond contains three Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and one Pacific.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sep-11 2012

Rare sighting of blue whale pod off Cork coast by observer group
Irish Times - 14 hours ago
Blue whales, the earth's largest mammals, have been sighted during the Irish ... in a very short space of time, according to Irish Whale and Dolphin Group

Sea Shepherd Won't Back Down Against Illegal Whaling
Look To The Stars - 1 hour ago
Although commercial whale hunting has been banned under an international treaty for 25 years, Japan's whaling fleet still sets out each December for its annual catch

Cause of whale deaths still unknown
WWL First News - 2 hours ago
State officials are still working to determine what killed two whales found on Louisiana beaches ... One whale, found at Belle Pass, was more than 8 feet long.

No obvious reason to whale stranding
Fife Today - 5 hours ago
AS the bodies of the dead pilot whales from the mass East Neuk beaching were removed last week, investigations continued into what could have caused the stranding

Blue whale samples approved for legitimate scientific research
Radio Australia - 9 hours ago
Blue whale samples approved for legitimate scientific research ... the largest known creature to exist on earth, but very little is understood about the Blue Whale.

Four different “ecotypes” of killer whales spotted in Falklands waters
MercoPress - 11 hours ago
Ten different “ecotypes” of killer whales have now been proposed: populations that look different, have different prey preferences, feeding habits and acoustic behaviours. Also they may represent several different species.

Bottlenose dolphin tucks into its salmon supper 
Daily Mail - 1 hour ago
'This allows the dolphins easy pickings as the shoals of salmon swim by. At times the dolphinschase the salmon to within a few metres of the beach

Photo | Dolphin spotted in Norfolk river
The Virginian-Pilot - 16 hours ago
A dolphin makes it way down the Lafayette River in Norfolk, near the Granby Street bridge, on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012. It was spotted during a scientific survey

NOAA holds firm on shutdown to protect porpoises
Gloucester Daily Times - 10 hours ago
NOAA's regional office has affirmed the agency's decision to impose a two-month closure on gillnet fishing in the Gulf of Maine beginning Oct. 1

Lifeguards monitor dolphin off Torrance & Redonda beaches in California
The lifeguards first noticed the dolphin, which belongs to the pod often seen off Redondo Beach, floating near the surface of the water shortly after 7 a.m.

Baby Killer Whales receive their names
After several weeks of public voting with more than 5,000 votes counted, three Southern Resident Community Orca calves have new names! The newly named babies are: Ripple (K-44), Keta (L-117), and Jade (L-118). Read more about these new calves and their families on our Meet the Whales page at

The new non-stop dolphin appears in Sochi
the largest dolphinarium in Russia opens in the Central District of Sochi on Saturday, September 15 and the the opening of the dolphinarium will begin at 13:00 with a dolphin cutting the pieces of ice, and she ceremony starts at 14:00.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Sep-10 2012

US judge rejects whale suit against Navy sub training site
Reuters UK - 11 hours ago
ATLANTA (Reuters) - The U.S. Navy can build a $100 million submarine training range off the coast of Southern Georgia and Northern Florida

Whale surveys spot killer whales in Alaska Arctic
Juneau Empire - 43 minutes ago
In this photo taken Aug. 20, 2012 and provided by NOAA Fisheries, four killer whales, part of a group of 13, swim in the Beaufort Sea off the coast of Barrow

Dolphin research institute soon in Patna University
Times of India - 6 hours ago
PATNA: The state government is likely to set up a dolphin research centre in Patna University (PU)

Divers warned against amorous dolphin
Caymanian Compass - 3 hours ago
The Cayman Islands Department of Environment is stepping up its appeal to the public to avoid feeding or interacting with an amorous solitary dolphin

Fishermen react to feds rejection of porpoise plan - 1 hour ago
The Northeast Seafood Coalition made the proposal after regulators announced the two-month closure to protect porpoises in the Gulf of Maine,

Whales continuing to receive round-the-clock care at SeaWorld Orlando
"Three older juveniles were offered solid food Thursday, but continued to be fed by tube every four hours. The fourth and youngest whale, a female still nursing when stranded, also is being tube-fed while SeaWorld rescue team members try to get her to take neonatal formula from a bottle."

Dolphin Swim for Coral World
Plans are in the works for a dolphin swim at Coral World Ocean Park on St. Thomas, manager Trudie Prior said.

In the seaside Dolphinarium brought young belugas
Vladivostok, RIA-Media - 10 hours ago
On the eve of the Sea of Okhotsk, off the island of Chkalov, caught 12 dolphins, whales. Valuable animals were loaded on a research vessel "Bukhara" and brought in Primorye.
All whales are now in separate pools. Three of them remain in the bay average near Nakhodka, where there lives 30 marine mammals. The remaining nine will go after adaptation to foreign zoos and dolphins

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Sep-09 2012

The whale - so special, and scarcely understood
The Independent - 17 hours ago
Such mass strandings as those of pilot whales in Scotland and Florida last week ... When a humpback whale breaches, as I've often seen it do,

Pilot whales, first species killed in Taiji Cove - 18 hours ago
The pod of pilot whales with juveniles driven into the cove last Thursday evening after a battle that lasted several hours. Having been left in the cove overnight

Coast Guard responds to vessel breaching whale exclusion zone - 16 Aug 2012
A boarding team was launched from the Cuttyhunk to inform the boat owner that they were too close to the whales.

Bomb-detecting dolphins used for military training
CTV News - 1 hour ago
OTTAWA -- Canadian soldiers got an up-close look at bomb-detecting dolphins during a military training exercise with the Americans

Last peek at zoo's dolphins: Sunday
The Minnesota Zoo's last remaining dolphins will vanish from view after Sunday.... The zoo isn't saying yet where the pair is going.

Deaf dolphin rescued in La. will get new home in Miss

NEW ORLEANS — A deaf dolphin found stranded in March near Grand Isle, La., is heading for Gulfport, Miss.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sep-08 2012

Whale skull proves weighty problem for museum staff
Journal Live - 9 hours ago

AS gifts go, it's a bit on the big side. Fishermen off the North East coast who brought up a whale skull in their nets have donated it to Tyne Wear Archives

Graves: dead whale found on Fourchon beach
Sacramento Bee - 21 hours ago
Graves said the whale was found in an area where tar balls and mats of weathered oil

Ban on field trips to theme parks with captive dolphins, whales sought
Philippine Star - 42 minutes ago
MANILA, Philippines – A party-list lawmaker has filed a resolution urging the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to ban school field trips to theme parks that have captive dolphins and whales that come from “cruel and inhumane sources.”

Taloyoak hunters land their bowhead whale - 21 hours ago
Now the job begins of butchering the whale and bringing it back to the community, which will require transporting it 35 kilometres overland across the Boothia

Follow on from Yesterday's Japanese Article:

Fishermen drive first marine mammals of season into Taiji Cove - 23 hours ago
Taiji - A week into the dolphin drive season in Taiji, Japan, fishermen have driven their first marine mammals into the cove, a pod of around 20-22 pilot whales
    - 3 Pilot Whales are now captive

FWC: Don't Feed the Dolphins
WCTV - 22 hours ago
However, it is illegal to feed dolphins under the Marine Mammal Protection Act ... On July 16, the FWC received a call about a dolphin biting a female swimmer

Flocks of white dolphins appeared
Chinese network - 14 hours ago
Guangdong Chaozhou: flocks of white dolphins appeared flood Island ... It is understood that the Chinese White Dolphin is seventy eight cetacean varieties one in the world, is common in China's southeast coast,

The Ranong waters Jingxian more than 20 only pink dolphins
Thailand World Daily News - 14 hours ago
WASHINGTON Ranong Diving Association President Song guess yesterday (7), has received the the fishermen report, over 20 only pink dolphins in the near Ranong Gabor Count

Vote for your favourite
You can now vote on name choice's for Clementina's calf at Mundo Marino. The choices are: Alfa, Uma, & Nahia. Go to Mundo Marino's Facebook page to place your vote!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Sep-07 2012

Once more to the breach
Sydney Morning Herald - 2 hours ago
IT'S WHALE watching season along Victoria's south-west coast and it was off Port Fairy and Portland that many whales have been gathering recently

Gray Whale Freed off Manhattan Beach - 4 hours ago
A gray whale was freed Thursday afternoon near the Manhattan Beach Pier from a rope tightly wound around its tail

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society holds fears for missing baby dolphin

Adelaide Now - 12 hours ago
Volunteers had not seen the calf for two weeks when they saw its mother Oriana without Kalea on Saturday morning, September 1

Scientists Search For Reason Of Cook Inlet Beluga Decline
Alaska Public Radio Network - 13 hours ago
He thinks food availability for the whales isn't the issue, saying there is plenty of salmon and eulachon for them to eat.

Sexually Aggressive Dolphin Tries To 'Get Busy' With Scuba Divers
Huffington Post - 2 hours ago
A randy dolphin nicknamed "Stinky" attempts to have sex with a scuba diver off

Dolphin washes up at Demarest Lloyd State Park - 11 hours ago
DARTMOUTH — A dead dolphin was found washed up on the beach at Demarest Lloyd State Park Thursday afternoon.

Dozens of Dead Dolphins Washed Ashore in Bulgaria in Summer - 2 hours ago
At least 68 dead dolphins have been washed ashore along Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea coast, the Regional Environmental Inspectorate in Burgas announced

Dead baby dolphin stranded in VB
WAVY-TV - 23 hours ago
(WAVY) - A dead baby bottlenose dolphin was stranded early Thursday ... Barns said the dolphinhad been dead for some time due to its state of decomposition

The Cove: The fight to end Japan's dolphin hunt
Greener Ideal - 15 hours ago
The annual dolphin hunt provides big business along Japan's coastal areas. ... everyday in the small coastal town of Taiji to observe its annual dolphin hunt

Yangtze finless porpoise: China's national treasure disappearing fast
The Guardian - 10 hours ago
Since the official extinction of the baiji, a river dolphin, in 2007, the porpoise is the only cetacean inhabiting the Yangtze River and two connecting freshwater rivers

Teams start to remove the bodies of the Pilot Whales
A major operation was under way last night to remove the bodies of 17 pilot whales which died in a mass stranding off the coast. The whales, including three calves, perished despite hours of frantic efforts by rescue workers to keep them alive until they could be released back out to sea.

Italian:Taranto - Jonian Dolphin Conservation annouce new babies.
PUGLIALIVE.NET - 5 hours ago
Taranto - Jonian Dolphin Conservation have annouced a baby boom of bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Taranto

Japanese:25 Whales are being held at Taiji Wakayama
SankeiBiz - 5 hours ago
the first successful drive of the season has resulted in~ 25 pilot whales being driven in and now in holding at the cove in Taiji, Japan.

Baby Dolphin unexpectedly dies
Antwerp Gazette - 50 minutes ago
6:00 p.m. Centre The newborn dolphin was born on 3 September to Roxanne at Boudewijnpark but passed away on Friday, 7th September. The calf suddenly stopped swimming and the mother and vets tried their best to help the calf but no avail.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sep-06 2012 (It's Back!!)

How is a dead whale disposed of?
BBC News - 18 hours ago
Earlier this week, 17 whales died after stranding on a Fife beach. But what happens next and how do you dispose of large marine animals?

Four Baby Whales Rescued in Florida - 1 hour ago
Four rescued baby pilot whales have been taken to SeaWorld Orlando after washing up on a Florida beach.

Another Whale Found Dead on West Java BeachJakarta Globe - 5 hours ago

A whale shark died after being stranded on a beach in Bantul, Yogyakarta, on Aug. 4. Residents of the West Java district of Cianjur found a dead whale

Whale Acclimating Well at Sea World San Diego - 12 hours ago
A few weeks ago the killer whale Shouka made a journey across California to a ... She is getting along very well with the other whales

Gulf World responds to rare whale stranding
The News Herald - 20 hours ago
“After assessing the whale on the beach, the chances of survival didn't look good,” ... Upon arrival, the team confirmed the animal was a melon-headed whale. It was taken to Gulf World but upon arrival at the park, it was deemed too ill and was euthanized.

White whale puts on a show
Whitsunday Times - 17 hours ago
A WHITE whale believed to be Migaloo was sighted in the Whitsundays last week ... to Airlie Beach when passengers and crew sighted the whale near the Hook

Fishermen install alarms to warn dolphins
Taranaki Daily News - 21 minutes ago
Marine mammal alarms, known as pingers, are being installed on nets to warn off dolphins, porpoises and whales.

Coastal whaling and dolphin killing alive and well in Japan - 16 hours ago
Despite global opposition, protests, outrage and all science condemning the consumption of cetacean meat as toxic and hazardous

Do You Hear What I Hear? Researchers Record Orcas Underwater
Northwest Public Radio - 4 hours ago
A male orca seen by the northwest tip of Steward Island in the Puget Sound. Listen. The waters of Puget Sound are a pretty noisy place, if you're an orca.

Dolphin Roxanne gave birth to a boy ' - 2 days ago
The dolphin Roxanne in Boudewijnpark given life to a small male dolphin .

A dolphin stranded alive on the beach but died in the sight of rescuers
Truth - 3 hours ago
A dolphin stranded alive on the beach but later died. It was found on Father beach, behind the University of Ovid.

Tatarstan has announced a contest for the best name dolphin
TVNZ - 5 hours ago
Then come back to the city two dolphin Inga and Indy, which are currently on tour in Kazan. Recall that according to the contest name.
Dolphinarium in Kemerovo has caused an unprecedented boom - 9 hours ago
Displacement pool - 600 tons of filtered sea water. The program involved the Dolphinarium white whales, seals and dolphins

Young dolphin dies after beaching on beach Aracati

O POVO Online - 4 hours agoA baby dolphin stranded and died after being rescued on Wednesday, 5, on the beach of Stephen in Aracati, on the east coast of the state

Recoil dolphin : baby, "Lasky" nickname - Kagoshima / Kagoshima Aquarium
Mainichi - 10 hours ago
Kagoshima Kagoshima Aquarium reaction was recruited dolphin decided to "Lasky" is the name of the baby. Nicknamed point 2006 have been submitted from all over the country

"Miraculous", rich in bait fishing ban paradise of finless porpoises off the coast of Kansai International Airport
Asahi Shimbun - fourteen hours ago
Kansai International Airport in Osaka Bay off the coast, be an indicator of the richness of ecosystemdolphin a kind of figure of finless porpoises could be confirmed in the herd.