Friday, 7 September 2012

Sep-07 2012

Once more to the breach
Sydney Morning Herald - 2 hours ago
IT'S WHALE watching season along Victoria's south-west coast and it was off Port Fairy and Portland that many whales have been gathering recently

Gray Whale Freed off Manhattan Beach - 4 hours ago
A gray whale was freed Thursday afternoon near the Manhattan Beach Pier from a rope tightly wound around its tail

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society holds fears for missing baby dolphin

Adelaide Now - 12 hours ago
Volunteers had not seen the calf for two weeks when they saw its mother Oriana without Kalea on Saturday morning, September 1

Scientists Search For Reason Of Cook Inlet Beluga Decline
Alaska Public Radio Network - 13 hours ago
He thinks food availability for the whales isn't the issue, saying there is plenty of salmon and eulachon for them to eat.

Sexually Aggressive Dolphin Tries To 'Get Busy' With Scuba Divers
Huffington Post - 2 hours ago
A randy dolphin nicknamed "Stinky" attempts to have sex with a scuba diver off

Dolphin washes up at Demarest Lloyd State Park - 11 hours ago
DARTMOUTH — A dead dolphin was found washed up on the beach at Demarest Lloyd State Park Thursday afternoon.

Dozens of Dead Dolphins Washed Ashore in Bulgaria in Summer - 2 hours ago
At least 68 dead dolphins have been washed ashore along Bulgaria's Southern Black Sea coast, the Regional Environmental Inspectorate in Burgas announced

Dead baby dolphin stranded in VB
WAVY-TV - 23 hours ago
(WAVY) - A dead baby bottlenose dolphin was stranded early Thursday ... Barns said the dolphinhad been dead for some time due to its state of decomposition

The Cove: The fight to end Japan's dolphin hunt
Greener Ideal - 15 hours ago
The annual dolphin hunt provides big business along Japan's coastal areas. ... everyday in the small coastal town of Taiji to observe its annual dolphin hunt

Yangtze finless porpoise: China's national treasure disappearing fast
The Guardian - 10 hours ago
Since the official extinction of the baiji, a river dolphin, in 2007, the porpoise is the only cetacean inhabiting the Yangtze River and two connecting freshwater rivers

Teams start to remove the bodies of the Pilot Whales
A major operation was under way last night to remove the bodies of 17 pilot whales which died in a mass stranding off the coast. The whales, including three calves, perished despite hours of frantic efforts by rescue workers to keep them alive until they could be released back out to sea.

Italian:Taranto - Jonian Dolphin Conservation annouce new babies.
PUGLIALIVE.NET - 5 hours ago
Taranto - Jonian Dolphin Conservation have annouced a baby boom of bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Taranto

Japanese:25 Whales are being held at Taiji Wakayama
SankeiBiz - 5 hours ago
the first successful drive of the season has resulted in~ 25 pilot whales being driven in and now in holding at the cove in Taiji, Japan.

Baby Dolphin unexpectedly dies
Antwerp Gazette - 50 minutes ago
6:00 p.m. Centre The newborn dolphin was born on 3 September to Roxanne at Boudewijnpark but passed away on Friday, 7th September. The calf suddenly stopped swimming and the mother and vets tried their best to help the calf but no avail.

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