Saturday, 8 September 2012

Sep-08 2012

Whale skull proves weighty problem for museum staff
Journal Live - 9 hours ago

AS gifts go, it's a bit on the big side. Fishermen off the North East coast who brought up a whale skull in their nets have donated it to Tyne Wear Archives

Graves: dead whale found on Fourchon beach
Sacramento Bee - 21 hours ago
Graves said the whale was found in an area where tar balls and mats of weathered oil

Ban on field trips to theme parks with captive dolphins, whales sought
Philippine Star - 42 minutes ago
MANILA, Philippines – A party-list lawmaker has filed a resolution urging the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) to ban school field trips to theme parks that have captive dolphins and whales that come from “cruel and inhumane sources.”

Taloyoak hunters land their bowhead whale - 21 hours ago
Now the job begins of butchering the whale and bringing it back to the community, which will require transporting it 35 kilometres overland across the Boothia

Follow on from Yesterday's Japanese Article:

Fishermen drive first marine mammals of season into Taiji Cove - 23 hours ago
Taiji - A week into the dolphin drive season in Taiji, Japan, fishermen have driven their first marine mammals into the cove, a pod of around 20-22 pilot whales
    - 3 Pilot Whales are now captive

FWC: Don't Feed the Dolphins
WCTV - 22 hours ago
However, it is illegal to feed dolphins under the Marine Mammal Protection Act ... On July 16, the FWC received a call about a dolphin biting a female swimmer

Flocks of white dolphins appeared
Chinese network - 14 hours ago
Guangdong Chaozhou: flocks of white dolphins appeared flood Island ... It is understood that the Chinese White Dolphin is seventy eight cetacean varieties one in the world, is common in China's southeast coast,

The Ranong waters Jingxian more than 20 only pink dolphins
Thailand World Daily News - 14 hours ago
WASHINGTON Ranong Diving Association President Song guess yesterday (7), has received the the fishermen report, over 20 only pink dolphins in the near Ranong Gabor Count

Vote for your favourite
You can now vote on name choice's for Clementina's calf at Mundo Marino. The choices are: Alfa, Uma, & Nahia. Go to Mundo Marino's Facebook page to place your vote!

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