Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sep-11 2012

Rare sighting of blue whale pod off Cork coast by observer group
Irish Times - 14 hours ago
Blue whales, the earth's largest mammals, have been sighted during the Irish ... in a very short space of time, according to Irish Whale and Dolphin Group

Sea Shepherd Won't Back Down Against Illegal Whaling
Look To The Stars - 1 hour ago
Although commercial whale hunting has been banned under an international treaty for 25 years, Japan's whaling fleet still sets out each December for its annual catch

Cause of whale deaths still unknown
WWL First News - 2 hours ago
State officials are still working to determine what killed two whales found on Louisiana beaches ... One whale, found at Belle Pass, was more than 8 feet long.

No obvious reason to whale stranding
Fife Today - 5 hours ago
AS the bodies of the dead pilot whales from the mass East Neuk beaching were removed last week, investigations continued into what could have caused the stranding

Blue whale samples approved for legitimate scientific research
Radio Australia - 9 hours ago
Blue whale samples approved for legitimate scientific research ... the largest known creature to exist on earth, but very little is understood about the Blue Whale.

Four different “ecotypes” of killer whales spotted in Falklands waters
MercoPress - 11 hours ago
Ten different “ecotypes” of killer whales have now been proposed: populations that look different, have different prey preferences, feeding habits and acoustic behaviours. Also they may represent several different species.

Bottlenose dolphin tucks into its salmon supper 
Daily Mail - 1 hour ago
'This allows the dolphins easy pickings as the shoals of salmon swim by. At times the dolphinschase the salmon to within a few metres of the beach

Photo | Dolphin spotted in Norfolk river
The Virginian-Pilot - 16 hours ago
A dolphin makes it way down the Lafayette River in Norfolk, near the Granby Street bridge, on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012. It was spotted during a scientific survey

NOAA holds firm on shutdown to protect porpoises
Gloucester Daily Times - 10 hours ago
NOAA's regional office has affirmed the agency's decision to impose a two-month closure on gillnet fishing in the Gulf of Maine beginning Oct. 1

Lifeguards monitor dolphin off Torrance & Redonda beaches in California
The lifeguards first noticed the dolphin, which belongs to the pod often seen off Redondo Beach, floating near the surface of the water shortly after 7 a.m.

Baby Killer Whales receive their names
After several weeks of public voting with more than 5,000 votes counted, three Southern Resident Community Orca calves have new names! The newly named babies are: Ripple (K-44), Keta (L-117), and Jade (L-118). Read more about these new calves and their families on our Meet the Whales page at

The new non-stop dolphin appears in Sochi
the largest dolphinarium in Russia opens in the Central District of Sochi on Saturday, September 15 and the the opening of the dolphinarium will begin at 13:00 with a dolphin cutting the pieces of ice, and she ceremony starts at 14:00.

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