Thursday, 31 May 2012

May-31 2012

Judge reduces SeaWorld Orlando's fine (Washington Post)
A judge has reduced SeaWorld Orlando's $75000 fine to $12000 for the death of a trainer by a killer whale in 2010.

Dramatic race to save entangled humpback whale on B.C. coast‎ (Calgary Herald)
A young humpback whale, entangled in prawn traps in Knight Inlet, has been rescued in the nick of time.

Beached whale dies in St George's‎ (Royal Gazette)
An injured whale has died despite a battle to return it to the water after it beached at the East End earlier today. Its carcas is now being examined.

Racing yacht almost hits a whale!‎ (CBBC Newsround)
The crew of a racing yacht had a narrow escape when they almost hit a whale at full speed!

Our whales have arrived‎ (Warrnambool Standard)
Two 17-metre whales have been spotted off East Beach in Port Fairy this morning in the first sighting for the season.

Beached dolphin rescued safely (BBC)
A vet and marine experts rescue a Risso's dolphin which became stranded on Perranporth beach in Cornwall

Shedd Interactive: Got milk! (
Piquet’s calf has hit the milk milestone, beginning to nurse around 6:20 p.m. Tuesday and continuing about every 30 minutes since then.

Oltremare - Riccione (Italian)
The Directorate of Overseas announced that the specimen of Risso's dolphin, Grampus griseus, spiaggiatosi and rehabilitated in 2005 and hosted at the park overseas since August 2005, died on May 31, 2012, the event has already been reported to the Competent Authority

Young dolphin named Highhope‎ (Perth Now)
PERTH'S youngest river dolphin has been named and is strong and healthy, but wildlife officers are battling to save another another calf with fishing line tangled

How to save a stranded dolphin‎ (Informante)
A weak or ill leader delivering his subjects to peril is seemingly a fate not only confined to the human race. Informanté attended a highy informative session of the

Training for Nature Trust Wildlife Rescue Team volunteers‎ (Gozo News)
Adults and children who recently happened to be in St Thomas Bay were surprised to see a 'dolphin' being carried in the back of a jeep during a training session

Minke whales , seals caught in a snare, was found dead‎ (Residents of Gangwon Ilbo - Korean)
For this year at sea in northern gel honhoekdoen whales total 32 (mink whales 6) reaches, and seals in the last December 28, 2005 died at sea two miles Sokcho daepohang Eastern

"Aquarium dolphin activity brother " (Hokkaido Shimbun - Japanese)
Aquarium in Aomori Asamushi dolphin from this spring, for the first time in about 15 years "to show dolphin brother "have appeared. Tsugaru city from Mr. Akira Takegahana of (21). Although once headed the way of cooking, again staring at the origin of the dream of my childhood, dolphin trainer was to study.

Kagoshima City Aquarium dolphin baby,  expected (Akita Keizai Shimbun - Japanese)
It is the 15 anniversary of the opening on May 30, "Kagoshima City Aquarium World". In, reaction of female gave birth in March dolphin -milky to, upcoming birth continued, Tenten

"Showed no adverse health effects" of mercury in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture‎ (Hebei Shimpo - Japanese)
Whales and dolphins in Taiji, Wakayama Prefecture, residents of many opportunities to eat meat, Department of Neurology, screening of 194 people conducted on methyl mercury concentrations were higher in hair in the health survey (117 men and 77 women) (Kumamoto) 30 days, released by the ingestion of meat, "National Institute for Minamata Disease results

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

May-30 2012

The race to save an entangled humpback whale in Knight Inlet‎ (Vancouver Sun)
A young humpback whale, entangled in prawn traps in Knight Inlet, has been rescued in the nick of time

Give this whale a name‎ (The Manly Daily)
NORTHERN Beaches residents are called upon to help name a whale adopted by a group of local businesses.

Whales Return to West Coast Waters‎ (Santa Barbara Independent)
NOAA warns area boaters to navigate the Santa Barbara Channel with caution.

Whale scale‎ (Wire)
The Seacoast Science Center has acquired three more whale skeletons in addition to its signature piece.


Wolphin born: False killer whale, dolphin hybrid‎ (3News NZ)
A wolphin - a rare hybrid of male false killer whale and female bottle nose dolphin – has died shortly after its birth late last week at the Fushun Royal Ocean

New calf for the beleaguered L-pod orcas! (Seattle Post Intelligencer)Matia, L77 has been seen with a new calf, L119 (Orca Network Report)

PETA fights for Lolita
Dolphin ban has zoos worried‎ (
Parliament's decision to ban the import of dolphins and whales has been welcomed by supporters of animal rights, but zoos are concerned ....

Baby Dolphin Born At Shedd Aquarium‎ (CBS2 Chicag)
Memorial Day brought a new arrival to Chicago's Shedd Aquarium

1.7 tons of whale appeared in the fish market was almost flesh to sell‎ (Zibo space-time - Chinese)
1.7 tons of whale appeared in the fish market and almost flesh to sell. 2012-5-30. Yesterday morning, a 1.7-ton whales appeared in the urban bonus market reporter first contacted the fisheries sector, after making sure that this is a dead minke whale

Shedd Aquarium: The calf’s first day (
Piquet, her calf and Shedd’s cadre of animal care and animal health experts have had a busy day. Happily, most of the work on the part of Shedd’s staffers since 10:34 p.m. Monday, when the calf was born.

Bolivian river dolphin is at risk of disappearing (Spanish)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

May-29 2012

Stranded baby whale could find mum (Northern Advocate)
Department of Conservation rangers remain hopeful that a baby whale found stranded on Ninety Mile Beach 10 days ago has been reunited with its mother.

Dolphin found dead in Rehoboth (Delmarva Now)
A bottlenose dolphin calf was found dead on the beach at Wilmington Avenue, officials said.

Irrawaddy dolphins - The Mekong River's 'spirit'(VietNamNet Bridge)
A special report by Vietnam Net on the Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphin

Connyland eyes dolphin semen import(The Local Switzerland)
English version: Animal park Connyland is considering importing dolphin semen in order to circumvent a proposed prohibition on importing new animals.

New animals arrive at controversial Turkish park(Hurriyet Daily News)
Two sea lions and a sea calf from Ukraine will join the park’s current animals in the park’s entertainment shows. New animals have been introduced to Bodrum's Dolphin Park, the closure of which has been discussed for years.

A large population of bottlenose dolphins living in the Bay of Cadiz ( - Spanish)
The second year of study of cetaceans and seabirds in the Gulf of Cadiz has come to an end. After more than a month of study, after to commence on 16 April, this new era has served to confirm that the bottlenose dolphin has a large and stable population in these waters, strengthening studies by CIRCE in the area since 2001.

Moscow Dolphinarium arrives at Barnaul ( - Russian)
On May 29, the press center of Barnaul Administration reported that the first day of summer, the young citizens - children, orphans and the disabled will be able to see the festive program with the participation of Kasi the Beluga, Dante the dolphin and Flint the seal. The tour will last the entire month of June. Every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday presentation lasting 40-45 minutes, showing at 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00.

3 Finless porpoises washed up at Yeosu(Guangzhou deilrian Cholla - Korean)
Native endangered whales sanggwaengyi 3 dead two days after another discovered a new report to Yeosu Coast Guard said.

A more flexible solution than banning the import of whales and dolphins has not found. The House of the People refused this variant by 99 votes against 72, saying that its majority in dolphinariums and zoos are not adapted to the needs of dolphins and whales, who long for wide open spaces and a suitable living environment for their case.

Monday, 28 May 2012

May-28 2012

Pilot whale 'Sully' dies at SeaWorld San Diego ( the pilot whale died at the San Diego facility on May 23. Sully had several health issues, sunburn was one of them. Sully the pilot whale stranded on a Curacao beach, a Caribbean island near Aruba in 2009. The whale was rescued by staff of the Curacao Sea Aquarium and named after the famous airline pilot Captain "Sully" Sullenberger.

Mass strandings‎ (Cosmos)
100 Sperm Whale corpses litter a beach in Tasmania. It’s the first pod of whales to strand this season; perhaps the first of many.

WTO rules dolphin safe tuna labels discriminate against dolphin killers‎ (Greener Ideal)

Wild Dolphin Attacks Swimmers In US Town‎ (Sky News)
A wild dolphin has reportedly been attacking swimmers and boaters in a US town

Dolphins learn from each other to beg for food from humans‎ (Phys.Org)
Dolphins may learn harmful or undesirable behaviors, such as begging for food from humans, from each other

Poaching of Gangetic dolphin continues unabated‎ (Assam Tribune)
In a significant development which may be a serious environmental concern, a huge Gangetic river dolphin was killed in the river Brahmaputra

Raglan supports the endangered Maui dolphin‎ (New Zealand Herald)
The Maui dolphin literally teeters on the edge of disappearing forever. A new study has just found that there are only 55 adult dolphins left

The seawall whale carcasses (Hokkawido)‎ (NEWS24 NTV - Japanese)
This morning, on the coast of Tomakomai a whale carcass was found. Whales are found along the Ariake coast of Tomakomai. The male was found at 6:00 am and was identified as a minke whale.

Dolphin found dead on the beach in Mamaia‎ (Realitatea - Romanian)
A bottlenose dolphin was washed up on the beach in Mamaia. The dolphin was found yesterday by a tourist, just meters from the hotel . Experts say that the dolphin appears to be killed by poachers in the Black Sea but there are no visible traces caused by these nets. however, the cause of death will be determined after a necropsy.

The danger of being a dolphin in the Mediterranean‎ (laSexta|Noticias - Spanish)
The dwelling of this sea species are difficult to survive. Typically, end up seriously injured. With cuts and fins amputated. (Video in article)

Veterinarians were unable to save a wounded dolphin‎ (TRC "ATV" - Russian)

A wounded dolphin was washed up on the dock in Odessa on Saturday. The dolphin had clear signs of spinal injuries and was trying to stay afloat.To help the mammal, the port sent two coastal boats.

Sailors managed to fix and bring it to the shore. At this time, to help wounded, vets dolphin came from the Odessa dolphinarium. Unfortunately, the wounds were not compatible with life, and the animal died. (Video in article)

Switzerland intends to import sperm from dolphins (The World - French)
While the Swiss National Council prepares to vote on Tuesday, May 29 on the issue of banning the import of dolphins and whales to the last dolphinarium in Switzerland, there is a cause for concern for its continued activity.

Currently at the Dolphinarium, there is only one female, 3 month old calf and three other young males,". Suffice to say that the dolphin family of Connyland will struggle to grow in the coming years, pregnancy in dolphins for ten to twelve months, forone little each time.

The defender of cetaceans has indeed suggested that the dolphins could circumvent the law by importing semen from dolphin to do artificial insemination. But he warned in the newspaper DerSonntag: "It should not be the last female dolphin in Switzerland isused as a breeding machine."

Sunday, 27 May 2012

May-27 2012

HUMPBACK watchers are in for a whale of a time with about 17000 of the animals expected to migrate along Australia's east coast in the next few months‎ (Sydney Morning Herald)


TANGALOOMA Island Resort staff got a pleasant surprise last night when dolphin Tinkerbell arrived at shore with a brand new calf in tow
(Courier Mail)

A Humpback whale was pulled to shore by a crane, at around 7 am today. A fishing boat used a net 200 meters off the coast of NicoloNada, Minamiawaji, Hyogo Prefecture to bring the whale in. The whale was already dead at the scene of fishery stakeholders.(Kobe Shimbun)

Shadow, a bottlenose dolphin died early morning on May 19, 2012. Shadow had participated in the show until after September 2010 and was active since coming to Enoshima Aquarium in October 1996. Shadow was unfortunately ill in recent years, but has continued due to medical treatment away from the show. With regard to cause of death is under investigation currently. To everyone who loves a lot of "shadow", I thank you and thanks. (Enoshima Aquarium)

The calves at Dolphin Academy Curacao have been named. Tela's calf is "Serena", Annie's calf was named "Machu". Both were sired by Copan (Facebook

Sully, a pilot whale, has died at SeaWorld San Diego on 23-May-2012 (Twitter)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May-23 2012

Video: Dolphin Calf Rescued by Hubbs-SeaWorld and SeaWorld

Phuket’s ‘rescued dolphin’ dead

Anti-whaling leader says extraditing him won't halt campaign

Entirely new 'grapefruit-sized' organ found in jaws of giant whales

Lizard sighting possibly rare North Atlantic right whale

Feds want new study of Makah whaling impact

Group sues for rare Hawaii dolphin

Beluga dead at river mouth — Juvenile whale entangled

Whales in the water

Beluga whale calf still in critical condition at Georgia Aquarium

Whales head north early

Antarctic killer whale sightings drop

Baby whale in trouble off shore, authorities say

Peru dolphins not killed by oil blasts, says minister

National Aquarium offers new dolphin experience

Post-stroke rehab: Turning patients into dolphins

Do not approach entangled dolphin

Why do dolphins and whales beach?

Shandong college canteen now serves dead whale - Chinese

Lovely pink dolphins smiled and greeted it with you! - Chinese

Dolphin therapy leads to improvements - German

Yangtze porpoise on the brink of extinction - Spanish

Saturday, 19 May 2012

May-19 2012

Whale meeting heads for discord

Baby whale beaches in Muizenberg

Humpback whale freed from life-threatening entanglement

Crew Evacuated After Yacht Strikes Whale

Don't Feed Wild Dolphins (Even if They Beg)

Texas State Aquarium dolphin died from infection

US Dolphin Safe Tuna Label 'Unfair' to Mexico, Rules WTO

Proper management plans needed for dolphin

Mr. Yamamoto female rookie trainer working‎ - Japanese

Shandong new held "Marine Wedding" won the dolphin kiss gift‎ - Chinese

Spear kill a dolphin and is found on beach Canoe‎ - Spanish

100 years: Nuremberg Zoo - accompanied by criticism anniversary‎ - German

Jeju International, dolphins found dead - Korean

Petition calls for saving Minnesota Zoo dolphins

Dolphin Cove to build three new attractions

Animal Updates on Beau the Dolphin – May 18

In Sochi aquarium dolphins have brought Max and Noah - Russian
Cetaceans in Sao Tome and Principe need to be monitored   - Portuguese

They are coming - Portuguese

British harvesting huge bone of the skull whale fishery during‎ - Portuguese

False killer whale was mutilated, have researchers doing autopsy - Portuguese

a dozen dolphins in Viana do Castelo  - Portuguese

Dolphin found dead in Praia de Mangue Seco, in Maranhão‎ - Portuguese
‎ ‎
Found dead dolphin Amvrakikos‎ - Greek

Brainless fishermen shot dolphin‎ - Greek

13 turtles and a dolphin dead‎  - Greek

The new shows Marineland‎ -  French

Connyland against the ban on imports of dolphins‎ -  French 

Conny-Land refused to separate the last dolphins of Switzerland‎ -  French  

Thursday, 17 May 2012

May-17 2012

Four 'early' whales seen

What Killed Orca Victoria? Some Point To Naval Tests

Whales migrate to warmer waters

Whale-watching season kicks off on Coast

Snagged Whale Nearly Swamps Boat

Iceland's lone fin whaler hangs up harpoon

River users urged to look out for sick dolphin calf

Live dolphins export not sustainable in Solomon Islands: SPWRC

US's dolphin-safe tuna labels banned by court calling them 'unfair'

Dolphin was alive when it became stranded on beach

Dolphins photographed in damage assessment

Petition calls for saving Minnesota Zoo dolphins;

"Dolphin speaker" could pave the way for human-cetacean

NOAA scientists still studying Mississippi dolphins

Boy With Rare Disease Meets Winter the Dolphin

Splash of the Titans

Dolphins Die, Insects Grow In Pacific Ocean

Update on Morgan (10th May)

In Crimea, 150 dead dolphins washed ashore‎ - Russian

The biggest dolphinarium in Ukraine and the Park of miniatures: - Russian