Saturday, 19 May 2012

May-19 2012

Whale meeting heads for discord

Baby whale beaches in Muizenberg

Humpback whale freed from life-threatening entanglement

Crew Evacuated After Yacht Strikes Whale

Don't Feed Wild Dolphins (Even if They Beg)

Texas State Aquarium dolphin died from infection

US Dolphin Safe Tuna Label 'Unfair' to Mexico, Rules WTO

Proper management plans needed for dolphin

Mr. Yamamoto female rookie trainer working‎ - Japanese

Shandong new held "Marine Wedding" won the dolphin kiss gift‎ - Chinese

Spear kill a dolphin and is found on beach Canoe‎ - Spanish

100 years: Nuremberg Zoo - accompanied by criticism anniversary‎ - German

Jeju International, dolphins found dead - Korean

Petition calls for saving Minnesota Zoo dolphins

Dolphin Cove to build three new attractions

Animal Updates on Beau the Dolphin – May 18

In Sochi aquarium dolphins have brought Max and Noah - Russian
Cetaceans in Sao Tome and Principe need to be monitored   - Portuguese

They are coming - Portuguese

British harvesting huge bone of the skull whale fishery during‎ - Portuguese

False killer whale was mutilated, have researchers doing autopsy - Portuguese

a dozen dolphins in Viana do Castelo  - Portuguese

Dolphin found dead in Praia de Mangue Seco, in Maranhão‎ - Portuguese
‎ ‎
Found dead dolphin Amvrakikos‎ - Greek

Brainless fishermen shot dolphin‎ - Greek

13 turtles and a dolphin dead‎  - Greek

The new shows Marineland‎ -  French

Connyland against the ban on imports of dolphins‎ -  French 

Conny-Land refused to separate the last dolphins of Switzerland‎ -  French  

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