Monday, 28 May 2012

May-28 2012

Pilot whale 'Sully' dies at SeaWorld San Diego ( the pilot whale died at the San Diego facility on May 23. Sully had several health issues, sunburn was one of them. Sully the pilot whale stranded on a Curacao beach, a Caribbean island near Aruba in 2009. The whale was rescued by staff of the Curacao Sea Aquarium and named after the famous airline pilot Captain "Sully" Sullenberger.

Mass strandings‎ (Cosmos)
100 Sperm Whale corpses litter a beach in Tasmania. It’s the first pod of whales to strand this season; perhaps the first of many.

WTO rules dolphin safe tuna labels discriminate against dolphin killers‎ (Greener Ideal)

Wild Dolphin Attacks Swimmers In US Town‎ (Sky News)
A wild dolphin has reportedly been attacking swimmers and boaters in a US town

Dolphins learn from each other to beg for food from humans‎ (Phys.Org)
Dolphins may learn harmful or undesirable behaviors, such as begging for food from humans, from each other

Poaching of Gangetic dolphin continues unabated‎ (Assam Tribune)
In a significant development which may be a serious environmental concern, a huge Gangetic river dolphin was killed in the river Brahmaputra

Raglan supports the endangered Maui dolphin‎ (New Zealand Herald)
The Maui dolphin literally teeters on the edge of disappearing forever. A new study has just found that there are only 55 adult dolphins left

The seawall whale carcasses (Hokkawido)‎ (NEWS24 NTV - Japanese)
This morning, on the coast of Tomakomai a whale carcass was found. Whales are found along the Ariake coast of Tomakomai. The male was found at 6:00 am and was identified as a minke whale.

Dolphin found dead on the beach in Mamaia‎ (Realitatea - Romanian)
A bottlenose dolphin was washed up on the beach in Mamaia. The dolphin was found yesterday by a tourist, just meters from the hotel . Experts say that the dolphin appears to be killed by poachers in the Black Sea but there are no visible traces caused by these nets. however, the cause of death will be determined after a necropsy.

The danger of being a dolphin in the Mediterranean‎ (laSexta|Noticias - Spanish)
The dwelling of this sea species are difficult to survive. Typically, end up seriously injured. With cuts and fins amputated. (Video in article)

Veterinarians were unable to save a wounded dolphin‎ (TRC "ATV" - Russian)

A wounded dolphin was washed up on the dock in Odessa on Saturday. The dolphin had clear signs of spinal injuries and was trying to stay afloat.To help the mammal, the port sent two coastal boats.

Sailors managed to fix and bring it to the shore. At this time, to help wounded, vets dolphin came from the Odessa dolphinarium. Unfortunately, the wounds were not compatible with life, and the animal died. (Video in article)

Switzerland intends to import sperm from dolphins (The World - French)
While the Swiss National Council prepares to vote on Tuesday, May 29 on the issue of banning the import of dolphins and whales to the last dolphinarium in Switzerland, there is a cause for concern for its continued activity.

Currently at the Dolphinarium, there is only one female, 3 month old calf and three other young males,". Suffice to say that the dolphin family of Connyland will struggle to grow in the coming years, pregnancy in dolphins for ten to twelve months, forone little each time.

The defender of cetaceans has indeed suggested that the dolphins could circumvent the law by importing semen from dolphin to do artificial insemination. But he warned in the newspaper DerSonntag: "It should not be the last female dolphin in Switzerland isused as a breeding machine."

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