Wednesday, 23 May 2012

May-23 2012

Video: Dolphin Calf Rescued by Hubbs-SeaWorld and SeaWorld

Phuket’s ‘rescued dolphin’ dead

Anti-whaling leader says extraditing him won't halt campaign

Entirely new 'grapefruit-sized' organ found in jaws of giant whales

Lizard sighting possibly rare North Atlantic right whale

Feds want new study of Makah whaling impact

Group sues for rare Hawaii dolphin

Beluga dead at river mouth — Juvenile whale entangled

Whales in the water

Beluga whale calf still in critical condition at Georgia Aquarium

Whales head north early

Antarctic killer whale sightings drop

Baby whale in trouble off shore, authorities say

Peru dolphins not killed by oil blasts, says minister

National Aquarium offers new dolphin experience

Post-stroke rehab: Turning patients into dolphins

Do not approach entangled dolphin

Why do dolphins and whales beach?

Shandong college canteen now serves dead whale - Chinese

Lovely pink dolphins smiled and greeted it with you! - Chinese

Dolphin therapy leads to improvements - German

Yangtze porpoise on the brink of extinction - Spanish

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