Thursday, 10 January 2013

News from Jan-10 2013

Whale harasser fined, ordered to write newspaper article hours ago
Whale harasser fined, ordered to write newspaper article ... A Campbell River man convicted of harassing killer whales near Quadra Island in 2010

Natural causes blamed for whale deaths
ABC Online-15 hours ago
"The sperm whale is a large adult sperm whale - it's almost 17 metres so it's quite possible it's died of natural causes, of old age essentially," he said.

First whale of the season is sighted
Royal Gazette-51 minutes ago
Bermuda's first fluke-identified humpback whale of the season has been hailed as a victory for “citizen science” by whale-watcher Andrew Stevenson.

Right whale, calf spotted off St. Augustine Beach
St. Augustine Record-5 hours ago
Tom Pitchford with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said this whale was an 8-year old female that biologists have been tracking.

Rescued baby dolphin and mother losing deadly battle at Phuket ...
Phuket Gazette-6 hours ago
PHUKET: Serious internal infections have left a mother striped dolphin and her baby in critical condition, despite the pair being rescued on January 4 in Phang

Dolphin rescued from Tapi estuary, released into sea
Times of India-by Yagnesh Mehta-11 minutes ago
SURAT: An Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin, which was trapped in the shallow waters of the estuary of Tapi river and Arabian Sea, was rescued from near Dumas

SeaWorld team rescues dolphin tangled in fishing line
Central Florida News 13-18 hours ago
A dolphin tangled in fishing line near Cape Canaveral was rescued by SeaWorld ... SeaWorld officials said they were notified of an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin .

Dolphins won't make a splash?
The Hindu-13 hours ago
It seems the adorable flippers might not make a splash in Kochi. The National Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has asked the State governments

Whales break free after being trapped under ice in Canada's ...
Alaska Dispatch-34 minutes ago
The orcas were spotted at a breathing hole at the eastern top of Hudson Bay. When two hunters went to check the ice Thursday morning


Two dead whale strandings in Queensland, Australia Beach
Epoch Times - 8 hours ago
According to the Australian Broadcasting Company reports, the Ministry of Environment and Heritage Protection said that a large sperm whale (Sperm whale, also known as giant whale ) rushed Curtis Island (Curtis Island), was found dead this week


Dolphin conservationists bursts of collar - action against Dolphinarium Münster
PR Newswire (press release) - 3 hours ago
Our complaint due to the danger of life for the dolphins in the ailing dolphin -halls was then taken up by the city and the zoo would immediately

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

News from Jan-09 2013

Whale death baffles experts
Brisbane Times-9 hours ago
Experts are scratching their heads about the breed and cause of death of a whale which washed up on a central Queensland island.

Whale strategies revealed by new technology hours ago
Right whales and bowhead whales have a very different feeding strategy from rorquals—the group that includes the biggest animal on earth, the blue whale.

West Seattle Whale Watch: Orcas turn up off Alki
West Seattle Blog (blog)-16 hours ago
First we received that photo from Susan at Alki Beach Dog – saying her daughter Jessica thought those were Dall's porpoises off Alki Point this afternoon.

Baby gray whales spotted off coast
OCRegister-24 minutes ago
Two baby gray whales were spotted this week by a charter boat in Dana Point, an unusually early debut for calves that are more commonly born in warmer

Killer Whales Tapped By Ice Near Inukjuak, Que.
Huffington Post Canada-1 hour ago
More than a dozen killer whales are stranded at a breathing hole in the ice near Inukjuak, ... People in the community believe the whales got stuck on Monday.

Rescue whales stay at Sea World
WKMG Orlando-18 hours ago
Three whales that were rescued from a mass stranding Labor Day weekend are now a permanent fixture of Sea World Orlando's Whale & Dolphin Stadium.

'Extinction threat' for UK orcas
BBC News-6 hours ago
The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) said the group was at risk as a result ... the last of a series of three features on the killer whales on Wednesday.

Korea abandons plan to hunt endangered whales
WWF International-9 hours ago
An official circular issued by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) this week announced that the government of Korea “had changed its position


Mediterranean: a sanctuary for dolphins
20 - 2 hours ago
If dolphins are simply released into the wild, they can not

Littoral: a dolphin in the harbor of Boulogne / Mer and calves ...
France 3-14 minutes agoMaritime spectacle guaranteed! A dolphin has been spotted in the port of Boulogne

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

News from Jan-08 2013

Newborn killer whale found dead on Olympic Peninsula just south of ...
Vancouver Sun-21 minutes ago
A newborn male killer whale calf was found washed up Monday on a beach at Dungeness Spit just south of the Canada-U.S. border on the Olympic Peninsula,

Dolphins Stampede Whale Watching Boat [Video]
The Inquisitr-by Tara Dodrill-2 hours ago
Dana Point, CA – Dolphins made quite a lasting impression on a group of California tourist on a whalewatching boat trip. Approximately 1,000 dolphins romped

Humpback whale spotted off Georgia coast
WTVM-3 Jan 2013
BRUNSWICK, Ga. (AP) - State biologists say they've spotted a humpback whale off Georgia's coast. The Brunswick

MoEF panel prohibits dolphin parks
Hindustan Times-3 hours ago
Setting up of dolphin-aquariums in India will remain a distant dream

Government urged to set up rare dolphin protection zone
Focus Taiwan News Channel-6 hours ago
Taipei, Jan. 8 (CNA) Environmental activists and lawmakers from across party lines urged the government Tuesday to set up a special zone

T. Rex' of the seas called first top killer
Fox News-4 hours ago
Newfound fossils of a giant dolphin-shaped reptilian predator are now shedding light on how the world recovered after the most devastating mass extinction

The new facility opened in March
Town News - 31 Dec 2012
Whale I'm planning to go out to sea in a boat type electric, interactive attraction will go to see dolphins live there.


What will become of the dolphins in Munster?
BILD-19 hours ago
Animal rights activists have been calling for an end to years of dolphin shows because the pools where the dolphins live, much too small

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Monday, 7 January 2013

News from Jan-07 2013

Whale is washed up at Gower Peninsula beauty spot
WalesOnline-55 minutes ago
Jonathan Bale, a member of Llangennith, Llanmadoc and Cheriton Community Council said the whalehad been attracting attention among surfers and beach

Whaling significance described at upcoming event
Suburban Life Publications-8 minutes ago
GENEVA — This historical significance of whaling in America will be discussed ... Whalebyproducts, including whale oil and bone, created vast fortunes for ship

Brand new baby whale a bundle of joy for San Diego boaters
Pete Thomas Outdoor-6 Jan 2013
December was a fantastic month for watching gray whales migrate past Southern California shores, on their way from Arctic waters to nursing grounds in Baja

Stranded whale leaves after 3 months
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation-17 hours ago
A whale fondly named “Ravouvou” or “Prince” that was stranded in Totoya waters in ... Villagers of Tovu said they tried guiding the whale out to sea, but it kept

Top stories of 2012: Lone dolphin becomes fixture in Cayman waters
Caymanian Compass-13 hours ago
The summer of 2012 saw an addition to the local waters of a solitary and frisky dolphin. The presence of the male dolphin, variously nicknamed “Stinky”

Dolphins - now they remain first - 1 hour ago
The dolphin show last Sunday was supposed to be the last in the Münster Zoo. Well it was announced that the Dolphins Nando, Rocco and...

Touching VIDEO: Dolphin Saves Dog From Shark and ...> ... > Entertainment - Translate this page23 hours ago - Finally the dolphins not only save people from sharks and dogs ... See this moving video and maybe change

Sunday, 6 January 2013

News from Jan-06 2013

Volunteers sought for 2013 humpback whale count hours ago
The humpbacks have returned from their feeding grounds in Alaska to the warm waters of Hawai'i and the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale

NOAA fears Cook Inlet beluga whales may be headed for extinction
Science Recorder-5 hours ago
Are beluga whales headed for extinction? Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration note a small, but not scientifically significan

Stranded whales
Marlborough Express-5 Jan 2013
Analysing the shards of the whales' bones, found in 2010, scientists realised the genetic profiles from each fragment were the same but did not correspond

Op-Ed: Frontline's 'A Whale Of A Business' finally airs on YouTube ... Jan 2013
It's been 15 years since the documentary was first released in November 1997, but it is still considered one of the most telling exposures of the captive marine

PHOTOS: 60-Foot Blue Whale Spotted Near the Martinez Marina
San Francisco Chronicle (blog)-21 hours ago
Thanks to Isla for sending the pictures of her friends Craig and Debbie Hansen (pictured above), who are here from New Zealand flying their 60-foot whale kite.

Satellite tags helping track killer whale pod down the coast
Kitsap Sun-15 hours ago
Federal biologists have attached a small satellite transmitter to one of Puget Sound's killer whales, and a week of tracking may have revealed some important

US, Canada allege illegal narwhal tusk smuggling
Alaska Dispatch-13 hours ago
According to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, hundreds of these horns are traded annually. Because narwhals are considered threatened

Protect porpoises off Pembrokeshire, says Sea Trust
BBC News-3 hours ago
A marine conservation group is calling for the protection of sites off Pembrokeshire where large numbers of harbour porpoises congregate. Sea Trust says

The little dolphin passes the Kings in Vigo
Faro de Vigo - 12 hours ago
A. MAULEÓN - VIGO Vigo Nursery The ship has since Thursday a "tenant" very special. This is the baby dolphin was rescued on Sunday under the bridge Toxa (O Grove) which was isolated because of the low tide.

Dolphin stranded at La Marina
Spain newspaper / Viking Post - 7 hours agoALICANTE One of our readers of Spain newspaper, Eilen Hofseth, went for a walk on the beach at La Marina (Alicante) on Thursday morning and got a bit of a surprise.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

News from Jan-05 2013

Sorry for the gap on the news but December came a very busy month but the news has returned back on a daily basis. No previous news articles will be featured

URI student studying 'whale snot' for health clues
Providence Eyewitness News-14 hours ago
SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. (AP) -- A graduate student at the University of Rhode Island is hoping his study of what he calls "whale snot" will yield important health

36000-year-old whale bone sparks DNA connection efforts
Red and Black-4 hours ago
The Atlantic gray whales disappeared in the 1700s, probably due to whaling, Noakes said. While the still-living Pacific, or California, gray whales seem

Cook Inlet beluga whale population has slight uptick on long road
Alaska Dispatch-19 hours ago
For a couple of weeks during the summer of 2012, Alaskans driving Seward Highway may have seen a pod of beluga whales frolicking in the waters

Trapped whale finds path to freedom
Fiji Times-20 hours ago
The trapped humpback whale takes a dive in the Vakamatuku lagoon in Totoya, Lau. The whale has finally managed to find its way into the open sea.

Shamu goes public: Could SeaWorld's IPO retire a whale of debt?
89.3 KPCC (blog)-21 hours ago
mother and baby orcas, also called killer whales, swim at Sea World in San Diego. The company just filed for a $100 million IPO,

The dolphin snatchers: Mail investigation exposes vile trade 
Daily Mail-16 hours ago
Last month alone, she claims up to 170 cetaceans were killed, including pilot whales, risso, striped and bottlenose dolphins. More than 100 were captured

Anti-whaling ship heading for Antarctica
Radio New Zealand-4 Jan 2013
But the Bob Barker's captain, Peter Hammarstedt says they will do whatever it takes to get in the way of the Japanese fleet and stop the whaling season early

Resorts World Sentosa dolphin died of 'bacteria poisoning' hours ago
The dolphin which died when it was transported from the Philippines to Resorts World Sentosa's Marine Life Park on Nov 22 “succumbed to an acute bacterial

Cambodia battles to save rare Mekong dolphins
The New Age Online-11 hours ago
The sight of two dolphins twisting playfully in the murky waters of the Mekong River elicits barely-stifled squeals of delight from a boatload of eco-tourists

SpanishThe temporary favor the appearance of dead cetaceans
Faro de Vigo - 11 hours ago
That had a happy ending, as the small dolphin was rescued by Cemma and ... This was a problem for the recovery of dolphin

Russian:Dolphin Ghosh of Sevastopol Dolphinarium learned ...
TRC "Petersburg Channel Five" - 7 hours ago
In the Sevastopol Dolphinarium one of the actors ,15-year-old dolphin Ghosh demonstrates unusual trick. He crawls on land

Portuguese:Most rescues Operation Dolphin involves young
Mail People's Journal (subscription) - 16 hours ago
A detailed report by the Military Brigade shows that of 277/1 rescues performed by Operation dolphinin inland and coastal

Company: Why whales and dolphins are stranded in number
Ouest-France - 11 hours ago
Porpoises or dolphins are trapped at the time of installation or the rise in bottom set nets. "Similarly, pelagic trawls