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Jun-30 2012

Whale gets stranded in shallow waters off Tamil Nadu coast
Times of India - 30 Jun 2012
A 20-ft long whale is battling for life after it got stranded in shallow waters near a islet about 15km off Kodiakarai coast near here.

Right Whale Returns From Brink of Extinction Thanks to Cooperation
Indian Country Today Media - 30 Jun 2012A simple tweak to shipping lanes has brought the North Atlantic right whale back from the brink of extinction and into New Brunswick waters.

What is killing the dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico?
Toronto Star - 30 Jun 2012
In just over two years, 757 dolphins and whales have washed ashore in the northern Gulf and scientists don't yet know why.

Dolphins in the Black Sea could die from the plague

Odessa life - 30 Jun 2012
Dolphins in the Black Sea could die from the plague.

Georgia Aquarium plans to bring more belugas into the country
Atlanta Journal Constitution - 21 hours agoThe Georgia Aquarium has applied for a permit to bring 18 beluga whales into the country, to be housed in aquariums and zoological parks at locations around

Friday, 29 June 2012

Jun-29 2012

Travelers in the Mediterranean Sea: dolphin swim more than 1,000

Slovienan: - June 29, 2012
Conventional Dolphin Dane rare elsewhere in the Mediterranean, but in greater numbers ga ... Ordinary dolphin is the type, years in the last 30 with the Adriatic Sea

José and Michael in Ecomare. - 29 Jun 2012Baby Beluga at Sea Paradise Yokohama Hakkeijima
Japanse: Sea Paradise 29 Jun 2012
"Beluga" (Thursday) was our birthday!  at Sea Paradise is the birth of the first! The birth of beluga is unusually hard, including the birth of this baby, breeding in the aquarium is the first case 3 9 Hall Park, in the East will be the first baby beluga in the country" (picture at link)

Baby born at Naberezhnye Dolphinarium
Russian: -29 Jun 2012
June 19 at 23.30 in the dolphin was born Sonia baby, sex is still unknown. This is the second dolphin, who was born in the dolphinarium Chelny in the years of its operation. The first dolphin - Indie - was born two years ago, Inga bottlenose dolphin."

Ten Ten gives birth
Japanese: Ioworld - 29 Jun 2012
Ten Ten signs of childbirth was seen, but gave birth to 9 pm (Tuesday) June 26, 2012, for the body of the baby dolphin was born had been bent, could not swim and died"

Lithuania's Sea Museum dolphins have been released from government seizure in Greece
(Lithuanain) - Jun-29 2012
Lithuania's Sea Museum dolphins have been released from government seizure in Greece, the director of the Sea Museum states that some of the dolphins may return to Lithuania next spring following renovations to the Museum.

Pacific White Sided baby one month old
Shedd Aquarium - 29 Jun 2012
Piquet's calf is one-month old, "Piquet’s calf is 1 month old today! And what a big boy he is becoming. He and mom have hit all the milestones for a Pacific white-sided dolphin calf’s first month, and everyone at Shedd is absolutely tickled at his progress"

Migaloo the white whale due to pass by Gold Coast 
Courier Mail - 29 Jun 2012
WHALE watching cruises on the Gold Coast have been booked out this weekend, with Migaloo, the white humpback, expected to pass the tourist strip.

Vets suspect dolphin had a brain infection
This is Cornwall - 29 Jun 2012
A RARE dolphin found dead on a Fowey beach could have had a brain infection, an initial post-mortem examination has revealed.The Cornish Guardia

Dolphin debacle
Fishnewseu - 29 Jun 2012
WWF claims that yesterday's measures, launched by the New Zealand government in a bid to save the remaining 55 Maui's dolphins from extinction, are

Tassie gets a whale-fest - 29 Jun 2012Tassie gets a whale-fest IT is shaping as a bumper season for whale sightings along Tasmania's East Coast

Dead whale washes ashore in Brevard County
WKMG Orlando - 29 Jun 2012A dead adult Pygmy sperm whale washes ashore in Brevard County

Seal leaps aboard fishing boat during desperate attemptNanaimo Daily News - 29 Jun 2012Beldham said five transient killer whales, hunting in a pack, cornered a ... Unlike the fish-eating killer whale pods that live in the strait, little is known to date about

Environmental groups attack Greenland's request Nunatsiaq News - 29 Jun 2012Endangered fin whale was among the whale products available for visitors to buy in... Our investigation report shows that this demand for more whale meat is

International Whaling Commission Meeting In Progress in PanamaDemocratic Underground - 29 Jun 2012The 64th Annual Meeting of the International Whaling Commission and the associated meetings of its Scientific Committee

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Jun-28 2012

Solving the historic riddle of dolphin strandings
Barnstable Patriot - 28 Jun 2012
The Barnstable Patriot is a weekly newspaper covering the Town of Barnstable on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Dolphins May Get Alzheimer's
The Smoking Section - 28 Jun 2012
Turns out those loveable scamps of the sea, dolphins, have a dark secret.

Fishers criticise Maui dolphin set net ban
3News NZ - 28 Jun 2012
The Government is now extending the set net ban along the Taranaki coast to protect Maui's dolphins.

Xiaoshan, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to ensure that the aquatic animals safe entry ‎
Chinese: The Xiaoshan Network - 28 Jun 2012
Xiaoshan network June 29 hearing recently, Hangzhou Polar Ocean World, introduced from Japan, six gray dolphins . 6 dolphins after landing in Shanghai Pudong Airport and boarding pass the quarantine inspection by the airport quarantine officers from Xiaoshan.

Detained anti-whaling activist urges Costa Rica to drop charges

The Guardian - 28 Jun 2012Paul Watson, who is awaiting extradition decision for alleged navigational infringement, says case is 'highly political'

Plans for whale centre break surface
Marlborough Express - 28 Jun 2012Designs for New Zealand's first National Whale Centre were launched from a formerwhaling station in the Marlborough Sounds yesterday.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Jun-27 2012

White dolphins strayed into the Tan Jiang Kaiping monitor the whole ‎
Chinese: Jinyang - 27 Jun 2012
Jiangmen News, Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhao Ying Qi photo coverage: a national level to protect the animals of Chinese white dolphins strayed into the open Pingtan rivers waters, the Fisheries Bureau and the fishery brigade sent staff a 24-hour monitoring by boats.

Baby born at Kolmarden Djurpark
Facebook - 27 Jun 2012
Ariel gave birth on 18-Jun-2012 at Kolmården Zoo, the sire is Pichi.

Dolphin Pregnant at Zoo Barcelona
Spanish: - Jun-27 2012
"The Barcelona Zoo expected in the coming months births of two of the most beloved, reported Tuesday in a statement. The possibility of being born a dolphin calf comes because it is a state in which Anak, a female bottlenose dolphin with a maternal experience tested, because it has already had three offspring in the Zoo: Ona, Leia and Kuni."

Baby Beluga calf at Alaska Sealife Center has survived its first week in rehabilitation.
Seward City News - 27 Jun 2012
"The young male Beluga whale calf that was rescued from the shore near the Diamond O fish cannery in remote South Naknek near Bristol Bay last Monday, having become separated from his mother during a storm, has been getting expert round-the-clock attention at the Alaska SeaLife Center for the past week.

Greenland 'defying ban' by selling whale meat to tourists - 27 Jun 2012The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) said an undercover investigation had found that tourist businesses were targeting visitors to the country

Watch: Dolphins Chased by Killer Whale
TIME - 27 Jun 2012Orcas, otherwise known as killer whales, certainly live up to their name when it comes time to feed their massive bodies.

Whales solve helicopter air flow conundrum
Deutsche Welle - 27 Jun 2012Researchers at the German Aerospace Center in Göttingen have analyzed humpback whales to find a solution to air flow disruption in helicopter rotor blades.

New Zealand whales keep it all in the family
Daily Astorian - 27 Jun 2012AUCKLAND, New Zealand — The first paternity study of southern right whales has found a surprisingly high level of local breeding success for males, scientists
Injured false killer whale spotted near Xiamen beach
What's on Xiamen - 27 Jun 2012A wounded black sea animal was spotted close to shore off Xiamen, Tuesday

Minke Whale at Agincourt Reef
Newsport Daily - 27 Jun 2012
Port Douglas News - Passengers on board Poseidon dive and snorkel boat were thrilled to have the opportunity to swim with a Dwarf Minke Whale on Monday.

Aggressive dolphin terrorizing and biting Louisiana lakeside residents
Daily Mail - 27 Jun 2012
The bottlenose, which is known to those in the area as the Slidell Dolphin, made the lake its home shortly after Hurricane Katrina with a number of other

Why dolphins can recognise themselves in a mirror
Daily Mail - 27 Jun 2012

A new study of the genome of the bottlenose dolphin has shown that the aquatic mammals share many genes with human beings, say Wayne State University

Dolphin and seal strike up unlikely friendship
Metro - 27 Jun 2012
Meet Jet the dolphin and Miri the seal - two firm friends who have been inseparable since they were two months old.

Perth river dolphin given golden name
WA today - 27 Jun 2012
"Zari Ryan loved dolphins and I think it's a wonderful idea to remember her this way and also pay tribute to all children battling serious illness with courage.

Dolphin Found Dead in Hudson River Put on Ice Awaiting Cause of Death
DNAinfo - 27 Jun 2012
CHELSEA — A dolphin found dead in the Hudson River at Chelsea Piers last week has been in deep freeze for nearly a week on Long Island while waiting for ...

Male dolphins are just boys
The West Australian - 27 Jun 2012
Backpack and Fingers are normal mates in so many ways.

South Korea to ban catching of dolphins for shows
Mother Nature Network - 27 Jun 2012
South Korea will ban the catching of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins for use in shows by designating them as protected mammals, the maritime affairs ministry

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jun-26 2012

Rare whale washes up on Marin beach
San Jose Mercury News - 26 Jun 2012A federally endangered fin whale washed up dead on a West Marin beach after apparently being struck by a ship, officials said Monday

Save marine life (except whales, birds and dolphins)
Scotsman - 26 Jun 2012SEABIRDS, whales and dolphins have been left out of new plans to protect marine species in Scotland, The Scotsman has learned.

Ullapool to Stornoway swimmer encounters 'huge whale'
BBC News - 26 Jun 2012A member of a relay attempt to swim across the Minch from Ullapool to Stornoway says a whale surfaced close to him.

Lawsuit claims federal agency failed to protect Hawaii's False Killer WhaleKITV Honolulu - 26 Jun 2012The conservationist group Earthjustice filed a lawsuit Monday against the National Marine Fisheries Service

Whales Near Farallones In Danger
NBC Bay Area - 26 Jun 2012Whale watchers are excited to see whales are feeding near the Farallone Islands

Navy seals, dolphins and sea lions
Washington Post - 26 Jun 2012
The Navy's marine mammal program primarily trains dolphins and sea lions in operational programs for swimmer defense and to detect underwater mines

Breakthrough Could Halve Dolphin Deaths
Pirate FM - 26 Jun 2012
Pilot scheme in Cornwall reveals sonic pingers keep dolphins clear of nets.

Two stranded dolphins have lucky escape in Blackrock on Sunday
Dundalk Democrat - 26 Jun 2012

Two dolphins were saved by the efforts of concerned locals and Dundalk Sub Aqua team, after a near stranding.

Dolphin finds puppy love with dog
The Sun - 26 Jun 2012
THIS is the flippin' adorable moment a dolphin 'kisses' a dog and then jumps for joy.
German: HappyTimes - 26 Jun 2012 
Written by Andreas Morlok, ProWal: The German dolphin and whale conservation society provides ProWal created about the future of the country's dolphins and Conny

Monday, 25 June 2012

Jun-25 2012

Record whale sighting in Strait
Marlborough Express - 17 hours ago
Whale-spotters counted a record 23 whales in Cook Strait on Friday, the most sighted on one day since the annual survey began.

Animal smarts: What do dolphins and dogs know? - 3 hours ago
It's not just man's closer primate relatives that exhibit brain power. Dolphins, dogs and elephants are teaching us a few lessons, too.

Miri the seal and Jet the dolphin are the best of friends
The Daily Telegraph - 2 hours ago
FLIPPIN' heck - here are two firm friends who just can't wait to sea each other.

See the baby dolphin at Shedd - 22 hours ago
A dolphin calf is swimming into the public spotlight as Shedd Aquarium announces the first public viewings.

A bottlenose dolphin looks at its reflection in a mirror
In-Forum - 20 hours ago
A groundbreaking 2001 study by Reiss and Emory University researcher Lori Marino in 2001 showed dolphins recognizing themselves in mirrors

Cornwall Wildlife Trust's porpoise success
BBC News - 3 hours ago
A project testing a device to stop dolphins and porpoises getting caught in fishing nets is deemed a success.

Mobile Show arrives at Kaluga
Russian: Two beluga arrive in Kaluga, Russia for a mobile dolphin show. The belugas are ~ 2 yrs old and are named "Storm" & "Calm

Dolphinarium in San Juan?
Spanish: ""Nine companies have appeared interested and have responded to our call for proposals. Our dolphin not only be the only one in Puerto Rico, but the best in the Caribbean.

Jiangmen found that strayed into the inland river, Kaiping City, the Chinese white dolphin
Chinese: Nanfang Wang - 5 hours ago
Nanfang Wang, at 15:30 on June 24, the Guangdong Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Bureau received report, saying that a living body of the Chinese white dolphin found in Lily Tan Jiang Kaiping City, Town, Heshan sluice river

IFAW called for a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic
Russian: RIA Novosti - 3 hours agogalleries: Giants of the deep sea: interesting facts about whales ... "According to eyewitnesses 100-150 years ago on the backs of smooth whales

Kirara academic agreement sea, and Kyoto University Primate Research dolphin intelligence cooperation 
West newspaper - 1 hour ago
"Kirara" Sea Aquarium of the town Kujukushima Kashimae Sasebo, signed an academic exchange agreement with the (Aichi Prefecture) Kyoto University Primate Research Institute.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Jun-22, Jun-23 & Jun-24 2012

My apologies for the abscene of news over the last three day, I have been busy and not had a chance to update the news

June 22nd 2012

Entangled whale spotted off MDI, officials unable to find the mammal
‎Bangor Daily News
GREAT DUCK ISLAND, Maine — Officials responded Thursday afternoon to a report of an entangled minke whale off Mount Desert Island but have been unable

Blue whales feed off Cape Egmont
Taranaki Daily News
A blue whale feeding ground off Cape Egmont has caught marine scientists by surprise.

Water Police divers catch tangled dolphin Gizmo
Herald Sun
A DOLPHIN calf tangled in fishing line in a Perth river for nearly two months has finally been freed after police divers launched a rescue mission yesterday

Dead dolphin in Hudson near NYC's Chelsea Piers
‎Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — A dead dolphin has been found in the Hudson River near Manhattan's Chelsea Piers sports complex.

Fishing gear blamed for young whale's slow starvation death
The Province
Preliminary results from a necropsy on a young humpback whale confirm the creature likely died a slow.

Did dolphins die from a disease?
This is Cornwall - 22 Jun 2012
THE DEATH of two rare striped dolphins, found near Fowey, may be due to disease, ... Rarely seen on the Cornish coast, striped dolphins.

Large schools of dolphin reported 8-25 miles offshore
It's officially summer. Summer solstice was last Wednesday and the first quarter of the moon is coming Wednesday, June 27.

In Skadovsk opened Dolphinarium
Day - 22 Jun 2012
... which was attended by three dolphins . During the presentation Dolphins drew a picture of the paint, which gave the chairman of the regional council

Theodosius built near the water park and dolphinarium
News Agency E-Crimea - 22 Jun 2012
The Dolphinarium will conduct clinical work, Dolphins will be involved in the treatment of cerebral palsy, neuroses,

June 23rd 2012
Whale calf the first of season?
The Sunshine Coast Daily
IT WAS a rare sight to send shivers down the spine, a week-old humpback whale calf soaring to the surface, just metres from the boat

Rogue dolphin menacing waters in Lake Pontchartrain near Slidell - 23 Jun 2012
By Ben Wallace. A cozy sanctuary on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain near the twin span bridges, Lakeshore Estates is full of upscale homes on large lots

June 24th 2012
Blue whales join abundant life feeding off coast
‎San Francisco Chronicle
The surprise arrival of a pod of giant blue whales last week could mean a golden age for wildlife is at hand along the Bay Area coast.

First paternity study of southern right whales finds local fathers
Eureka! Science News
The first paternity study of southern right whales has found a surprisingly high level of local breeding success for males, scientists say, which is good news

Rare Breaching Minke Whale in Irish Sea Snapped by RIB Skipper
Experts at the IWDG have been puzzled by a rare photo of a minke whale breaching in the Irish Sea.

Cetacean surveys show presence of dolphins, whales in NMI
Saipan Tribune
Dr. Erin Oleson, who leads the center's Cetacean Research Program, said the repeated sightings of cetaceans such as spinner dolphins and fin whales

What was he thinking? Study turns to ape intellect
Kansas City Star
After the two dolphins she studied died when transferred to another aquarium, .... Dolphins, whose brains are 25 percent heavier than humans

Bottlenose dolphins recovered off the coast into the wild in Tainan
Taiwan News
Voice of the People,, Bridge, to the World - rehabilitation of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Tainan is released into the wild.

In the Crimea of ​​the dolphins were doing canned food and fertilizer
In the city
In our time, sounded on the beach screaming, "Look, Dolphins ! " forces to look into the sea and children, and adults

In Sochi, in the health center found two dead dolphins
Echo of the Caucasus
According to witnesses, a dolphin was found on a beach in the area ... carcass of another dead dolphin in the sea

Beluga birth - Video
Lillooet, a beluga, gave birth at Marineland Canada on 17-Jun-2012. (seen in video at 1:50)

New Exhibit at Marineland
Marineland Dolphin Adventure (Florida) opens new exhibits

Mobile dolphinarium arrives in Nizhny (Nizhny Novgorod) Russia
June 21, 2012 at 11:00 in mobile Dolphinarium, located on the ground in front of a hypermarket "Nash", held a charity show for children from disadvantaged families Sormovo. Moscow Dolphinarium prepared for the residents and guests of Nizhniy Novgorod trick show, lasting 45 minutes

In Enoshima Aquarium dolphin show to resume dollar "Feria"
Searchina news - a hour ago
Human and dolphin show of collaboration were participating in the. show to resume dolphin had been suspending performance from November 2011 by the pregnancy, and the people of new Enoshima Aquarium dolphin collaboration of

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Jun-21 2012

Beluga whale calf, believed separated from mother in storm
Washington Post - 20 hours ago
SEWARD, Alaska — A beluga whale calf, believed to have been separated from his mother during a storm, has been rescued from Alaska's Bristol Bay

Drama on the ocean waves as yacht crew strikes baby whale
Scotsman - 4 hours ago
the Capital's entry in the Clipper Round the World yacht race has struck a whale as it sailed through fog during its Atlantic crossing

Russian scientific expedition to monitor endangered gray whales
Newstrack India - 5 hours ago
Russian scientific expedition to monitor endangered gray whales off Sakhalin Island

Coast is clear to see whales on census day this Sunday
Express Advocate Gosford - 14 hours ago
It's whale census day on Sunday and you can join the count

Whale caught in nets off Busselton is free
Busselton Dunsborough Mail - 7 hours ago
UPDATE - The whale trapped in fishing nets in Geopraphe Bay off Busselton has been cut free just after 4pm

Dead Dolphin Found at Chelsea Piers
New York Times (blog) - 21 minutes ago
A necropsy is planned to determine what killed the dolphin.

Minn. Zoo didn't notify lawmakers of dolphin plans
Post-Bulletin - 22 hours ago
Minn. Zoo didn't notify lawmakers of dolphin plans

Worries About a Dolphin in the Hudson
New York Times (blog) - 17 hours ago
An offshore bottlenose dolphin, usually found in cold, deep water, has been spotted in the Hudson.

Dolphin Watch A steady stream of babies
Tampa Bay Newspapers - 14 hours ago
People aren't the only creatures who move more freely as the weather gets nice. This happens at sea too

Call to protect river dolphins
Assam Tribune - 22 hours ago
GUWAHATI, June 20 – Expressing concern over the plight of the highly endangered gangetic riverdolphin, due to habitat degradation and killings, public activist

In the dolphinarium will be a charitable view
Russian: The main portal for consumer Nizhny Novgorod - 11 hours ago
Especially in this day in Moscow Dolphinarium Ltd. " dolphin show "prepared for the residents and guests of Nizhniy Novgorod trick show

Dolphins arrive at Dolphin Park Bodrum
Turkish: two dolphins, individuals unknown, were transferred from Dolphin Park Kas to Dolphin Park Bodrum on 18-Jun-2012.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jun-20 2012

The tender mating ritual of the humpback whale captured
The Daily Telegraph - 1 hour ago
MATING humpback whales have been captured on camera for the first time - and the act is one of amazing gentleness between the marine giants

Scientists dissect beached whale - 21 hours ago
Researchers from the University of Prince Edward Island are dissecting a dead Minke whale on a beach near Point Spry.

Blue whale skeleton attracts visitors
Oman Tribune - 13 hours ago
ISLAMABAD The huge skeleton of a blue whale, installed at Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH), is attracting a large number of visitors

Whales More Frequent Guests in Iceland's Fjords
IcelandReview - 21 hours ago
Three humpback whales were spotted near the old whaling station in Suðureyri in Tálknafjörður in the West Fjords last weekend.

Arctic Watch to Attempt to Photo Identify 100 Beluga Whales
Signal News - 21 hours ago
The Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge is in the midst of an ambitious project to photo-identify 100 Beluga whales by summer's end

Whales, orcas put on show in Monterey Bay
SFBay - 15 hours ago
Majestic blue and "killer" whales are giving whale watchers a treat already, and observers say the best is yet to come.

Hundreds watch orcas at Scrabster
John O'Groat Journal - 6 hours ago
AN exceptionally close encounter with a group of five killer whales by hundreds of visitors and locals at Thurso and Scrabster marked the dramatic return

Legislators want review as Minn. Zoo ends dolphin exhibit
Minnesota Public Radio - 7 hours ago
Days after the Legislature approved $4 million for the Minnesota Zoo, it was announced that the popular dolphin exhibit would come to an end.

Cancer survivors celebrate life by swimming with dolphins - 16 hours ago
As Ahmad Chehabeddine watched youngest daughter, Lana, reach out to touch adolphin swimming by, he recalled the moment he heard the worst news

Residents Urged to Report Dolphin Sightings - 20 hours ago
In her June newsletter, Newport Beach Mayor Nancy Gardner lends her support to the CoastalDolphin Survey

A Dolphin swap at Acuario de Veracruz
bottlenose dolphin "Brisa" was transferred from Delfiniti Ixtapa to Acuario de Veracruz on 15-Jun-2012, she was exhanged with a male dolphin named "Chico" who was returned to Delfiniti. (translated, Spanish)

Risso Dolphins arrive at Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park
6 Risso's dolphins were transferred from Japan to Hangzhou Polar Ocean Park (China) on 18-Jun-2012. This brings the population of Risso's up to 8 animals, the largest collection of Risso's in China

3 Porpoises released
Hedzer, Tessel and Roos (harbor porpoises) were released on 19-Jun-2012

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Jun-19 2012

Whale of a smelly problem at Sandy Cove - 8 hours ago
SANDY COVE — The beach at Sandy Cove is one of Nova Scotia's finest

'Blue whale' brings a sea vision to capital
Pakistan Daily Times - 18 hours ago
ISLAMABAD: The huge skeleton of a blue whale, installed at Pakistan ... Thewhale skeleton, almost 100ft in length, was recently taken to the capital

Esperance whale rescue halted
ABC Online - 9 hours ago
The search for an entangled southern right whale off the coast of Esperance has been called off temporarily.

Antigua To Support Japanese Whaling Again
Caribarena Antigua - 10 hours ago
Antigua St John's - Antigua and Barbuda will again be voting in favor of what has become known as the most controversial form of slaughter and animal cruelty

No fluke as skipper Peter snaps a rare minke whale picture
Larne Times - 18 hours ago
A RARE sighting of an eight-ton minke whale breaching in the Irish Sea is creating quite a stir.

Octopus hitches a ride on bottlenose dolphin
Metro - 1 hour ago
A dolphin's plan to make a meal out of an octopus backfired when the pesky eight-legged cephalopod attached itself to the mammal's stomach

Dolphin in the Hudson, Dolphin in the Hudson!
New York Observer - 20 hours ago
Oh my gawsh, there is a dolphin hanging around the Hudson River. Adorbs! Well, not really. Dolphins are smarter than people, at least when it comes to stuff

Custody of recovering dolphin changes hands
WLOX - 20 hours ago
"Chance," the only stranded dolphin found alive in Mississippi and Alabama since the BP oil disaster, will be staying in Gulfport for the forseeable future

Reader video: Huge Orca pod at play at Ponui Island
New Zealand Herald - 16 hours ago
New Zealand Herald reader John Sutherland was out in his boat Shark Bait on June 14 and filmed this fantastic footage of about 25 to 30 Orca whales playing in

Bottlenose dolphins Junko released into the wild on Day 24
Chinese: BBC News - 19 Minutes ago
By typhoon invasion impact, bottlenose dolphins straight will be delayed one day return to the sea, the Taijiang whale and dolphin rescue group decided today to June 24, released into the wild straight from Tainan four grass along the coast; enthusiastic volunteers to expand the sparse human training, in addition to feeding In addition, to minimize human

Beached Southern Bug dolphin Nikolaev
Russian: N News - 4 hours ago
Yesterday, June 18, at 21.50, the service quick response call 1588 City Council frightened citizens living in the tank farm.

Sea Paradise Mitsu Izu- dolphin to Niigata (Shizuoka)
Japanese: NEWS24 NTV - 12 hours ago
Dolphin 19 morning, the head 2 from the Izu-Mitsu Sea Paradise in Numazu to present the show at an aquarium in Niigata Prefecture that have no dolphins have departed. Towards the Joetsu Municipal Aquarium and Museum in Niigata Prefecture.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Jun-17 & Jun-18 2012

Dolphin deaths baffling marine experts
WNEM Saginaw - Jun-17 2012
The number of dead dolphins popping up along the Texas coast is puzzling investigators and raising a lot of questions.

Winter the dolphin's story is helping clean up
WTSP 10 News - Jun-17 2012
CLEARWATER, Fla. - Your help is needed to clean up the reefs here in Tampa Bay. It's the second Reef Monitoring event this year

Dolphins in danger in the Cap de Creus
The Paí (Spain) - Jun-17 2012
The bottlenose dolphin is an animal "of interest" included in the European Union directive for conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora

Jun-18 2012 Entangled whale search underway
Sydney Morning Herald - 8 hours ago
"DEC staff went out to assess the situation and monitor the whale, keeping the DEC vessel at a safe distance as southern right whales can be unpredictable,

Magic dolphin moment for Staten Island mom, son - 4 hours ago
Put ¤'er there, chum: Flippers within handshake distance for boaters near the marina at Lemon Creek in Prince's Bay

Edna The Dolphin Improving - 7 hours ago
Mote Marine staff say that Edna, the dolphin found beached on Longboat Key, is improving though she remains in critical condition

Trang fishermen hunt dolphins flesh eating
Chinese: Thailand World Daily News - 12 hours ago
WASHINGTON - the Trang Sen blue beach yesterday (17) Jingxian a dead dolphin , this dolphinage of about two years old, 50 kg of body weight, and dolphins who have a lot of meat is cut off, the police suspected the fishermen hunting kill the dolphin flesh to eat, the body is discarded

In Sormovo arrived Dolphins , who can dance ...
Russian: TVNZ - 7 hours ago
Dasha and her son, Neon, this pattern does not bother - even if they are working together almost constantly, their family does not suffer. Because mom and sonny - Black Sea bottlenose dolphin from Moscow

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Jun-16 2012

Whale death inspires call to protect local waters
Vancouver Sun - 7 hours ago
It was such a shameful sight to see the metres of trawling line that eventually exhausted the beautiful.

Sighting of grey whale off Nanaimo confirmed - 8 hours ago
Reports of a grey whale in Departure Bay at Nanaimo are now confirmed.

Comments sought for Alaska Native whaling quotas
Anchorage Daily News - 17 hours ago
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says public comments are being sought on proposed catch limits of Alaska bowhead whales for Eskimo

Dolphin sightings open door for research
The National - 19 minutes ago
Most of the people who frequent Dubai waters have seen a dolphin, prompting researchers to want to study them further.

Marineland Dolphin Adventure starting new summer program
St. Augustine Record - 12 hours ago
Marineland Dolphin Adventure is celebrating the opening of the Behind the Seas tour and event space just in time for summer.

Mote treating dolphin stranded on Longboat
Longboat Key News - 11 hours ago
The dolphin was found on the beach by volunteers with Mote's Sea Turtle Patrol, who were checking on reports of turtle nests being affected by high tides

Endangered orcas cause delays for major earthquake research
KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest - 19 hours ago
An expensive science mission off the Washington and Oregon coasts has been scaled back, at least for now, out of concern for orca whales.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Jun-15 2012

Whale watchers in Argentina treated to spectacular display - 1 hour ago
The first pods of Right Whales arrive at Argentina's Patagonian coastline. The whales, only found in the southern hemisphere, spend the summers in Antarctic

Sales of whale meat crash in Japan
Sydney Morning Herald - 12 hours ago
Striking evidence is emerging that whale meat sales in Japan are crashing, with three-quarters of a "scientific" catch said to have failed to sell at auction.

Excitement as killer whale pod spotted five metres from shore - 1 hour ago
Residents in the Caithness village of Scrabster have had an unusually close encounter a pod of killer whales.

Faroe Islanders' bloody slaughter
Sydney Morning Herald - 12 hours ago
Inhabitants of Faroe Islands have been catching and slaughtering pilot whales for 1000 years.

Dolphin Disease Fears
Pirate FM - 4 hours ago
The local residents attempted to assist the dolphin by putting it back in the sea, but sadly it stranded again and died before rescuers could reach the spot.

Dolphin pod spotted in Poole waters
Bournemouth Echo - 8 hours ago
A POD of dolphins has been spotted in the waters at Poole.

Georgia Aquarium's dolphin exhibit hosts millionth visitor - 8 hours ago
Georgia Aquarium's AT&T Dolphin Tales show and gallery this week welcomed its millionth visitor.

Fishing Around Tampa Bay (June 15)
The Ledger - 4 hours ago
A 44-pound dolphin was brought in Tuesday, caught on a live sardine in 200 feet ...Dolphin spotty, but better off Stuart, where boats bump-trolling live baits

Selwo Marina Dolphinarium celebrates 10 years
Spanish: - 1 hour ago
Delfinarium Selwo Marina, located in the resort of Torremolinos, Benalmadena, celebrated its tenth anniversary with various activities such as parades, face painting, decorated with multicolored balloons and a party that will continue throughout the weekend

Young striped dolphin is rescued at beach SP
Portuguese: Bondenews - 2 hours ago
A baby dolphin Stenella coeruleoalba striped species, was found stranded on the beach Itamambuca, in Ubatuba, Litoral Paulista, last Tuesday (12). The animal was found by villagers who sued the Institute Argonauta, which made ​​the rescue of the animal for treatment.

Câlinothérapie back whale
French: Le Figaro - 9 hours ago
Located on two acres of sand and lagoon, this dolphin like no other home to a family of eight dolphins, seven born there, operating in a maritime area almost natural, open by nets on the high seas, where the waters fish are as pure as the Bohemian crystal and where visitors can swim too, snorkeling or scuba tanks

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jun-14 2012

Japan's appetite for whale meat wanes
The Guardian - 7 hours ago
Three-quarters of the meat from whales caught last summer was unsold, report reveals.

Humpback whale's carcass towed off White Rock beach
Calgary Herald - 18 hours ago
The carcass of a beached humpback whale was towed off White Rock beach late last night with the help.

Sacramento man rescued from sinking sailboat off coast of Mexico
Washington Post - 14 hours ago
SAN FRANCISCO — A 66-year-old man was rescued early Wednesday after his sailboat was hit by a whale and began sinking off the coast of Mexico

Beluga whale spotted in Cap waters
Providence Eyewitness News - 22 hours ago
Marine researchers on Cape Cod say a beluga whale has been spotted in the waters there.

Eskimo whalers seek ATF support
Alaska Dispatch - 12 hours ago
For years, the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission has imported limited amounts of the penthrite weapon from Norway

Australia Creates World's Largest Expanse of Marine Reserves
Environment News Service - 42 minutes ago
The designated reserves are inhabited by 45 of the world's 78 whale and dolphin species, six of the seven known species of marine turtle, and 4000 fish species...

Noted orca expert to speak at historical society meeting
Mukilteo Beacon - 22 hours ago
Mr. Garret will highlight current scientific issues within the Orca research community; review the state of the “killer whale” pods in Puget Sound, including threats

Dolphin Interaction Re-Opens at SeaWorld
NBC San Diego - 23 hours ago
SeaWorld is rolling out another attraction just in time for summer: Dolphin Point

Dead Dolphin Found on Jomtien Beach
Pattaya People - 5 hours ago
On Wednesday morning the Pattaya Radio Center received a call that a dead bottlenose dolphin had been found on Jomtien Beach opposite Soi 1

Full-scale cruise tourism in eastern Hokkaido
Japanese: 朝日新聞 - 16 hours agoSightseeing cruises off the coast of popular Rausu by a herd of killer whales and whales Deaeru to be, was adopted in earnest from this year in the course of a school trip to visit the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage

Rescued the white dolphin monthly living expenses of $ 100,000
Chinese: Tianjin - 12 hours ago
White Dolphin Protection Zone Authority to focus on advocacy and education work, so that more young people aware of the importance of protecting. Wang Rongshe early March this year, at the national level to protect animals, a coastal survive a 2 m long, weighing about 430 pounds

Allwetterzoo's Dolphinarium closes earlier than planned
German: Westfälische Nachrichten - 11 hours agoThe zoo is closing earlier than previously thought, with the new decision to close is now October. The first dolphin has left Munster already and by the end of the year, the remaining three will be moved.

Experts say the problem of the death of dolphins in the Crimea exaggerated
Russian: Observer - 10 hours ago

Belugas will be on display fortnightly at Yeosu Expo
Korean: AP - six hours ago

Lost? Dolphin local residents calmly "for the first time" Mangokuura-Onagawa
Japanese; Hebei Shimpo - sixteen hours ago
13, head of a bay close to the Urashukuhama in Onagawa-cho Mangokuura of dolphins swimming in it is found. Seen as were lost from the ocean, "local residents of dolphin that came up is Mangokuura

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jun-13 2012

Juvenile humpback whale likely suffered for months before dying 
Calgary Herald - 3 hours ago
The steady return of humpback whales to local waters took a graphic twist Tuesday morning when a juvenile.

Dead pilot whale found on Samal Island
GMA News - 2 hours ago
A dead pilot whale —one of the larger species of dolphin— was found recently on Kaputian Island, Island Garden City of Samal.

It's a boy! Aquarium determines sex of baby dolphin
Daily Mail - 13 hours ago
A Chicago aquarium has its hands full with a newborn dolphin. The calf was born two weeks ago at the Shedd Aquarium, but until now they couldn't work it out.

Japan captured one thousand tons whale meat nobody cares about shelving the cold storage refractory
Chinese: Dazhong - 6 days ago
According to Japanese news network on the 13th, the Japanese National Institute of cetaceans in the North Pacific last year, captured more than 1000 tons of whalemeat, but actually sell at the first public auction sales. It is also Japan's Fisheries Agency announced a temporary

Hainan Wendeng: a dead finless porpoise epidermis broken
Chinese: Alibaba - 5 hours ago
Mr. Gao said he had just arrived in the Wendeng working less than a month, live in the South China Sea New Area, likes to see the sea, the evening of the 7th, he and his colleagues to the beach wandering and found two dolphins , and photographed

Vacationing in Sochi, shocking a dead dolphin
Russina: Reuters - 8 hours ago
In Sochi, in the pedestrian tunnel for several days lay dead dolphin

Shirya moves into the main Beluga pool
Shirya moves into the main Beluga pool with her mother, Arya. Here she joins Nasucha and Anna.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jun-12 2012

Beached humpback whale draws crowds in suburban Vancouver
Toronto Star - 1 hour ago
A humpback whale has beached on the shores of suburban Vancouver Tuesday morning after getting stuck on the sand.

Whale-watching boats: no 'room' for the orcas
Crosscut - 9 hours ago
A recent tiff over showing a critical look at whale-watching activities illustrates a bigger issue: Is there a way to move forward that is good for all?

Galveston dolphin deaths investigated
Houston Chronicle - 57 minutes ago
GALVESTON, Texas - Researchers are trying to determine whether more than 100dolphins stranded on the Texas Gulf Coast, most of them in Galveston.

Bottlenose dolphin Notchy cured of sunburn by Sea World staff and ...
Courier Mail - 3 hours ago
IT was a top-notch result for Notchy, the bottlenose dolphin, when she was released back into the wild yesterday.

Baby dolphin treated after shark attack
Whyalla News - 16 hours ago
A resident juvenile dolphin received medical treatment last week, after it was reported to have a nasty wound on its back.

Discovered a horde of finless porpoises in Hiroshima Bay
Japanese: Chinese newspaper - 3hours ago
11, in the northern Hiroshima Bay Suooshima-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, whalephotographer of Chugoku Shinbun was taken to the power head is swimming in the herd of about 100 dolphins and finless porpoises companions. Some experts in the Seto Inland Sea

Mrtav dolphin pronađen Jaz na plaži
Croation - 3 hours ago
The Montenegrin beach Jaz sea dolphin carcass was thrown in the stages of decomposition, and fisherman who have pronašll in the shallows,

Monday, 11 June 2012

Jun-11 2012

Endangered whales on path to recovery
Montreal Gazette - 2 hours ago
The population of a once near-extinct whale is on the rise, partly because of an un-likely collaboration

Beached whale died of injuries from boat strike - 55 minutes ago
An approximately 2-year-old, 18-foot male minke whale that washed up on Carolina Beach in December died of chronic injuries from a boat strike

Dolphins diving off Staten Island's shore is an unusual sight - 25 minutes ago
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- They show up fairly often in the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers in New Jersey, sometimes needing heroic measures to rescue them

J's and K's on the west side, L's went out west?
Orca network sightings log

Baby at Kolmarden's Djurpark and another on its way
Lyra, a bottlenose dolphin, gave birth on 06-Jun-2012 at Kolmarden Zoo, the sire of the calf is Pichi. Ariel is also pregnant and expected to give birth soon.

Striped Dolphin at Cunit dies
a striped dolphin stranded on 03-Jun-2012 in Catalunya and was attended to by Fundación CRAM. Unfortunately the dolphin died on 08-Jun-2012.

The one-week milestone!
Piquet’s calf sailed past another milestone as he or she (we still haven’t gotten a close enough look) passed the one-week mark. The gender mystery is actually part of the positive outlook—the animal care and animal health teams haven’t needed to help—and therefore examine—the calf because it is doing so well under mom’s care

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Jun-10 2012

Whale Sightings Off Oregon Beaches Stay Somewhat High
Oregon Coast Beach Connection - 17 hours ago
Whale Sightings Off Oregon Beaches Stay Somewhat High, sometimes as many as ten a day are being seen on the central Oregon coast.

Fla. dolphin being treated for pneumonia
WPEC - 9 hours ago
A 3-year-old dolphin is being treated for severe pneumonia after a group of volunteers found her in southwest Florida. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune says Edna is 6.5 feet long and weighs 171 pounds. Her condition is stable, but she is still very sick.

Seaworld's Summer Nights returns with Shamu Rocks
Orlando Attractions Magazine (blog) - 38 minutes ago
SeaWorld is bringing back its Summer Nights event for 2012. Besides riding their coasters and other rides into the night, there will be special shows and fireworks. SeaWorld’s Summer Nights runs each evening until 10 p.m. from June 23 through Aug. 12, 2012

National forum whale Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi
Japanese: NHK - 17 hours ago
The current situation and whaling whale think the food culture of "national forum whale" is, 9, was held in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture once flourished as a whaling station.

Xiamen waters found that 48 Chinese white dolphins in the western waters and Wuyuan Bay
Chinese: Phoenix - 4 days ago
Xiamen Marine rare species of protected area management office director of Xinjian Jun, the three photographs of the ocean determined Xiamen waters the number of Chinese White Dolphins has reached 48, the activities are concentrated in the West Sea and the Wuyuan Bay area.

Nanjing dolphins predict Spain will wins the matador剑指contest three consecutive
Chinese: ABC - 18 hours ago
Yesterday in Nanjing Underwater World, the Modern Express reporter saw Ningning predict the first battle to defeat the trainer told reporters, "because the head is a game not guessed, Ningning today's interest is not very high." Ultimately, in the trainer's comfort , improved mood Ningning predicted tomorrow morning duel in Spain and Italy, this time, the answer is ─ ─ Spain wins.

TV Marineland - Marineland Immersion "dolphin trainer" - Episode 1
Youtube - French

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jun-09 2012

Beached minke whale frees itself
Irish Times - 16 hours ago
It's not quite Free Willy, but here's a tale with a happy outcome. A young minke whale that became stranded on shingle in Mayo's Clew Bay earlier this week.

Caught on camera: The flying whale
Courier Mail - 2 hours ago
THIS breaching adult humpback whale was caught mid-leap, stunning the 80 tourists aboard a Sea World Whale Watch tour just a short distance off the Gold

Environmentalists propose a whales' sanctuary ring along the ...
MercoPress - 16 hours ago
Environment organizations meeting in Panama will demand the creation of a whales' sanctuary in the south Atlantic and south Pacific, at the coming meeting

Scientists hope to see more Southern Right whales migrating
Yahoo!7 News - 12 hours ago
Scientists are hoping to see more Southern Right Whales migrating down Tasmania's east coast this year.

Oral History Details Whale Sightings
Alaska Public Radio Network - 15 hours ago
A new exhibit dedicated to Cook Inlet Beluga whales opens today (Friday June 8] at the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. To highlight the exhibit, an oral

Endangered orcas habitat scheduled for seismic tests on June 11th ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 1 hour ago
Candace Calloway Whiting has studied and trained dolphins, seals, and orca whales. ... Gas bubbles in the liver of a Peruvian dolphin killed by seismic testing

Taean Coast Guard, the whale meat, illegal distribution of six people arrested
Korean: Sports Chosun - 1 Day ago
Taeanseo illegally distributed 'sanggwaengyi (Taean AP) Taean Coast Guard that the illegal distribution of small whales reacted sanggwaengyireul said it was investigating charges per diem. The Taean Coast Guard photo two
Louis's calf is a female. The aquarium is planing to recruit the name of the baby dolphin during the summer vacation.

Recent status of half a year Orca family came to Nagoya: Letter New sea creatures
Jpaanese: Port of Nagoya Aquarium, PDF with Photos
Six months, the female Stella enters the 12-month pregnancy, little by little become sluggish behavior orca family came to Nagoya. On the other hand, bingo is the training for the public on the ride in the shallows getting used to the pool. Shows off the bulk to or touch the lips to the glass surface of the water or want. The child's mother Ran with Stella You may now put a little distance, to be scolded by Stella hilarity too. Survived the hot summer in Nagoya in December, I hope sincerely that the attendant Everyone is born a healthy baby. Please look forward to.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Jun-08 2012

White by the coastline, an albino whale calf follows its mother
Daily Mail - 2 hours ago
The infant 'southern white whale' is an albino, standing out in the glorious South Africa sunlight with a body that is almost entirely white, with just a few speckles

Yahoo! linked to whale meat sales
Port Lincoln Times - 1 hour ago
Web giant Yahoo! is moving to distance itself from a Japanese affiliate found to be promoting the sale of whale meat.

Bottlenose whale that swam under Westminster Bridge
West End Extra - 19 minutes ago
A MEMORIAL to the whale that famously swam under Westminster Bridge and past parliament could become a feature on the banks of the River Thames.

Having a whale of a time - 2 hours ago
Having a whale of a time WHALE season has begun with at least 14 humpback whales sighted in Tasmanian waters since last week.

Killer Whale pod in Inishowen waters
Derry Journal - 10 hours ago
The sensational appearance of a pod of killer whales off the North Inishowen coast on Wednesday is only the third recorded sightings of these magnificent sea

Mote treats dolphin found stranded on Longboat Key
Sarasota Herald-Tribune - 38 minutes ago
A group of volunteers checking on sea turtle nests on Longboat Key on Wednesday found a stranded bottlenose dolphin instead.

New dolphin for James Price Point
ABC Online - 13 hours ago
Dr Simon Allen says confirmation of a dwarf dolphin not previously recorded in waters off the site for a controversial gas precinct demonstrates that the State

Dolphin spectacular in Mangawhai surf (pics)
Northern Advocate - 21 hours ago
A pod of dolphins have ben caught on film putting on a spectacular display of surfing at Mangawhai

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jun-07 2012

Ruling Puts Distance Between Killer Whales and Trainers
(New York Times)
The electrifying in-water duet between trainer and killer whales at SeaWorld will never be quite the same after a judge ruled recently that animal trainers must be better protected from the fearsome mammals during performances.

Dwindling fish supply stresses endangered killer whales
(Sacramento Bee)
Lack of food - not noise from whale-watching boats - is most stressful to Puget Sound's endangered killer whales, researchers have learned.

Whales Spotted Feeding in Gulf of Farallones
Boaters are being warned that humpback and blue whales are starting to appear in the waters outside San Francisco and have been sighted in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Dead whale on the move
(Newcastle Herald)
The decomposing carcass of a sperm whale that was unearthed by massive swell is now adrift in the ocean. Newcastle City Council staff were due to re-bury the dead whale today but high tide claimed the carcass first

Baby whale beached on Fraser dies
(Toowoomba Chronicle)
The beached baby whale on Fraser Island has died, after wildlife experts spent almost two days nursing the young humpback

Denmark's Faroe Islands Observes Grindadrap Tradition 
On World Environment Day 2012, a gruesome ancient tradition, in the Faroe Islands, off the coast of Denmark, saw the mass killing of whales.The sea of Sandur, located off the coast of Sandoy Island in the north of Europe, turned blood red as the islanders slaughtered hundreds of whales on 5 June, to mark their whale-hunting culture

Dog sniffs out whale poop for hormone study
(Seattle Post Intelligencer)
A study published today in the online science journal PLoS ONE was the first to use "scat-detection dogs" to find the feces of endangered killer whales.

Proposals aim to protect whales from ship collisions
The shipping industry has tentatively agreed to some groundbreaking proposals to protect whales outside the Golden Gate.

Whale song enchants
(August Margaret River Mail)
AUGUSTA was the place to be on the long weekend with the Whale Song Festival celebrations to mark the return of the Southern Right and Humpback whales

No pattern seen as second dead whale washes ashore in Maine
For the second time in three weeks, a dead Minke whale has washed ashore in the area of Cape Elizabeth, USA.

Alaska enters international scrum to protect Eskimo whalers
(Alaska Dispatch)
Alaska's congressional delegation has sent a warning shot at the international body that sets whaling harvests: Ignore Eskimo bowhead whalers and the U.S. The three-member delegation said Tuesday they've introduced companion bills in both houses establishing the U.S. Commerce Secretary's authority to set subsistence catch limits if the International Whaling Commission does not.

Former SeaWorld trainer to share insights
(Seattle Post Intelligencer - blog)
She is currently a volunteer at the Center for Whale Research at Friday Harbor. ...She intends to discuss the living conditions of the whales, the true nature of the

Large pod of dolphins gives sealife spotters a rare treat
(This is Cornwall)
AN UNUSUAL encounter with a pod of more than 40 dolphins, rarely seen in such large numbers close to shore, was pictured last Friday by a member of a ..

Call For European Whale And Dolphin Sanctuary
(The Clare Herald)
Twenty one years to the day after former Taoiseach Charles Haughey declared Ireland a Whale and Dolphin Sanctuary, a call has been made to extend the the designation to the rest of Europe.

Wildlife warrior to join fight to save dolphins
(Bayside Bulletin)
THE controversial killing of 20000 dolphins, porpoises and small whales in the shallow bays of Taiji, Japan, has spurred Birkdale's Brett Bradley into action

Orca whales filmed off Donegal coast
The pod of orca whales spotted off Donegal yesterday are thought to be visitors from the Scottish coast.

Taiji museum of false killer whale birth of baby
(47NEWS - Japanese)
A baby False Killer whale was born on June 5th at 4pm. The mother arrived to Taiji on October 10, 2011 and is the only female at the park. The baby, gender unknown, is now part of the False Killer Whale pod at the park which consists of 1 female and two males.

A dolphin is being assisted in listing Cunit
( - Spanish)
The team CRAM Foundation, at the request from the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Natural Medi Generalitat de Catalunya , has more than 72 hours providing clinical care to a striped dolphin that appeared last Sunday on the beach Cunit (Calaluña). After the first clinical examination, we proceed to move the animal to an area of beach sheltered from the swell and wind, and proceeds to install the base camp of rescue and assistance.

The prosecutor's office has denied the information about the mass deaths
(Details - Russian)
The prosecutor's office denies the Odessa area information about the mass deaths of dolphins in the Belgorod-Dniester region

Dolphin ecology presentation
‎(The Munhwa Ilbo - Korean)
Unite falls on the 6th memorial site in Seoul Grand Park makgyedong 'dolphin eco-tour' briefing and 1,200 civilians and children from the disappointment.

Cape Cetaceans in the wake of the fin and its threats
(Wes space - French)
She is such a favorite area for cetaceans: Great dolphins , Dolphins blue and white dolphin , Risso, Fin,

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Jun-06 2012

Humpback whale beached on Fraser Island (ABC Online 7 hours ago)
Rescuers are trying to help an eight metre humpback whale that's stranded on Fraser Island. Authorities say it became beached on the Island's east coast late on Tuesday 5 June, 2012.

Remains of dead whale exposed in wild weather‎ (ABC Online - 9 hours ago)
A dead whale, buried at the southern end of Bar Beach in mid 2010, has been uncovered because of last night's turbulent weather

Alaska delegation moves to circumvent International Whaling 
Alaska Dispatch - 12 hours ago
Whale harvests: Legislation would allow U.S. Department of Commerce secretary to set subsistence catch limits to help protect North Slope whalers concerned

Unusual minke whale influx delights Orange County boaters
Pete Thomas Outdoor - 20 hours ago
Orange County whale watchers remain hopeful that blue whales, the largest creatures ever to have inhabited the planet, will begin to show over the next several

Photo: Crews remove whale carcass from Old Orchard Beach
Press Herald - 18 hours ago
A reader took this photograph of public works department crews removing a 25-foot-long dead minke whale from Old Orchard Beach on Monday morning

Photo: Crews remove whale carcass from Old Orchard Beach
Press Herald - 18 hours ago
A reader took this photograph of public works department crews removing a 25-foot-long dead minke whale from Old Orchard Beach on Monday morning.
The whale, which is believed to be an 8,000-pound male juvenile, died several weeks ago at sea before washing up on Pine Point Beach in Scarborough on Sunday

And now, Beluga whales playing soccer (Aquaman approves) - 23 hours ago
This is nothing: you should see the penguins play cricket. What happens when you throw a soccer ball into the Beluga whale tank at the Beijing Aquarium?

Study finds ferry threat to HK dolphins
The Nation, Pakistan - 14 hours ago
HONG KONG (AFP) - A Hong Kong conservation group said Tuesday increasing high-speed ferry traffic is contributing to a dramatic decline in Chinese white

Of tradition in the Danish Faroe Islands whale fishing, meat is distributed to residents
Reuters - 8 hours ago, Japanese
5 days, the traditional dominion of Denmark in the Faroe Islands (Reuters) (Denmark) Faroe Islands 5] whale "Grindadrap" fishing has been made. In the Faroe Islands pilot whale has been fishing every year, there is a habit of eating their flesh. Residents of the islands has been said to descendants of Viking,

Airport Ferry impact of Chinese white dolphins (Figure)
Sohu - 19 hours ago
Southern News reporter Wang Yanan active in the western waters of Hong Kong, the Chinese white dolphin as the mascot of Hong Kong is facing serious pollution of the sea, to drive away the danger. Yesterday, the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society suggested that AA significantly limit the flight

Last month, the finless porpoises dolphins stranded a
Hong Kong Commercial Daily - 14 hours ago
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation spokesman, said yesterday that the Fund's Cetacean Stranding Network Action Group last month, respectively, deal with a finless porpoise and a Chinese White Dolphins stranded case, spokesman for the hope that the public each contribute to conservation of whales and dolphin

Trat Jingxian short kiss dolphin corpses
Thailand World Daily News - 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON the clatter Ratchasima Territory County Shiqiao beach yesterday (5) found that a short kiss dolphin corpses, the dolphin is a female, length 1.7 m, weight 150-180 kg, body rot, because the abdomen of the dolphins rot wound, estimated the dolphin is

Pollution in the Black Sea, alarmed by increased death of ...
Cetaceans and marine life - 22 hours ago
BLACK SEA - Hardly a day passes in Sochi, without it being a dolphin died on the beach from the balcony of the luxurious resort hotels

Near Odessa, rotting carcasses of dolphins on the beaches
Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine - 4 hours ago
Not long ago, a dead dolphin was found on the beach Odessa Luzanovka. ... The other day another dead dolphin is the wave of the Black Sea to throw

On the Sea of Azov, the biggest dolphinarium opened in ... - 1 hour ago
There is also a dolphin prodigy. "14-year-old" Bunny "easily mastered a unique number, he keeps a coach for a few seconds, and then .

Futami Sea Paradise dolphin / Mie swim and recruitment, the participants
Mainichi Shimbun - fourteen hours ago
"Futami Sea Paradise Aquarium" Ise Futami town, the event "to do until August 31 from July 21,dolphin swimming and

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jun-05 2012

Report: False killer whale Jozu dies at SeaWorld Orlando‎ (Orlando Sentinel)
A false killer whale named Jozu has died at SeaWorld Orlando

Experts identify another dead Minke whale in Old Orchard Beach‎ (Press Herald)
Old Orchard Beach public works crews use a front end loader to get the whale's carcass off sand dunes

Whales working up the coast‎ (Coffs Coast Advocate)
HUMPBACK whales are powering north on their winter migration making headlands and viewing vessels on the Coffs Coast the best place to catch a glimpse

Study finds ferry threat to Hong Kong dolphins‎ (AsiaOne )
HONG KONG - A Hong Kong conservation group said Tuesday increasing high-speed ferry traffic is contributing to a dramatic decline in Chinese white dolphin

Dolphins found with apparent bullet wounds on beach (San Luis Obispo Tribune)
Two dolphins found on the shore near San Simeon appear to have been shot, according to the Cambria man who found them. State Parks rangers confirmed the

Aquarium to celebrate orca's release‎ (The Province)
It was 10 years ago when Lance Barrett-Lennard and other staff from the Vancouver Aquarium went to Seattle.

Porpoise Deaths Remain a Mystery‎ (

Monday, 4 June 2012

Jun-03 2012 & Jun-04 2012

Have a whale of a time on the Gorge‎ (Victoria Times Colonist)
Look for a huge pod of whales heading down the Gorge waterway next weekend

Whale stranded in St. Augustine likely to die (WJXT Jacksonville)
Biologists say a whale that stranded on a northeast Florida beach will likely die, despite efforts to save it.

Whales spotted south of Adelaide  (Adelaide Now)
IF YOU life in Adelaide's south, keep an eye out for whales

Volunteers needed for dolphin and whale survey  (This is Hull and East Riding)
European marine conservation research charity Marinelife is launching a survey ofwhales and dolphins in the North Sea and seeking volunteers to .

The Humpback Whale Presentation @ Museum of Natural History ‎ (
Here is a special opportunity to learn about this great whale, whose epic journeys and amazing behavior have enthralled whale watchers along Cape Cod

High-speed boat whale off the coast of Tsushima, Nagasaki or conflict with, no injured
(Hebei Shimpo - Japanese)
A high-speed boat hit a whale off the coast of Tsushima, Nagasaki around 12:30 pm. No one was injured on board

Massive Sperm Whale Dies Along Puerto Rico Coast (Fox News)
A marine mammal expert in Puerto Rico says rescuers were unable to save a spermwhale about the size of a city bus that was stranded just off the island's north

Last surviving false killer whale at SeaWorld FL critically ill‎ (
According to park guests at SeaWorld Orlando, Juzo, SeaWorld's last false killerwhale is critically ill and has been moved into Animal Care.

Four endangered Southern Resident orcas are still missing‎ (Seattle Post Intelligencer)
These whales band together and take care of each other, so even the loss of the oldest whales is a blow to the whole population, and the loss of a young male

New Online Petition Seeks a Pelagic Dolphin Park in Costa Rica‎ (The Costa Rica Star)
This is easily done by linking the tiny marine protected areas around Corcovado National Park and Cano Island Biological Reserve with the dolphin, whale....

Dolphins the Jinjiang stranded tears all relay 7 hours miracle rescued (Photos)‎ (163 - Chinese)
Dolphins the Jinjiang stranded tears miracle rescued seven hours of all relay (Photo), dolphins stranded in Jinjiang.

Injured dolphin rescued thanks effort inhabitants ( - Dutch)‎
Thanks to the efforts of some residents of Cunit (Tarragona) could be rescued a wounded dolphin.

Dolphins moved from Yalta to Kirillovka‎ ( - Russian)

Appearing on the West Sea of ​​the sea, "lottery"‎ (War Times - Korean)
7.5m long minke whale bycatch seems to ₩ 130 million traded . Coast Guard issue honhoekdoen A Whale for the various searches conducted with metal detectors and then on suspicion of illegal trapping point .

See the south coast dolphin herds, only 8 years out '‎ (SBS News - Korean)
Ginburicham commonly found on the east coast dolphins have been found in flocks south coast. Ministry of National Park Authority on the 18th of last month were investigating Hallyo - Haesang ecosystems of national parks