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Jun-22, Jun-23 & Jun-24 2012

My apologies for the abscene of news over the last three day, I have been busy and not had a chance to update the news

June 22nd 2012

Entangled whale spotted off MDI, officials unable to find the mammal
‎Bangor Daily News
GREAT DUCK ISLAND, Maine — Officials responded Thursday afternoon to a report of an entangled minke whale off Mount Desert Island but have been unable

Blue whales feed off Cape Egmont
Taranaki Daily News
A blue whale feeding ground off Cape Egmont has caught marine scientists by surprise.

Water Police divers catch tangled dolphin Gizmo
Herald Sun
A DOLPHIN calf tangled in fishing line in a Perth river for nearly two months has finally been freed after police divers launched a rescue mission yesterday

Dead dolphin in Hudson near NYC's Chelsea Piers
‎Wall Street Journal
NEW YORK — A dead dolphin has been found in the Hudson River near Manhattan's Chelsea Piers sports complex.

Fishing gear blamed for young whale's slow starvation death
The Province
Preliminary results from a necropsy on a young humpback whale confirm the creature likely died a slow.

Did dolphins die from a disease?
This is Cornwall - 22 Jun 2012
THE DEATH of two rare striped dolphins, found near Fowey, may be due to disease, ... Rarely seen on the Cornish coast, striped dolphins.

Large schools of dolphin reported 8-25 miles offshore
It's officially summer. Summer solstice was last Wednesday and the first quarter of the moon is coming Wednesday, June 27.

In Skadovsk opened Dolphinarium
Day - 22 Jun 2012
... which was attended by three dolphins . During the presentation Dolphins drew a picture of the paint, which gave the chairman of the regional council

Theodosius built near the water park and dolphinarium
News Agency E-Crimea - 22 Jun 2012
The Dolphinarium will conduct clinical work, Dolphins will be involved in the treatment of cerebral palsy, neuroses,

June 23rd 2012
Whale calf the first of season?
The Sunshine Coast Daily
IT WAS a rare sight to send shivers down the spine, a week-old humpback whale calf soaring to the surface, just metres from the boat

Rogue dolphin menacing waters in Lake Pontchartrain near Slidell - 23 Jun 2012
By Ben Wallace. A cozy sanctuary on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain near the twin span bridges, Lakeshore Estates is full of upscale homes on large lots

June 24th 2012
Blue whales join abundant life feeding off coast
‎San Francisco Chronicle
The surprise arrival of a pod of giant blue whales last week could mean a golden age for wildlife is at hand along the Bay Area coast.

First paternity study of southern right whales finds local fathers
Eureka! Science News
The first paternity study of southern right whales has found a surprisingly high level of local breeding success for males, scientists say, which is good news

Rare Breaching Minke Whale in Irish Sea Snapped by RIB Skipper
Experts at the IWDG have been puzzled by a rare photo of a minke whale breaching in the Irish Sea.

Cetacean surveys show presence of dolphins, whales in NMI
Saipan Tribune
Dr. Erin Oleson, who leads the center's Cetacean Research Program, said the repeated sightings of cetaceans such as spinner dolphins and fin whales

What was he thinking? Study turns to ape intellect
Kansas City Star
After the two dolphins she studied died when transferred to another aquarium, .... Dolphins, whose brains are 25 percent heavier than humans

Bottlenose dolphins recovered off the coast into the wild in Tainan
Taiwan News
Voice of the People,, Bridge, to the World - rehabilitation of bottlenose dolphins off the coast of Tainan is released into the wild.

In the Crimea of ​​the dolphins were doing canned food and fertilizer
In the city
In our time, sounded on the beach screaming, "Look, Dolphins ! " forces to look into the sea and children, and adults

In Sochi, in the health center found two dead dolphins
Echo of the Caucasus
According to witnesses, a dolphin was found on a beach in the area ... carcass of another dead dolphin in the sea

Beluga birth - Video
Lillooet, a beluga, gave birth at Marineland Canada on 17-Jun-2012. (seen in video at 1:50)

New Exhibit at Marineland
Marineland Dolphin Adventure (Florida) opens new exhibits

Mobile dolphinarium arrives in Nizhny (Nizhny Novgorod) Russia
June 21, 2012 at 11:00 in mobile Dolphinarium, located on the ground in front of a hypermarket "Nash", held a charity show for children from disadvantaged families Sormovo. Moscow Dolphinarium prepared for the residents and guests of Nizhniy Novgorod trick show, lasting 45 minutes

In Enoshima Aquarium dolphin show to resume dollar "Feria"
Searchina news - a hour ago
Human and dolphin show of collaboration were participating in the. show to resume dolphin had been suspending performance from November 2011 by the pregnancy, and the people of new Enoshima Aquarium dolphin collaboration of

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