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Jun-02 2012

Unusual whale sightings flagged up off Scotland‎ (Scotsman)
10 different species of whales and dolphins have been spotted in Scottish waters over the past month, including “highly unusual” sperm whale sightings.

Biologists tried to save beached whale by Hospital Creek‎ (St. Augustine Record)
A team of biologists and marine mammal experts quickly assembled at the end of Ocean Avenue in St. Augustine on Friday evening after a whale was spotted by a kayaker.

Op-Ed: Connyland's semen import plan highlights cetacean AI history‎ (
The deaths of two dolphins at Connyland Zoo in Switzerland last year potentially from drug ingestion, prompted a recent dolphin and whale import ban.

Springer, First Rescued Wild Killer Whale, Celebrates 10th Anniversary (The Vancouver Observer)
Ten years ago, the world witnessed the first successful rescue, recovery, and reintroduction of a wild killer whale, Springer (A73) who was a two-year old orphan.

Effects of offshore wind energy on right whales‎ (

Feds want new study of Makah whaling impact‎ (The Seattle Times)
The Associated Press Federal agencies want a new study of gray whales on the Washington coast before the Makah tribe is permitted to exercise its treaty righ

Calf born at Enoshima Aquarium (Japanese)
"Louis" (ルイ), a bottlenose dolphin gave birth to a female calf on 01-Jun-2012 at Enoshima Aquarium. The calf was sired by Athens and the baby is a healthy female.

Tenten is still pregnant but doing well (Japanese)
Tenten at Kagoshima was originally expected to give birth in May but is still carrying. The pregnancy is still progressing well and the calf is expected any time.

4 Belugas arrive in hangzhou (Chinese)
4 male beluga whales, aged between 6 to 8 years old, about 600 kg per head and body length of about 5m were transported from Russia to China with arrival at 23:00 on 31-May-2012, the whales cleared customs and arrived to Huangzhou Polar Ocean Park on the morning on 01-Jun-2012. The four new whales brings the total number of belugas at Huangzhou Polar Ocean Park up to 12. 

Rare dolphin sighted in West waters‎ (This is Cornwall)
A rare striped dolphin has been spotted frolicking in the waters off Penlee Point in Plymouth.The unusual visitor was seen playfully leaping out of the sea.

Rescuing dolphins and turtles‎ (DI-VE)
The team, which forms part of Nature Trust Malta, is made up of 19 volunteers who are trained to rescue marine turtles and stranded dolphins.

How to save a dying dolphin in the Ukrainian(TRC "ATV" - Russian)
How to save a dying dolphin in the Ukrainian environmental indifference

Residents; transients; Coast reports; still a few gray whales (Orca Network Report)

A whale struck by a freighter in Marseille‎ (Le Figaro - French)
An autopsy will be conducted to determine if the marine mammal was alive or dead upon impact.

Paddling with the whales ( - French

Elementary school students dolphin at the aquarium weeks prior to the hygiene‎ (Shikoku newspaper - Japanese)
Before 4 days to begin to Dental Hygiene Week, 2 days, female bottlenose dolphins ram to appear on the show, brush your teeth in children representative of the audience with "Marine World Umino-nakamichi" Aquarium, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka Yo.

Long-term breeding has been at the resort dolphin to the sea of the natural world Turkey‎ (P CNN - Japanese)
Was named head of this two Tom and Misha dolphin was caught the attention of wild animal protection activists first is that of 2010. At that time, two head had been kept in resort in Turkey.This resort, and tourists pay, poor sanitation in the shallow pool dolphin.

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