Monday, 4 June 2012

Jun-03 2012 & Jun-04 2012

Have a whale of a time on the Gorge‎ (Victoria Times Colonist)
Look for a huge pod of whales heading down the Gorge waterway next weekend

Whale stranded in St. Augustine likely to die (WJXT Jacksonville)
Biologists say a whale that stranded on a northeast Florida beach will likely die, despite efforts to save it.

Whales spotted south of Adelaide  (Adelaide Now)
IF YOU life in Adelaide's south, keep an eye out for whales

Volunteers needed for dolphin and whale survey  (This is Hull and East Riding)
European marine conservation research charity Marinelife is launching a survey ofwhales and dolphins in the North Sea and seeking volunteers to .

The Humpback Whale Presentation @ Museum of Natural History ‎ (
Here is a special opportunity to learn about this great whale, whose epic journeys and amazing behavior have enthralled whale watchers along Cape Cod

High-speed boat whale off the coast of Tsushima, Nagasaki or conflict with, no injured
(Hebei Shimpo - Japanese)
A high-speed boat hit a whale off the coast of Tsushima, Nagasaki around 12:30 pm. No one was injured on board

Massive Sperm Whale Dies Along Puerto Rico Coast (Fox News)
A marine mammal expert in Puerto Rico says rescuers were unable to save a spermwhale about the size of a city bus that was stranded just off the island's north

Last surviving false killer whale at SeaWorld FL critically ill‎ (
According to park guests at SeaWorld Orlando, Juzo, SeaWorld's last false killerwhale is critically ill and has been moved into Animal Care.

Four endangered Southern Resident orcas are still missing‎ (Seattle Post Intelligencer)
These whales band together and take care of each other, so even the loss of the oldest whales is a blow to the whole population, and the loss of a young male

New Online Petition Seeks a Pelagic Dolphin Park in Costa Rica‎ (The Costa Rica Star)
This is easily done by linking the tiny marine protected areas around Corcovado National Park and Cano Island Biological Reserve with the dolphin, whale....

Dolphins the Jinjiang stranded tears all relay 7 hours miracle rescued (Photos)‎ (163 - Chinese)
Dolphins the Jinjiang stranded tears miracle rescued seven hours of all relay (Photo), dolphins stranded in Jinjiang.

Injured dolphin rescued thanks effort inhabitants ( - Dutch)‎
Thanks to the efforts of some residents of Cunit (Tarragona) could be rescued a wounded dolphin.

Dolphins moved from Yalta to Kirillovka‎ ( - Russian)

Appearing on the West Sea of ​​the sea, "lottery"‎ (War Times - Korean)
7.5m long minke whale bycatch seems to ₩ 130 million traded . Coast Guard issue honhoekdoen A Whale for the various searches conducted with metal detectors and then on suspicion of illegal trapping point .

See the south coast dolphin herds, only 8 years out '‎ (SBS News - Korean)
Ginburicham commonly found on the east coast dolphins have been found in flocks south coast. Ministry of National Park Authority on the 18th of last month were investigating Hallyo - Haesang ecosystems of national parks

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