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Jun-27 2012

White dolphins strayed into the Tan Jiang Kaiping monitor the whole ‎
Chinese: Jinyang - 27 Jun 2012
Jiangmen News, Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhao Ying Qi photo coverage: a national level to protect the animals of Chinese white dolphins strayed into the open Pingtan rivers waters, the Fisheries Bureau and the fishery brigade sent staff a 24-hour monitoring by boats.

Baby born at Kolmarden Djurpark
Facebook - 27 Jun 2012
Ariel gave birth on 18-Jun-2012 at Kolmården Zoo, the sire is Pichi.

Dolphin Pregnant at Zoo Barcelona
Spanish: - Jun-27 2012
"The Barcelona Zoo expected in the coming months births of two of the most beloved, reported Tuesday in a statement. The possibility of being born a dolphin calf comes because it is a state in which Anak, a female bottlenose dolphin with a maternal experience tested, because it has already had three offspring in the Zoo: Ona, Leia and Kuni."

Baby Beluga calf at Alaska Sealife Center has survived its first week in rehabilitation.
Seward City News - 27 Jun 2012
"The young male Beluga whale calf that was rescued from the shore near the Diamond O fish cannery in remote South Naknek near Bristol Bay last Monday, having become separated from his mother during a storm, has been getting expert round-the-clock attention at the Alaska SeaLife Center for the past week.

Greenland 'defying ban' by selling whale meat to tourists - 27 Jun 2012The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) said an undercover investigation had found that tourist businesses were targeting visitors to the country

Watch: Dolphins Chased by Killer Whale
TIME - 27 Jun 2012Orcas, otherwise known as killer whales, certainly live up to their name when it comes time to feed their massive bodies.

Whales solve helicopter air flow conundrum
Deutsche Welle - 27 Jun 2012Researchers at the German Aerospace Center in Göttingen have analyzed humpback whales to find a solution to air flow disruption in helicopter rotor blades.

New Zealand whales keep it all in the family
Daily Astorian - 27 Jun 2012AUCKLAND, New Zealand — The first paternity study of southern right whales has found a surprisingly high level of local breeding success for males, scientists
Injured false killer whale spotted near Xiamen beach
What's on Xiamen - 27 Jun 2012A wounded black sea animal was spotted close to shore off Xiamen, Tuesday

Minke Whale at Agincourt Reef
Newsport Daily - 27 Jun 2012
Port Douglas News - Passengers on board Poseidon dive and snorkel boat were thrilled to have the opportunity to swim with a Dwarf Minke Whale on Monday.

Aggressive dolphin terrorizing and biting Louisiana lakeside residents
Daily Mail - 27 Jun 2012
The bottlenose, which is known to those in the area as the Slidell Dolphin, made the lake its home shortly after Hurricane Katrina with a number of other

Why dolphins can recognise themselves in a mirror
Daily Mail - 27 Jun 2012

A new study of the genome of the bottlenose dolphin has shown that the aquatic mammals share many genes with human beings, say Wayne State University

Dolphin and seal strike up unlikely friendship
Metro - 27 Jun 2012
Meet Jet the dolphin and Miri the seal - two firm friends who have been inseparable since they were two months old.

Perth river dolphin given golden name
WA today - 27 Jun 2012
"Zari Ryan loved dolphins and I think it's a wonderful idea to remember her this way and also pay tribute to all children battling serious illness with courage.

Dolphin Found Dead in Hudson River Put on Ice Awaiting Cause of Death
DNAinfo - 27 Jun 2012
CHELSEA — A dolphin found dead in the Hudson River at Chelsea Piers last week has been in deep freeze for nearly a week on Long Island while waiting for ...

Male dolphins are just boys
The West Australian - 27 Jun 2012
Backpack and Fingers are normal mates in so many ways.

South Korea to ban catching of dolphins for shows
Mother Nature Network - 27 Jun 2012
South Korea will ban the catching of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins for use in shows by designating them as protected mammals, the maritime affairs ministry

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