Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jun-12 2012

Beached humpback whale draws crowds in suburban Vancouver
Toronto Star - 1 hour ago
A humpback whale has beached on the shores of suburban Vancouver Tuesday morning after getting stuck on the sand.

Whale-watching boats: no 'room' for the orcas
Crosscut - 9 hours ago
A recent tiff over showing a critical look at whale-watching activities illustrates a bigger issue: Is there a way to move forward that is good for all?

Galveston dolphin deaths investigated
Houston Chronicle - 57 minutes ago
GALVESTON, Texas - Researchers are trying to determine whether more than 100dolphins stranded on the Texas Gulf Coast, most of them in Galveston.

Bottlenose dolphin Notchy cured of sunburn by Sea World staff and ...
Courier Mail - 3 hours ago
IT was a top-notch result for Notchy, the bottlenose dolphin, when she was released back into the wild yesterday.

Baby dolphin treated after shark attack
Whyalla News - 16 hours ago
A resident juvenile dolphin received medical treatment last week, after it was reported to have a nasty wound on its back.

Discovered a horde of finless porpoises in Hiroshima Bay
Japanese: Chinese newspaper - 3hours ago
11, in the northern Hiroshima Bay Suooshima-cho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, whalephotographer of Chugoku Shinbun was taken to the power head is swimming in the herd of about 100 dolphins and finless porpoises companions. Some experts in the Seto Inland Sea

Mrtav dolphin pronađen Jaz na plaži
Croation - 3 hours ago
The Montenegrin beach Jaz sea dolphin carcass was thrown in the stages of decomposition, and fisherman who have pronašll in the shallows,

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