Thursday, 14 June 2012

Jun-14 2012

Japan's appetite for whale meat wanes
The Guardian - 7 hours ago
Three-quarters of the meat from whales caught last summer was unsold, report reveals.

Humpback whale's carcass towed off White Rock beach
Calgary Herald - 18 hours ago
The carcass of a beached humpback whale was towed off White Rock beach late last night with the help.

Sacramento man rescued from sinking sailboat off coast of Mexico
Washington Post - 14 hours ago
SAN FRANCISCO — A 66-year-old man was rescued early Wednesday after his sailboat was hit by a whale and began sinking off the coast of Mexico

Beluga whale spotted in Cap waters
Providence Eyewitness News - 22 hours ago
Marine researchers on Cape Cod say a beluga whale has been spotted in the waters there.

Eskimo whalers seek ATF support
Alaska Dispatch - 12 hours ago
For years, the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission has imported limited amounts of the penthrite weapon from Norway

Australia Creates World's Largest Expanse of Marine Reserves
Environment News Service - 42 minutes ago
The designated reserves are inhabited by 45 of the world's 78 whale and dolphin species, six of the seven known species of marine turtle, and 4000 fish species...

Noted orca expert to speak at historical society meeting
Mukilteo Beacon - 22 hours ago
Mr. Garret will highlight current scientific issues within the Orca research community; review the state of the “killer whale” pods in Puget Sound, including threats

Dolphin Interaction Re-Opens at SeaWorld
NBC San Diego - 23 hours ago
SeaWorld is rolling out another attraction just in time for summer: Dolphin Point

Dead Dolphin Found on Jomtien Beach
Pattaya People - 5 hours ago
On Wednesday morning the Pattaya Radio Center received a call that a dead bottlenose dolphin had been found on Jomtien Beach opposite Soi 1

Full-scale cruise tourism in eastern Hokkaido
Japanese: 朝日新聞 - 16 hours agoSightseeing cruises off the coast of popular Rausu by a herd of killer whales and whales Deaeru to be, was adopted in earnest from this year in the course of a school trip to visit the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage

Rescued the white dolphin monthly living expenses of $ 100,000
Chinese: Tianjin - 12 hours ago
White Dolphin Protection Zone Authority to focus on advocacy and education work, so that more young people aware of the importance of protecting. Wang Rongshe early March this year, at the national level to protect animals, a coastal survive a 2 m long, weighing about 430 pounds

Allwetterzoo's Dolphinarium closes earlier than planned
German: Westfälische Nachrichten - 11 hours agoThe zoo is closing earlier than previously thought, with the new decision to close is now October. The first dolphin has left Munster already and by the end of the year, the remaining three will be moved.

Experts say the problem of the death of dolphins in the Crimea exaggerated
Russian: Observer - 10 hours ago

Belugas will be on display fortnightly at Yeosu Expo
Korean: AP - six hours ago

Lost? Dolphin local residents calmly "for the first time" Mangokuura-Onagawa
Japanese; Hebei Shimpo - sixteen hours ago
13, head of a bay close to the Urashukuhama in Onagawa-cho Mangokuura of dolphins swimming in it is found. Seen as were lost from the ocean, "local residents of dolphin that came up is Mangokuura

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