Monday, 11 June 2012

Jun-11 2012

Endangered whales on path to recovery
Montreal Gazette - 2 hours ago
The population of a once near-extinct whale is on the rise, partly because of an un-likely collaboration

Beached whale died of injuries from boat strike - 55 minutes ago
An approximately 2-year-old, 18-foot male minke whale that washed up on Carolina Beach in December died of chronic injuries from a boat strike

Dolphins diving off Staten Island's shore is an unusual sight - 25 minutes ago
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- They show up fairly often in the Navesink and Shrewsbury rivers in New Jersey, sometimes needing heroic measures to rescue them

J's and K's on the west side, L's went out west?
Orca network sightings log

Baby at Kolmarden's Djurpark and another on its way
Lyra, a bottlenose dolphin, gave birth on 06-Jun-2012 at Kolmarden Zoo, the sire of the calf is Pichi. Ariel is also pregnant and expected to give birth soon.

Striped Dolphin at Cunit dies
a striped dolphin stranded on 03-Jun-2012 in Catalunya and was attended to by Fundación CRAM. Unfortunately the dolphin died on 08-Jun-2012.

The one-week milestone!
Piquet’s calf sailed past another milestone as he or she (we still haven’t gotten a close enough look) passed the one-week mark. The gender mystery is actually part of the positive outlook—the animal care and animal health teams haven’t needed to help—and therefore examine—the calf because it is doing so well under mom’s care

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