Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Jun-19 2012

Whale of a smelly problem at Sandy Cove
TheChronicleHerald.ca - 8 hours ago
SANDY COVE — The beach at Sandy Cove is one of Nova Scotia's finest

'Blue whale' brings a sea vision to capital
Pakistan Daily Times - 18 hours ago
ISLAMABAD: The huge skeleton of a blue whale, installed at Pakistan ... Thewhale skeleton, almost 100ft in length, was recently taken to the capital

Esperance whale rescue halted
ABC Online - 9 hours ago
The search for an entangled southern right whale off the coast of Esperance has been called off temporarily.

Antigua To Support Japanese Whaling Again
Caribarena Antigua - 10 hours ago
Antigua St John's - Antigua and Barbuda will again be voting in favor of what has become known as the most controversial form of slaughter and animal cruelty

No fluke as skipper Peter snaps a rare minke whale picture
Larne Times - 18 hours ago
A RARE sighting of an eight-ton minke whale breaching in the Irish Sea is creating quite a stir.

Octopus hitches a ride on bottlenose dolphin
Metro - 1 hour ago
A dolphin's plan to make a meal out of an octopus backfired when the pesky eight-legged cephalopod attached itself to the mammal's stomach

Dolphin in the Hudson, Dolphin in the Hudson!
New York Observer - 20 hours ago
Oh my gawsh, there is a dolphin hanging around the Hudson River. Adorbs! Well, not really. Dolphins are smarter than people, at least when it comes to stuff

Custody of recovering dolphin changes hands
WLOX - 20 hours ago
"Chance," the only stranded dolphin found alive in Mississippi and Alabama since the BP oil disaster, will be staying in Gulfport for the forseeable future

Reader video: Huge Orca pod at play at Ponui Island
New Zealand Herald - 16 hours ago
New Zealand Herald reader John Sutherland was out in his boat Shark Bait on June 14 and filmed this fantastic footage of about 25 to 30 Orca whales playing in

Bottlenose dolphins Junko released into the wild on Day 24
Chinese: BBC News - 19 Minutes ago
By typhoon invasion impact, bottlenose dolphins straight will be delayed one day return to the sea, the Taijiang whale and dolphin rescue group decided today to June 24, released into the wild straight from Tainan four grass along the coast; enthusiastic volunteers to expand the sparse human training, in addition to feeding In addition, to minimize human

Beached Southern Bug dolphin Nikolaev
Russian: N News - 4 hours ago
Yesterday, June 18, at 21.50, the service quick response call 1588 City Council frightened citizens living in the tank farm.

Sea Paradise Mitsu Izu- dolphin to Niigata (Shizuoka)
Japanese: NEWS24 NTV - 12 hours ago
Dolphin 19 morning, the head 2 from the Izu-Mitsu Sea Paradise in Numazu to present the show at an aquarium in Niigata Prefecture that have no dolphins have departed. Towards the Joetsu Municipal Aquarium and Museum in Niigata Prefecture.

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