Saturday, 9 June 2012

Jun-09 2012

Beached minke whale frees itself
Irish Times - 16 hours ago
It's not quite Free Willy, but here's a tale with a happy outcome. A young minke whale that became stranded on shingle in Mayo's Clew Bay earlier this week.

Caught on camera: The flying whale
Courier Mail - 2 hours ago
THIS breaching adult humpback whale was caught mid-leap, stunning the 80 tourists aboard a Sea World Whale Watch tour just a short distance off the Gold

Environmentalists propose a whales' sanctuary ring along the ...
MercoPress - 16 hours ago
Environment organizations meeting in Panama will demand the creation of a whales' sanctuary in the south Atlantic and south Pacific, at the coming meeting

Scientists hope to see more Southern Right whales migrating
Yahoo!7 News - 12 hours ago
Scientists are hoping to see more Southern Right Whales migrating down Tasmania's east coast this year.

Oral History Details Whale Sightings
Alaska Public Radio Network - 15 hours ago
A new exhibit dedicated to Cook Inlet Beluga whales opens today (Friday June 8] at the Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward. To highlight the exhibit, an oral

Endangered orcas habitat scheduled for seismic tests on June 11th ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - 1 hour ago
Candace Calloway Whiting has studied and trained dolphins, seals, and orca whales. ... Gas bubbles in the liver of a Peruvian dolphin killed by seismic testing

Taean Coast Guard, the whale meat, illegal distribution of six people arrested
Korean: Sports Chosun - 1 Day ago
Taeanseo illegally distributed 'sanggwaengyi (Taean AP) Taean Coast Guard that the illegal distribution of small whales reacted sanggwaengyireul said it was investigating charges per diem. The Taean Coast Guard photo two
Louis's calf is a female. The aquarium is planing to recruit the name of the baby dolphin during the summer vacation.

Recent status of half a year Orca family came to Nagoya: Letter New sea creatures
Jpaanese: Port of Nagoya Aquarium, PDF with Photos
Six months, the female Stella enters the 12-month pregnancy, little by little become sluggish behavior orca family came to Nagoya. On the other hand, bingo is the training for the public on the ride in the shallows getting used to the pool. Shows off the bulk to or touch the lips to the glass surface of the water or want. The child's mother Ran with Stella You may now put a little distance, to be scolded by Stella hilarity too. Survived the hot summer in Nagoya in December, I hope sincerely that the attendant Everyone is born a healthy baby. Please look forward to.

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