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Jun-06 2012

Humpback whale beached on Fraser Island (ABC Online 7 hours ago)
Rescuers are trying to help an eight metre humpback whale that's stranded on Fraser Island. Authorities say it became beached on the Island's east coast late on Tuesday 5 June, 2012.

Remains of dead whale exposed in wild weather‎ (ABC Online - 9 hours ago)
A dead whale, buried at the southern end of Bar Beach in mid 2010, has been uncovered because of last night's turbulent weather

Alaska delegation moves to circumvent International Whaling 
Alaska Dispatch - 12 hours ago
Whale harvests: Legislation would allow U.S. Department of Commerce secretary to set subsistence catch limits to help protect North Slope whalers concerned

Unusual minke whale influx delights Orange County boaters
Pete Thomas Outdoor - 20 hours ago
Orange County whale watchers remain hopeful that blue whales, the largest creatures ever to have inhabited the planet, will begin to show over the next several

Photo: Crews remove whale carcass from Old Orchard Beach
Press Herald - 18 hours ago
A reader took this photograph of public works department crews removing a 25-foot-long dead minke whale from Old Orchard Beach on Monday morning

Photo: Crews remove whale carcass from Old Orchard Beach
Press Herald - 18 hours ago
A reader took this photograph of public works department crews removing a 25-foot-long dead minke whale from Old Orchard Beach on Monday morning.
The whale, which is believed to be an 8,000-pound male juvenile, died several weeks ago at sea before washing up on Pine Point Beach in Scarborough on Sunday

And now, Beluga whales playing soccer (Aquaman approves) - 23 hours ago
This is nothing: you should see the penguins play cricket. What happens when you throw a soccer ball into the Beluga whale tank at the Beijing Aquarium?

Study finds ferry threat to HK dolphins
The Nation, Pakistan - 14 hours ago
HONG KONG (AFP) - A Hong Kong conservation group said Tuesday increasing high-speed ferry traffic is contributing to a dramatic decline in Chinese white

Of tradition in the Danish Faroe Islands whale fishing, meat is distributed to residents
Reuters - 8 hours ago, Japanese
5 days, the traditional dominion of Denmark in the Faroe Islands (Reuters) (Denmark) Faroe Islands 5] whale "Grindadrap" fishing has been made. In the Faroe Islands pilot whale has been fishing every year, there is a habit of eating their flesh. Residents of the islands has been said to descendants of Viking,

Airport Ferry impact of Chinese white dolphins (Figure)
Sohu - 19 hours ago
Southern News reporter Wang Yanan active in the western waters of Hong Kong, the Chinese white dolphin as the mascot of Hong Kong is facing serious pollution of the sea, to drive away the danger. Yesterday, the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society suggested that AA significantly limit the flight

Last month, the finless porpoises dolphins stranded a
Hong Kong Commercial Daily - 14 hours ago
Ocean Park Conservation Foundation spokesman, said yesterday that the Fund's Cetacean Stranding Network Action Group last month, respectively, deal with a finless porpoise and a Chinese White Dolphins stranded case, spokesman for the hope that the public each contribute to conservation of whales and dolphin

Trat Jingxian short kiss dolphin corpses
Thailand World Daily News - 5 hours ago
WASHINGTON the clatter Ratchasima Territory County Shiqiao beach yesterday (5) found that a short kiss dolphin corpses, the dolphin is a female, length 1.7 m, weight 150-180 kg, body rot, because the abdomen of the dolphins rot wound, estimated the dolphin is

Pollution in the Black Sea, alarmed by increased death of ...
Cetaceans and marine life - 22 hours ago
BLACK SEA - Hardly a day passes in Sochi, without it being a dolphin died on the beach from the balcony of the luxurious resort hotels

Near Odessa, rotting carcasses of dolphins on the beaches
Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine - 4 hours ago
Not long ago, a dead dolphin was found on the beach Odessa Luzanovka. ... The other day another dead dolphin is the wave of the Black Sea to throw

On the Sea of Azov, the biggest dolphinarium opened in ... - 1 hour ago
There is also a dolphin prodigy. "14-year-old" Bunny "easily mastered a unique number, he keeps a coach for a few seconds, and then .

Futami Sea Paradise dolphin / Mie swim and recruitment, the participants
Mainichi Shimbun - fourteen hours ago
"Futami Sea Paradise Aquarium" Ise Futami town, the event "to do until August 31 from July 21,dolphin swimming and

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