Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Jun-13 2012

Juvenile humpback whale likely suffered for months before dying 
Calgary Herald - 3 hours ago
The steady return of humpback whales to local waters took a graphic twist Tuesday morning when a juvenile.

Dead pilot whale found on Samal Island
GMA News - 2 hours ago
A dead pilot whale —one of the larger species of dolphin— was found recently on Kaputian Island, Island Garden City of Samal.

It's a boy! Aquarium determines sex of baby dolphin
Daily Mail - 13 hours ago
A Chicago aquarium has its hands full with a newborn dolphin. The calf was born two weeks ago at the Shedd Aquarium, but until now they couldn't work it out.

Japan captured one thousand tons whale meat nobody cares about shelving the cold storage refractory
Chinese: Dazhong - 6 days ago
According to Japanese news network on the 13th, the Japanese National Institute of cetaceans in the North Pacific last year, captured more than 1000 tons of whalemeat, but actually sell at the first public auction sales. It is also Japan's Fisheries Agency announced a temporary

Hainan Wendeng: a dead finless porpoise epidermis broken
Chinese: Alibaba - 5 hours ago
Mr. Gao said he had just arrived in the Wendeng working less than a month, live in the South China Sea New Area, likes to see the sea, the evening of the 7th, he and his colleagues to the beach wandering and found two dolphins , and photographed

Vacationing in Sochi, shocking a dead dolphin
Russina: Reuters - 8 hours ago
In Sochi, in the pedestrian tunnel for several days lay dead dolphin

Shirya moves into the main Beluga pool
Shirya moves into the main Beluga pool with her mother, Arya. Here she joins Nasucha and Anna.

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