Thursday, 13 December 2012

News from Dec-13 2012

SPOTTED: Paddleboarder seen just feet away from whale
WECT-TV6-7 minutes ago
You can see paddleboarder Chris Hill just about ten feet away from a whale. Young said he was in the area snapping photos when he saw the whale approach

Humpback whale rescue efforts halted hours ago
Marine wildlife experts on Thursday abandoned their efforts to rescue a humpback whale which had become stranded on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea.

Fin whale spotted off coast of Dana Point
OCRegister-17 hours ago
Fin whale seen during Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari in Dana Point, CA on Saturday, Dec. 9, 2012. Used by permission. MARK TYSON, CAPTAIN

Wind Energy Industry Agrees to Protect Endangered Whale
StateImpact Pennsylvania-21 hours ago
A new offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea near Zingst, Germany. The Baltic 1 is Germany's first offshore wind farm, and began generating electricity in May

Humpback whale sighting confirmed
Jacksonville Daily News-19 hours ago
A humpback whale sighting was confirmed off the coast locally as recently as Sunday, when Chris Hill spied the giant mammal roughly 100 yards past the Surf

What do you offer a beluga whale for dinner?
The Province-9 hours ago
A federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans survey last summer in the Beaufort Sea came across some interesting findings about the eating habits of beluga

Dolphin hearing system component found in insects
Science Codex-1 hour ago
A hearing system component thought to be unique in toothed whales like dolphins has been discovered in insects,

Dead dolphin sends warning bells for summer
Wauchope Gazette-19 hours ago
SHARKS have been having an impact at North Haven recently, with a sighting of three in the river and a mauled dolphin washing up dead on the beach.

6 dead dolphins recently found washed ashore
KHOU-12 hours ago
HOUSTON – A concerned viewer sent in photos of the bodies of dolphins that washed ashore in Galveston. The beach patrol said it found six dead dolphins this

Court rules orca Morgan's removal to Spain was not unlawful
Bignews Portugal-17 minutes ago
The removal of the orca Morgan to an amusement park on Tenerife was not unlawful, judges in Amsterdam said on Thursday. An organisation of marine wildlife


The dolphins "family group" sea stunning South Australia
Dahua Wang - 15 hours ago
Good ecological environment (Reporter Chen Xiaomin) South Australian waters continue to be the wonderful sea of. The past two days, there are a group of dolphins appeared in the waters of South Australia witnessed dolphins islanders and visitors marvel "very lucky


Judged between dolphins dying
Tend newspapers - 3 hours ago
He was sentenced to four large dolphins in Southern suffers from severe performance against illegal trapping. appellate court "must release". Do

Fishing hooks to sacrifice 27-year-old dolphin - Chosun Ilbo Multimedia / Photo
The Chosun Ilbo - 15 hours ago
Inspect the body of a dolphin , researchers announced the findings dolphins dead seems to be the reason for the 'fish hooks' ... sorry to give the sacrifice the people abandoned fish hooks dolphin .

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

News from Dec-12 2012

Lots of news today guys!

Right whale mother-and-calf pairs spotted off Fla
San Francisco Chronicle-4 hours ago
AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. (AP) — Florida wildlife officials say they've spotted the first mothers and calves of the right whale calving season. Right whales are an

Stranded Humpback Whale Struggles to Free Itself
ABC News-3 hours ago
Rescuers say a humpback whale has stranded on a sandbank near the northern Dutch coast and is trying to free itself as the tide rises. Henriette de Waal,

Sperm Whale body washed up on Waitpinga Cliffs
Victor Harbor Times-4 hours ago
WAITPINGA - The dead adult sperm whale washed up on the shore at Waitpinga last month is bound to be studied by SA Museum staff

Digha trawlers net endangered whale
Times of India-17 hours ago
DIGHA: A sei whale, an endangered species, was dragged to the Digha shore by trawlers and suffocated to death on the beach on Tuesday morning.

Illness that killed beached whale remains mystery Kate Elizabeth Queram-18 hours ago
A dead whale believed to be a pygmy sperm whale washed back up on Bald Head Island Monday morning. Photo courtesy of Bald Head Island Conservancy

Whale Cocktail: Just Say Noooooo! hours ago
The ban on whale meat and meat products throughout Europe (with limited exceptions in Greenland and Denmark), is having an effect on businesses

Close Encounter with the Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay, Mexico
About - News & Issues-by Linda Garrison-4 hours ago
Sometimes my travel timing works out perfectly! I had one of my most memorable wildlife interactions ever while on a Sea of Cortez cruise on the American

Second whaling commission director sentenced
Anchorage Daily News-16 hours ago
The second of two former Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission executive directors to admit to misusing commission funds was sentenced Monday to six months

Fishing line kills dolphin found in Venice Inlet
Northwest News and Tribune-8 minutes ago
The dolphin was found with fishing line trailing from her mouth to a hook ... The death of a "relatively young" bottlenose dolphin found Saturday in Venice Inlet

PETA Files Complaint Over Injured Dolphin at SeaWorld
Opposing Views-13 hours ago
Does this sound like déjà vu to you? A weekend visitor to SeaWorld in San Antonio has sent PETA disturbing photographs of a dolphin who appears to be .

Op-Ed: Brutal drive at Taiji Cove sees striped dolphins dragged to ... hours ago
Taiji - An horrific scene played out in Taiji, Japan last night as 55-65 striped dolphins were driven into the Cove and slaughtered. Stressed dolphins threw

Two Dead Dolphins Found in Malibu - Malibu, CA Patch hours ago
Just a week after a 35-foot Fin whale washed ashore in Malibu, two dolphins ... The Long-Beaked common dolphin had been dead for quite a while, she said

Op-Ed: Call to action issued for 100 bottlenose held in Taiji Cove hour ago
With a glut of striped dolphin meat already flooding the shelves in Taiji ... This time they hit on the money dolphins and they refused to miss out on a dime.

Heck of a project begins
Marlborough Express-16 hours ago
The world's smallest marine dolphin, the Hector's, will be the subject of phase ... a catalogue of recognisable individual Hector's dolphin

Forever blowing bubbles: Playful dolphins show off their unusual ...
Daily Mail-4 hours ago
He said: 'Dolphins are very complex and social animals, they like to play alone, with other dolphins or indeed with whatever appears between their fins.

China development threatening wildlife - WWF
Independent Online-9 hours ago
Beijing - From tigers to dolphins, animal populations in many of China's ecosystems have plummeted under decades of development and urbanisation, a World

Endangered or not, RWS dolphins' welfare a concern
TODAYonline-20 hours ago
Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) acquired its dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) despite information stating that the trade in these dolphins might be detrimental

Tropical spot dolphins appeared Hejie fishing port
Penghu Times - 11 hours ago
The Security Inspection WASHINGTON) Hejie at 14:00 yesterday informed the fishing port of Hejie found a Dolphins (Figure), tropical spot dolphins go by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Bureau staff View ; stable condition of the dolphins and off the coast of storms strong

Torchlight for deceased dolphins in Bruges hours ago
The Association of Friends of Dolphins Saturday just want to dwell on the sad deaths that Boudewijnpark recent years ravaged.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

News from Dec-11 2012

Anti-whaling activists unveil latest ship, bought from Japan
Chicago Tribune-2 hours ago
CANBERRA (Reuters) - Anti-whaling activists unveiled on Tuesday their latest weapon against Japanese whalers in the frigid Southern Ocean, a $2 million ship

Number of stranded Lowcountry pilot whales holds to three
The State-10 hours ago
The short-finned pilot whale that beached itself Thursday in the Fripp Inlet, between the Hunting Island pier and the bridge to Fripp Island, was one of three found

South Korea abandons whaling plans
WWF-UK-1 hour ago
Great news. South Korea has dropped its controversial plans to resume 'scientific' whaling – after worldwide condemnation and petitioning

USCB students aid in necropsies of stranded dolphin, whales
Hilton Head Island Packet-13 hours ago
Three University of South Carolina Beaufort biology students have helped respond to three strandings in the past two weeks -- one dolphin and two pilot whales

Dolphins Teach Dogs How To Surf And Enjoy The Waves
The Inquisitr-by Wolff Bachner-14 hours ago
Earlier today we shared the wonderful story of the trio of SPCA dogs in New Zealand who are being taught to drive a car.

Survey finding rapid decline in Yangtze porpoise hours ago
AN endangered porpoise appears to be declining quickly in the Yangtze River, according to partial results of an ongoing scientific survey. The numbers of the ...

Dolphin showing distress seen off Davis Neck
Gloucester Daily Times-13 hours ago
... on a description of a long beak and relatively small forehead on the animal, aquarium officials determined it was in fact a dolphin, not a harbor porpoise.

DutchPregnant porpoises fight for their lives
De Stentor-6 hours ago
HARDERWIJK - Foundation SOS Dolphin in Harderwijk currently takes care of two pregnant porpoises recently on Dutch beaches - The porpoises are Renske & Desiree.

Dolphin gives the dead coast
Morning Post - 15 hours ago
Dolphin killed gives the coast. The Maritime Police Douro rescued a dolphin killed yesterday afternoon, the sandy beach of Foz, Porto

Monday, 10 December 2012

News from Dec-10 2012

Malibu residents hire private tugboat to remove rotting whale from ... (blog)-13 minutes ago
By NBC News staff. Fed up with the stench of a decaying whale carcass that washed up on a Malibu beach -- and with the inaction of government officials

Whale preservation urged at New Bedford meeting - News - Boston ... hours ago
NEW BEDFORD, Mass. (AP) — Whale experts say shipping speed limits credited with preserving what's left of the small North Atlantic right whale population

Public Support For Japan's Whaling Industry Waning
Bahamas Tribune-1 hour ago
THE policy of the Japanese government to slaughter thousands of whales every year in the name of “science”, suffered two major blows in recent weeks.

Dead beached whale returns to Bald Head Island Kate Elizabeth Queram-26 minutes ago
A dead whale believed to be a pygmy sperm whale washed back up on Bald Head Island on Monday morning. Photo courtesy of Bald Head Island Conservancy

Activists want prompt end to dolphin attractions
Jakarta Post-14 hours ago
Activists from the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) staged a fierce protest calling on Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika to immediately stop dolphin

RWS' top man defends dolphin plan
AsiaOne-19 hours ago
SINGAPORE - RESORTS World Sentosa's (RWS) head honcho defended its decision to havedolphins at its marine park,

Dolphin bites tourists at park
Practical Fishkeeping-3 hours ago
The incident happened at Dolphin Park in Isla Mujeres, near Cancun. The trainer told the tourists to splash the water and the dolphins would splash back at them

Close encounters as dolphins spend day in Otago Harbour
Otago Daily Times-14 minutes ago
Fishing was the last thing on kayaker Paul Hannah's mind when he realised he was accompanied by a pod of bottlenose dolphins in Otago Harbour yesterday

Dr. Visser says park suing her over report submitted in court Special hours ago
Amsterdam - Two days before presenting a comprehensive report on the condition of orca Morgan in an Amsterdam court case, scientist Dr. Ingrid Visser

Call for protection of finless porpoise[1]|
China Daily-14 hours ago
HEFEI - Experts involved in a scientific survey said China's finless porpoise population has dropped significantly in the past few years


[10 NEWS] Seoul Zoo selection come dolphins 'my stone' radiation
Tend newspapers - 20 minutes ago
Seoul Zoo 10 News' selection turned the attention of the citizens coming year, the Seoul Zoo, announced yesterday.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

News from Dec-08 2012

Humpback, Fin Whales Moving East Along Cork Coast Says IWDG
Afloat-6 hours ago
#MarineWildlife - The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) reports of another "frenzy of activity" while on a whale research cruise off West Cork this week.

Rotting whale in Malibu likely left to nature
USA TODAY-13 minutes ago
1:26PM EST December 8. 2012 - MALIBU, California (AP) — No government agency is taking action to remove the decaying carcass of a whale on a California .
Salmon farming not affecting orcas' health: report
CTV News-4 hours ago
VANCOUVER -- Don't blame salmon fishermen for the plight of some endangered killer whales off the Pacific coast, says a newly released report.

North Atlantic right whales subject of Mass. forum
WLNE-TV (ABC6)-5 hours ago
The discussion will mark the one-year countdown to the expiration of the Right Whale Ship Strike Reduction Rule.

South Korea abandons 'scientific' whaling plans | surfbirds
Surfbirds News (blog)-10 hours ago
Greenpeace confirmed on Tuesday that the government of South Korea has abandoned its plans to begin a 'scientific' whaling operation, a significant step

Op-Ed: Captive cetacean attacks — How common are they? hours ago
In 2003, the investigative report: Biting the Hand that Feeds was released jointly by Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) and The Humane Society

Dolphin rescued at Marina dies
Deccan Chronicle-15 hours ago
Chennai: A day after DC reported about the ordeal faced by a dolphin ... The dolphin, released into the sea by fishermen at Marina got stranded again


Shantou university students in South Australia found dolphins dead bodies (Figure)
The Han Feng networks - 13 hours ago
Shantou University child found in dolphin corpses

Rescued dolphin wounded off the coast of Peru
BBC News - 15 hours ago
Marine biologists conducting a research project on the coast of Peru, freed a dolphin fishing net that had partially


Odessa washed ashore a mysterious dolphin ?
IP "Pro-News" - 20 minutes ago
The animal's body was found near the water. Found him people believe that it issued to the bank by the storm.

Parque da Lagoa do Peixe faces problems with irregular fishing ... - 8 hours ago
... gaucho 20 years ago, found in the park a dolphin Bottle Nose, aka Dolphin Bar, killed by suffocation in a fishing net.

French:About the death of dolphins in Switzerland ... - 7 hours ago
Roby Gasser, the owner of Park Conny-Land (Switzerland) is satisfied that the death of two dolphins , in November 2011, was not an accident

Friday, 7 December 2012

News from Dec-07 2012

A killer spectacle near Barrow Island
Pilbara Echo-11 hours ago
Killer Whales or Orcas are from the same family as dolphins, yet North West resident ... Marcus said the Killer Whales began chasing the dolphin about 10 miles

40000-pound whale carcass decomposing near Malibu beach homes (blog)-2 hours ago
A 40,000-pound whale likely killed by a ship was decomposing near the Malibu beach homes of Hollywood celebrities on Thursday, as officials tried to figure out

Officials expect to find more stranded whales in the lowcountry ...
WMBF-4 hours ago
A whale died Thursday after being stranded on the shore in Fripp Inlet near the Nature Center at Hunting Island State Park. Now, there are several other whales

Beached whale dies in Spain
Times of Malta-10 hours ago
A 16.6 metre-long whale has died in the northern Spanish city of San Sebastian after being washed up on La Concha beach. Members of Ambar

Dead whale washes up at Crowdy
Manning River Times-11 hours ago
Wikipedia says: "The minke whales are the second smallest baleen whale; only the pygmy rightwhale is smaller

Close Encounter of a Killer Whale Kind in Dana Point hours ago
Four killer whales appeared to be more than curious on Monday when they decided ... Alisa Schulman Janiger, a killer whale expert, sent the below statement

Six New Marine Sites Chosen for Conservation
Afloat-35 minutes ago
Last week the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group (IWDG) expressed concern over the potential impact of the 2D seismic survey at Dalkey Island on harbour

Bottlenose dolphins 'not endangered': Genting Group chairman
TODAYonline-2 hours ago
SINGAPORE - It was a question he said he had hoped to avoid. But with controversy swirling continuing over Resorts World Sentosa's import of wild-caught

"Begging" dolphins at risk
ScienceAlert-13 hours ago
Researchers found that dolphins that "beg" for food are at greater risk of entanglement and boat strikes.This may have a negative impact in the dolphin .

Flipper furore: Dolphin lands ashore
The Hindu-21 hours ago
At around 11 a.m., a dolphin washed ashore, stunning locals, who, because the sea was unusually rough, had not gone on their usual fishing expeditions.

Help end the slaughter
Daily Comet-5 hours ago
Six dolphins were recently washed up onto the Gulf Coast shore either badly injured ... Last week, two more dolphin deaths occurred off the coast of Mississippi.

Dolphin Watch Dolphin does crazy Christmas maypole behavior
Tampa Bay Newspapers-5 Dec 2012
This year's gift was a lengthy demonstration of the rarest bottlenose dolphin ... I nabbed a picture as mother dolphin P dashed away with her 16-month-old calf


Choritsu of Taiji = false killer whale baby food to get the Hokke of whale museum
Asahi Shimbun - seventeen hours ago
Mother was captured off the coast of the town last October whale is male who gave birth in June.Consume about 6 kg per day of mackerel "baby food", but not the lower teeth in Atka mackerel also still breastfeeding, as early as 220 cm in length

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

News from Dec-05 2012

South Korea Drops Whaling Plans
Wall Street Journal (blog)-10 hours ago
After drawing international criticism in July following its announcement that it was considering the resumption of whaling for “scientific research,”

Young sperm whale carcass found on Young Husband Peninsula ...
Herald Sun-12 hours ago
THE body of a sperm whale has been found at Young Husband Peninsula Beach near the Murray Mouth, just weeks after another carcass was washed up

Preliminary Results Show Fin Whale Died of Injuries From Boat Strike hours ago
A juvenile 40-foot male Fin whale that washed up on a Malibu beach died of ... The Fin whale was discovered about 11 a.m. Monday at Little Dume

Farmers Petition to Remove Killer Whales from the Endangered ...
Monterey County Weekly (blog)-10 hours ago
Killer whale (or orca) sightings are one of Monterey Bay's main attractions. But agricultural politics might impact a population of endangered killer whales

Transient label is pushed aside to honour renowned whale researcher
Nanaimo Daily News-20 hours ago
Scientists have renamed the variety of killer whales known for decades as transients, to honour the man who first identified them.

Keep clear plan for jet skiers
Tasmania Mercury-17 hours ago
A humpback whale breaches of Pirates Bay at Eaglehawk Neck. ... JET skiers will be required to stay 300m from whales and dolphins under draft regulations

3 more dead dolphins wash up along the Gulf Coast
CNN-6 hours ago
(CNN) -- The bodies of two dolphins and the head of another have washed up along the Gulf Coast, raising red flags for federal investigators

Severed dolphin head discovered on Horn Island
WWL First News-22 hours ago
Authorities say a dolphin's head has washed up on Horn Island and a whole dead ... He could not say whether the deaths are related to those of dolphins found

Dolphin Santini a mom again
KeysNet-6 hours ago
Santini, born at the Dolphin Research Center on Grassy Key 26 years ago, is a mom herself for the second time, giving birth Monday following a pregnancy

PETA wants feds to investigate SeaWorld Dolphin bite
Orlando Sentinel-22 hours ago
The animal-rights group PETA said Tuesday it has asked the federal government to investigate SeaWorld Orlando following an incident in which a dolphin bit

Brigantine's Marine Mammal Stranding Center looks to rebuild after ...
Press of Atlantic City-3 hours ago
BRIGANTINE — A dolphin washed ashore in Point Pleasant Beach the day Sandy hit New Jersey, but Marine Mammal Stranding Center staff in Brigantine did

Monday, 3 December 2012

News from Dec-03 2012

Humpback whales creating stir off Ireland
BBC News-4 hours ago
The Irish Whale and Dolphin Group have been monitoring the group and believe that four of them have visited the same waters off west Cork in the past,

Four Killer Whales Greet Researcher's Boat hours ago
Four killer whales made quite the local appearance Sunday as Long Beach whale watchers and a research boat spotted the orcas off the Palos Verdes

Op-Ed: Bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales await fate in Taiji Cove hours ago
Taiji - Two pods of cetaceans are awaiting their fate after being driven into Taiji cove last night. A pod of pilot whales and a pod of bottlenose dolphins

Whale sightings off Baltimore
Southern Star Newspaper-30 Nov 2012
Over the past few days there have been many sightings of humpback whales off the coast of Baltimore and they have been attracting quite a lot of attention.

Marine protection network could be worth £10bn says report
BBC News-17 hours ago
They are the Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust, Marine Conservation Society, National Trust for Scotland, RSPB Scotland, Scottish Ornithologists' Club, Scottish

NOAA accepts petition to delist J,K and L pods from Endangered list Nov 2012
November 26, 2012 the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration accepted a petition to delist Southern Resident killer whales which are listed as

Baby Beluga goes on display
Practical Fishkeeping-3 hours ago
Newborn beluga whales are born with slate-colored skin, but as they mature, the ... as part of Shedd's collaboration in the Beluga whale breeding co-operative.

It really, really hurt:' Girl, 8, recalls her painful SeaWorld dolphin bite ...
Daily Mail-48 minutes ago
Jillian held two dolphin stuffed animals as she recounted the ordeal, saying she hoped the dolphindidn't get sick from eating the paper carton

Wave of dolphin sightings 'prove seas off West Wales are healthy'
WalesOnline-17 hours ago
A glut of dolphin sightings captured on film show the seas off West Wales are in a ... for dolphins, porpoises, whales and other sea animals on a monthly basis.

Tangalooma dolphin baby a Christmas surprise
e-Travel Blackboard (press release)-15 hours ago
Trevor Hassard of the dolphin care team said back stretching was a common feature of dolphinbehaviour during the final stages of a pregnancy


Dolphin "settlers" Taizhou
China Taizhou Network - 11 hours ago
December 1, Taizhou Sea World ushered a two Tursiops dolphins Hantaikeju in , 6-year-old "Mike" and "Abramovich". According to the staff of Sea World, two Tursiops dolphins from Japan, each worth more than 100 million


Raising dolphin Barcelona Zoo Nuik be called - 3 hours ago
Raising dolphin Barcelona Zoo Nuik be called, as it has been named the most votes by more than 12,000 people who participated

A dolphin therapist
The Voice of Russia - 6 hours ago
A dolphin therapy center opened a few days ago in Yalta, on the Black Sea. Their experts say that natural treatment methods


"Dolphin Ulsan? Also our hope .. "
Jeju's sound - 13 hours ago
Ulsan Whale Ecology Experience in the row being considered as a future destination of the pacific dolphins ... Hot Pink Dolphins "confiscation of a large Southern dolphin which is referred to as a place to stay in Ulsan whale ecology

Minke whales sea Lotto 'winning'
Kangwon Ilbo - 2 hours ago
Sea of Japan, according to the East Sea Maritime Police Chief Choi, Jae (py) H Ho shipping (15t, 4:00 a.m. 40 minutes of Set Net) Captain hwangmossi (38, Donghae), am fishing car Donghae mukhohang departed the same day 7: 20

Animal life of the one thousand and one?
Pressian News - 15 hours ago
Make money on the illegal take big dolphin Southern Pacific Land in Jeju. After being confiscated by a court sentenced the appeal and the appeal is continuing.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

News from Dec-02 2012

Migration of right whales starts off GA coast
WALB-TV-1 hour ago

More humpbacks could cause problems
KCAW-11 hours ago
A humpback whale begins arching its back and showing its tail just before diving for herring ... There's a baby boom going on with Alaska's humpback whales.

Video: Dolphin Bites 8-Year-Old Girl at Sea World
ABC News (blog)-39 minutes ago
Feeding the dolphins at Sea World was a dream come true for 8-year-old Jillian Thomas, until one of the marine mammals bit into her arm, nearly dragging her

ead dolphins wash ashore on Horn Island and on Gulfport beach hours ago
The head, along with a dead dolphin found today, are at the Institute of ... He cannot say whether the adult mammals' deaths are related to dolphins found last


2012 follow-up: Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium birth new idol, orca baby ...
毎日新聞-16 hours ago
Was born in (Minato Nagoya) Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Orca female baby is growing Sukusukuto. Drink a lot of breast milk, the baby who was born on November 13, has been fat plump.Killer whale


Taizhou Sea World dolphin !
中国台州网-18 hours ago
Taizhou Sea World trainer Guo Hongwei, the two Tursiops dolphins production from Japan, this time from Nanjing to them back, each worth more than 100 million. Two dolphins , one male and one female, body length of 2.4 meters above each dolphin

Saturday, 1 December 2012

News from Dec-01 2012

Dolphin abuse on the rise on Gulf Coast
Houston Chronicle-16 hours ago
GALVESTON - People increasingly are injuring or killing dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, with twodolphin mutilations recorded on the Texas coast this year,

Navy dolphins losing out to robots
North County Times-12 hours ago
Like the factory worker and travel agent before them, some Navy dolphins trained to hunt down mines are scheduled to be replaced by computers in five years.

Orcas in Captivity Are Having a Hollywood Moment
Hollywood Reporter-19 hours ago
Working with them in "Rust and Bone" brought Marion Cotillard close to "throwing up and crying"; now, the controversial practice is the topic of new Sundance

Birth of a dolphin at Parc Asterix
Le Parisien - November 30, 2012
A Delphineau was born Thursday morning at Parc Astérix Plailly in the Oise. This young male 1.20m and 20kg joins the dozen dolphins


Catching whales and global warming
E-News: Ukrainian and World News - 10 hours ago
Industrial catching whales provoke global warming. Such a conclusion was an American oceanographer, to make its views

noise level is produced in the ocean whales in the early XIX ...
Polit.Ru, - 19 hours ago
In the twentieth century that killed millions of whales - about 380,000 sperm whales, 350,000 bluewhales , 750,000 fin whales, humpbacks and 160,000

Dolphin in decomposition coast of Volos
Zougla-14 hours ago
Shortly before 14.00 noon local residents informed the Port Authority for the dead dolphin , which was in a state of decay. Immediately seised

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