Saturday, 1 December 2012

News from Dec-01 2012

Dolphin abuse on the rise on Gulf Coast
Houston Chronicle-16 hours ago
GALVESTON - People increasingly are injuring or killing dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, with twodolphin mutilations recorded on the Texas coast this year,

Navy dolphins losing out to robots
North County Times-12 hours ago
Like the factory worker and travel agent before them, some Navy dolphins trained to hunt down mines are scheduled to be replaced by computers in five years.

Orcas in Captivity Are Having a Hollywood Moment
Hollywood Reporter-19 hours ago
Working with them in "Rust and Bone" brought Marion Cotillard close to "throwing up and crying"; now, the controversial practice is the topic of new Sundance

Birth of a dolphin at Parc Asterix
Le Parisien - November 30, 2012
A Delphineau was born Thursday morning at Parc Astérix Plailly in the Oise. This young male 1.20m and 20kg joins the dozen dolphins


Catching whales and global warming
E-News: Ukrainian and World News - 10 hours ago
Industrial catching whales provoke global warming. Such a conclusion was an American oceanographer, to make its views

noise level is produced in the ocean whales in the early XIX ...
Polit.Ru, - 19 hours ago
In the twentieth century that killed millions of whales - about 380,000 sperm whales, 350,000 bluewhales , 750,000 fin whales, humpbacks and 160,000

Dolphin in decomposition coast of Volos
Zougla-14 hours ago
Shortly before 14.00 noon local residents informed the Port Authority for the dead dolphin , which was in a state of decay. Immediately seised

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