Friday, 30 November 2012

News from Nov-30 2012

Minke whale and bottlenose dolphin sighting
BBC News-4 hours ago
The sighting of a minke whale swimming with bottlenose dolphins off the Isle of Man coast has been described as "incredibly rare," by a marine expert.

Gray Whale Sightings Enrich Visitor Experience On Southwest ...
San Francisco Chronicle-1 hour ago
Anticipation is building for the first of the gray whales to pass by the Long Beach Peninsula as they travel south to the warm waters of the Baja Peninsula.

Japan split on whale hunts, poll shows
The Guardian-9 hours ago
More Japanese people support their country's whaling expeditions than oppose them, despite the unpopularity of whale meat, according to a survey released

Whale sightings off Baltimore
Southern Star Newspaper-2 hours ago
The waters off West Cork are exceptionally rich in marine life and Baltimore is one of the centres at the heart of the explosive growth in Irish whale and dolphin

Best year for sightings of marine wildlife off Scillies
This is Cornwall-8 hours ago
Imagine seeing 150 dolphins leaping straight towards you through the waves, or spotting minke whales, or observing massive leatherback turtles and sunfish

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