Thursday, 8 November 2012

News from Nov-08 2012

Stranded dolphins rescued hours ago
TWO dolphins stranded in shallow water off the coast of Shanghai's Chongming Island were freed yesterday into the Yangtze River

Humpback whale calf entangled off coast of Australia hours ago
Wildlife officers in Australia said attempts to free a young humpback whale entangled

If we can find a new species of whale, just think what else could be ...
The Independent-22 hours ago
Remember the London whale? Remember the fuss? Just under seven years ago, in January 2006, a poor leviathan, 16ft long and weighing seven tonnes

Japan to push wider sales of whale meat to make up financial losses
The Japan Daily Press-5 hours ago
If the Japanese whaling industry's teasing of calling off their hunt this year wasn't bad ... Spiked with controversy, Japan's yearly whale hunt in the Antarctic costs

Jaw taken from sperm whale on Straddie
Gold Coast Bulletin News-18 hours ago
A 10-metre sperm whale found dead on a North Stradbroke beach had its lower jaw ... He said spermwhales beached in Queensland only about once every 10

US Navy Replaces Mine-Hunting Dolphins With Underwater Robots
Huffington Post UK-2 hours ago
The Navy has used dolphins in missions to help locate and even destroy mines ... A popular movie in 1973 ("The Day of the Dolphin") and a number of charges

Dolphin Watch Local bottlenose dolphins toss fish as display
Tampa Bay Newspapers-15 hours ago
John Heidemann and I had occasion to watch zest turn into a dolphin display, which ... We'd spied two dolphins, a mom and her little baby, in the distance.

-Team investigates Japanese whale and dolphin slaughter hours ago
SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A life and death struggle is underway at this moment in Japan -- the capture and slaughter of dolphins and small whales

Orcas hunt in Queen Charlotte Sound hours ago
Dolphin Watch Nature Tour guides have been treated to the sight of a pod of orca whales feeding on stingray in Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough.

Indonesian traditional fishing village gradually whale whale allowable catch
Xinhua - 3 hours ago
In the Indonesian province of East努萨登加拉Lan Bata on the island near the village of Rama Lila, a traditional catch whales Chashou ... Rama Laila village the villagers still follow the traditional way of catching whales , known as the on Earth, the last traditional fishing whale by

Robbe cormorant eats and acrobatic dolphins in Walvis Bay
Allgemeine Zeitung Namibia - 8 hours ago
Are declining fish stocks and the food source for seals? The image shows a Kappelzrobbe that a cormorant in Walvis

Laos began the construction of a controversial dam on the Mekong
Gazeta Wyborcza - 2 hours ago
According to the firewall due to the planned ecologists from the Mekong extinct Maybe Many migratory species, such as freshwater dolphin living brachycephalic.

Cuba has opened a new dolphinarium - 8 hours ago
Local and foreign tourists will see three dolphins who are trained by Cuban specialists in the wild,


Sinan standing dead sea mink whales found
Yonhap News - 11 hours ago
Photo of the day, approximately 5.45m in length caught the size of the circumference of 2.5m minkewhale caught in a net H-captain Kim (53, Jindo County) Mr. dead minke whale found on the Coast

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