Wednesday, 21 November 2012

News from Nov-21 2012

Whale Calls Meet Citizen Science
Huffington Post-1 hour ago
One aspect of research on whale and dolphin communication that people find very surprising is that we categorize calls using human judges to visually assess

Whale of a time in Moeraki
Otago Daily Times-56 minutes ago
Tania Johnston, of the Moeraki Tavern, said she saw at least eight whales. "They were super close - just one or two metres from the shore

Baby Beluga Whale Welcomed At Chicago's Shedd Aquarium
Getty Images-18 hours ago
CHICAGO, IL - NOVEMBER 20: A young beluga whale swims with an adult beluga at the John G. Shedd Aquarium on November 20, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois

Marineland prepares to sue former employee
Toronto Sun-15 hours ago
In an Oct. 18 story published in a Toronto newspaper, Santos claimed Marineland's lone killer whaleKiska was bleeding sporadically and had been for some

Ocean giants may offer cruise chance
The Advocate-5 hours ago
MAJESTIC: A recent increase in whale sightings along the Coast may be related to conservation work - and it could also provide more opportunities for tourism .

Dead dolphin washes up at Broughty Ferry
The Courier-7 hours ago
I think they thought it was a whale at first.'' ... The death is the latest in a series of reported incidents of whales and dolphins being washed up on coastlines

After Gulf of Mexico dolphin attacks, Animal Planet star offers $20000 hours ago
... Gulf of Mexico dolphin attacks that have included bullet wounds, a missing jaw and a hacked-off fin, Paul Watson, star of the Animal Planet series Whale Wars

First pictures of dead dolphins with gunshot wounds which show that ...
Daily Mail-9 hours ago
This bottlenose dolphin was found dead along the coastline of Mississippi after being shot. When investigators examined the mammal, they found a bullet inside

Phuket biologists believe stranded dolphin now safely out to sea
Phuket Gazette-3 hours ago
PHUKET: Officers at the Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC) who released a stranded Spinner
dolphin back into the sea on Saturday are confident that it is

New additions to Monkey Mia dolphin pod
The Australian-16 hours ago
THE internationally famous Monkey Mia dolphins in Western Australia, which swim right up to beachgoers in shallow waters, have added two new calves to their

Family finds newborn dolphin, reunites 6 months after rescue
Florida Today-20 hours ago
Kristi Keen and children Landen, Allyson and Katelyn (right to left) visit the dolphin they found and near New Smyrna, Fla. which lead to his rescue.

Orca spotted at Main Mount Beach
The Bay of Plenty Times-22 hours ago
A Mount Maunganui woman said the orca swam from Leisure Island-end of the the ... The orcacontinued to swim around the rocks of Mauao and out of sight


Sin Chew marine life park open with the world's largest aquarium viewing windows
Sing Tao Daily, Canada - 4 hours ago
The 25 dolphins concern batch arrival from the Philippines, Singapore, Resorts World on the 19th on the official blog announced the first batch of dolphins arrived in New ... Judging from the pictures, there are at least four dolphins Check Biological Park, they still in isolation

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