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Oct-31 to Nov-03

Sorry guys for the late news but I have been busy last few days.
Really clever whales don't spout English
Daily Mail-31 Oct 2012
One beluga whale in particular excited their attention. His name was NoC. At least, they say that was his name. In fact, it was the silly name they foisted

Japan wasted tsunami billions on whaling research
Metro-31 Oct 2012
Japan wasted tsunami billions on whaling research ... have been squandered on projects such as coaching prison inmates and whale hunting 'research'. Japan

Seismic blast for blue whales
Sydney Morning Herald-31 Oct 2012
Energy giant Woodside has been shooting airguns into unique feeding waters for blue whales as part of its seismic testing for gas, despite an expert warning

Dolphin washed up in wake of Superstorm Sandy
ITN-31 Oct 2012
Dolphin washed up in wake of Superstorm Sandy. Report by Sophie Foster. Wed 31 Oct 2012 15:01. Share : Superstorm Sandy forced a dolphin onto a beach

First common dolphin seen in Port River Oct 2012
A COMMON dolphin has swum into the Port River for the first time. ... She was monitoring the Port River's resident bottlenose dolphin population by Dock Two

Fears rise for dolphin
Auckland Oct 2012
The world's smallest dolphin is seen as expendable by the government as it panders to the fishing industry lobby groups ahead of the views of most New

Cousteau and Dr. Visser Explain Why the Orca Morgan Needs to be ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)-31 Oct 2012
Jean-Michel Cousteau and Dr. Ingrid Visser in conversation with WILD TIME's Thomas Janak bring clarity and insight into the fundamental importance of

Dolphins help clear Adriatic of minefields
Southeast European Times-31 Oct 2012
A recent joint exercise between Montenegro and the United States military made headway in boosting the ties between the two countries, as well as clearing the

No sign of dolphins after 4 months Nov 2012
Four months into an extensive observation programme and still no endangered Maui's dolphins have been seen off the Taranaki coast.

Whale carcass found on Rope Lake Head, Purbeck
BBC News-2 Nov 2012
Dorset Wildlife Trust's marine conservation officer, Emma Rance, said: "The position of the whale has made it difficult to identify as its head, blow hole and dorsal

tinerant dead whale is buried under parking lot in Rockport Nov 2012
The dead whale first spotted floating in Boston Harbor close to a month ago has finally been laid to rest under the parking lot of Cape Hedge Beach in Rockport

Who took whale bone fossil?
WALB-TV-2 Nov 2012
South Georgia Community leaders and geologists from Georgia Southern University say they are heartsick that looters stole part of a 30 million year old whale

Coast Guard, NOAA, DLNR prepare for return of humpback whales ...
KHON2-2 Nov 2012
Humpback whale season is generally from November to May with the peak season ... According to the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale Marine National

Dolphins filmed fishing in trawler nets: Modifications needed to ...
Phys.Org-2 Nov 2012
Since many more dolphins are seen following the trawlers, this led the scientists to conclude that it is only a subset of the dolphin population in the area

Injured dolphin sparks warning Nov 2012
A dolphin injured by a boat propellor is back swimming with its pod. Picture: ... A DOLPHIN sporting a gnarly injury to its back was spotted in Darwin Harbour

Letter: Plea for local opposition to Dolphin Cove
fp Turks and Caicos (blog)-22 hours ago
Three of their captive dolphins — Rocky, Missie and Silver — were rescued to ... Now there is a proposal to keep four dolphins in meager, dredged out pens


Project does not occupy the White Dolphin Nature Reserve waters
Phoenix - 29 Oct 2012
In ecological and environmental protection objectives of the project along, Xiamen rare marine species White Dolphin National Nature Reserve Nature Reserve: engineering elevated ground form the the high set seawall, set above the apricot seawall

Appears dolphin killed in Cerritos Beach mammal ...
Debate - October 29, 2012
This morning on the beach of Cerritos appeared a dolphin dead in the sand. People who ... apparently argued that the dolphin was trapped.

In Chechnya, the farmer found the bones of an ancient whale
Rosbalt.RU - 31 Oct 2012The opening of the "Chechen whale "can be considered sensational. According to "manual", this form of fossil science did not know before,

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