Tuesday, 20 November 2012

News from Nov-20 2012

Whale hit and killed by vessel
Auckland stuff.co.nz-1 hour ago
SHIP STRIKE: A dead Bryde's whale undergoes a necropsy at Calypso Bay after it was found washed up near Wharf Bay on Motuihe Island.

Spate of whale strandings continues
Stuff.co.nz-22 hours ago
It is a baleen whale, and the third largest after the blue whale and fin whale. The sei whale grows up to 16 metres, and the beached baby was five metres long

New regulations to protect natural habitat of Sri Lanka's Kalpitiya Bay
Colombo Page-10 hours ago
The whale-watching season in the northwest began in the last week of October and ... Blue whales, mink whales, dwarf whales, bottlenose dolphins, Indo-Pacific

Are these animals too 'ugly' to be saved?
BBC News-16 hours ago
"It is the most evolutionarily distinct toothed whale so to lose this species would mean losing a considerable amount of evolutionary history.

US Gulf Coast dolphin mutilations investigated
BBC News-29 minutes ago
US wildlife officials are investigating a spate of killings and mutilations of dolphins along the Gulf Coast over the past year

Singapore gets dolphins after tussle with activists
AFP-4 hours ago
SINGAPORE — A first batch of dolphins has arrived at a new oceanarium in Singapore after activists failed to have the animals' transfer from the Philippines

Dolphins are "the rapists of the sea"
The Independent-6 hours ago
Telegraph blogger Tim Stanley, a conservative historian of the US, has taken issue with the American Catholic college Fordham University over their decision

Op-Ed: Taiji fishermen clamp down as more Risso's dolphins are killed
DigitalJournal.com-17 hours ago
In the Livestream report filmed yesterday by SSCS Cove Guardians, Cove Guardian leader Melissa Sehgal said that dolphin hunters had implemented extra

Orcas surprise Auckland beachgoers
3News NZ-12 hours ago
Several orcas made a visit to Waitemata Harbour this afternoon, much to the ... A small boat went out with a 3 News cameraman on board and a young orca


"Future" and hope rice
朝日新聞-16 hours ago
... baby for the first time. To fit the needs and named "Future", I want to get used to call soon. " I was born on the 13th this month the museum orca baby has been observed in the current 24-hour. PR information

Dwarf sperm whale shark bite and one for shipwreck confirmation
Yaeyama online every day - 17 hours ago
Small whale (Yamahara (about 3 m long, 400 kg estimated body weight), dwarf sperm whale, but ...women had to walk from the shores of the " whale received a call has wandered into shallow waters "with, rushed to the scene

Or humpback whale carcass that washed ashore in Atami
Shizuokashinbunsha - eighteen hours ago19, the estimated length of 7-8 meters to the east coast town Atami whale carcasses have washed ashore. According to the city, it is seen as a humpback whale. because corruption is proceeding, civil engineering office Atami is 20 days

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