Wednesday, 7 November 2012

News from Nov-06 2012 (and Nov-07)

Beached whale finally on the move
ABC Online-5 hours ago
The humpback whale beached itself at McGauran's and created a lot of public ... to the Ninety Mile Beach, eager to salvage the whale's remains for its collection.

Another breaching whale lands on boat off South Africa
Sail World-4 hours ago
Apart from not sailing during the migration season, an underwater collision with a whale is one of those unavoidable incidents that any sailor dreads

SeaWorld: Injured killer whale continues to recover
Southwest Riverside News Network-8 hours ago
Nakai is receiving antibiotics and gets laser treatment every other day to stimulate new tissue growth and prevent secondary infection, according to SeaWorld.

Whales Hunting Sea Otters: Gotta-See Video
Discovery News-16 hours ago
Killer whales get their name because of what they eat. Other sea creatures are on the menu all the time. According to SeaWorld, killer whales eat everything from

Court: Eilat Dolphin Reef destroyed coral reef
Ynetnews-4 hours ago
The head of the Eilat Dolphin Reef and two of the site's workers were recently convicted by the Eilat Magistrate's Court of severely damaging the sensitive coral

10 Convincing Examples of How Dolphins are Preparing to Rule Us hours ago
Sure, dolphins are cute and can pull of some pretty impressive tricks. But under the squeaks and flipper-claps, there lurks a brain bent on world domination and

The dolphins perform "Endless Love" trapped the day selection After Dongwangsha rescued released the (Photo)
新民网- 20 minutes ago
LONDON correspondent Wei Jing, Li Bin, reported on November 7: the evening of November 6, the twodolphins stranded in Shanghai Chongming waters, the the Shanghai Frontier Corps Dongwangsha border police station police officers quickly start the rescue of dolphins , the dolphin has been rescued

Another dolphin beached north
Total Connection - 6 hours ago
Boca del Rio, Verazcruz. - Fishers of North Beach, found a dead dolphin and bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus), with signs of decomposition

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