Monday, 26 November 2012

News from Nov-26 2012

Transient' killer whales a species? hours ago
ANCHORAGE, Alaska — If whale expert John K.B. Ford has his way, school children one day will study a kind of North Pacific killer whale that preys on

Remarkable whale hunt captured off coast for the first time
Irish Independent-12 hours ago
IT is one of nature's most remarkable ocean hunts – and few are ever fortunate enough to glimpse it. A group of astounded Irish sailors and fishermen watched in

Dead whale forces beach closures
The Manly Daily-8 hours ago
WHALE Beach and Palm Beach were closed today after sharks were seen chomping on the remains of a dead whale washed up on the rocks over the weekend.

Activists to file charges over death of dolphin shipped to Singapore
Philippine Star-48 minutes ago
Animal welfare advocates light candles as they display the image of a dolphin named 'Wen-wen,' who allegedly died while in transit to Singapore last week,

After reprieve, Northeast fishermen say they're diligently avoiding ...
The Republic-19 hours ago
GLOUCESTER, Mass. — Fishermen say they're being diligent about avoiding harbor porpoises after they were given a reprieve from a scheduled shutdown of


Dongting Lake reproduction of finless porpoise tragic death floating on the surface of the water body multiple wound
The Lu'an News Network - 15 hours ago
Yangtze finless porpoise is the world's only the finless porpoise freshwater subspecies, has survived for 25 million years on Earth, known as the Yangtze River ecological "living fossil" and "giant panda in water developed brain with dolphins , level of intelligence and gorillas close only


Fishermen sight Dolphin Beach in Florianópolis on Monday hours ago
A dolphin was sighted by fishermen and tourists Canasvieiras Beach in northern Santa Catarina Island on the morning of Monday (26).

Ulsan Whale Eco Experience dolphins one unfolds late in our
Tend newspaper - 4 hours ago
Dolphins are , Nam-gu, Ulsan, whale ecology Experience reared in one fell ill and died environment ...Ulsan hwangyeongryeon 26 " Two months have passed, but the dead dolphins whales Experience, Nam-gu, a


Dolphins killed by Connyland of employees?
20 - 3 hours ago
Dolphins killed by Connyland of employees? The superintendent believes that animals were liquidated to close the dolphinarium

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