Friday, 16 November 2012

News from Nov-16 2012

Stella the Right Whale Comes to Jacksonville Beach hour ago
Stella is coming to Jacksonville in time for the fourth annual Right Whale Festival ... As real North Atlantic right whales swim down the southeast coast for calving

Meet the minkes
Sydney Morning Herald-4 hours ago
It's day three and our four-day "swimming with minke whales" trip looks like becoming a "swimming with potato cod" trip. Despite seeing plenty of marine life

Fear of further pilot whale strandings
The Nelson Mail-18 hours ago
Tears were shed as volunteers, Department of Conservation staff and members of Project Jonah fought unsuccessfully to save a pod of 28 whales that had

Autonomous Sub Speaks Whale To Explore The Deepest Ocean
Co.Exist-3 hours ago
Using techniques borrowed from how whales hunt, a new underwater exploration device can scan vast areas of the ocean and tell us about ecosystems of which ..

Dead Whale Washes Ashore
Martha's Vineyard Gazette-17 hours ago
A 13-foot pilot whale washed up on Lucy Vincent Beach in Chilmark over the long weekend. Adam Kennedy, a senior biologist at the New England Aquarium,

Australia has created the biggest marine park in the world to protect ...
BBC News-5 hours ago
Endangered marine animals like green turtles, blue whales and whale sharks all live in the waters. Network of marine reserves around Australia

Safety vital if you want to help a stranded dolphin
This is Cornwall-18 hours ago
The dolphin in this case was a striped dolphin, similar in shape and size to the ... The stripeddolphin is considered common globally but sightings in the UK

Proceed smoothly childcare success Orca birth, lactation
読売テレビ NEWS&WEATHER-7 hours ago
16 days, three days has passed orca "Stella", Nagoya has given birth to a baby Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium. 15 days, a successful breastfeeding is the first stage of parenting, child care is that Stella is well underway.。

Dolphin child from April 1 debut in the big wheel: dolphin "Shirya" will showcase ...
Mainichi - 10 hours ago
Shimane Prefectural Museum Akouas ocean (Hamada, Gotsu) from December 1, the child dolphin"said Shirya", and started the "magic ring" two or three times the performance of normal bubble ring


Jiangsu fishermen found a wild sea finless porpoise be released into the sea
Chinese network - 3 hours ago
Period, the river dolphin has been properly ambulance, according to a senior engineer at the Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, dolphin curator Professor Zhao Qingzhong and Lu Weiguo, of Haimen Dongzaogang Hong Kong fishermen on the river dolphins ambulance doing very well,


Found one dolphin died on the beach of Gandia
Las Provincias-19 hours ago
The storm has hit the coast of Safor recent days dragged yesterday morning during a small dolphin to the shore of the beach of Gandia.

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