Tuesday, 30 October 2012

News Oct-30 2012

Deadline today for comments about import of wild-caught Beluga ...
Examiner.com-18 hours ago
Today is final day to submit comments on the Federal Register regarding the import of belugas caught in the wild to be sent to aquariums and sea parks

Dolphin export issue still hangs as Quezon City court postpones ...
Inquirer.net-20 hours ago
MANILA, Philippines—A Quezon City court postponed on Monday the hearing on the motion for reconsideration to ban the export of 25 show dolphins

Perspective of Japan's "scientific research" catch whales (Photos)
Han Feng Network - 9 Hours ago
Since the 1986 International catching whales Commission (IWC, International Whaling Commission) announced the termination of ... caught ship displacement of 8030 tons of giant whale boat is the only one whale processing ship in the fleet of Japanese catch whales


Living porpoise at beach Texel
Noordhollands Daily - 13 minutes ago
... on the beach at Paal 13 by a passing rider was found by animal keepers Ecomare transferred to SOS Dolphin in Harderwijk.

The zoo reopened the installation of dolphins
The Newspaper of Catalunya - 34 minutes ago
Barcelona Zoo opened on Tuesday the popular voting period - on its website or on premises - to choose the name of raising dolphin that 

Observed three species of cetaceans in the Gulf of Cadiz
Europa Press - 2 hours ago... sightings outlined, there have been ten biopsies of dolphin and nine bottlenose dolphin that help you learn common feeding species,

Monday, 29 October 2012

News Oct-29 2012

News again! 
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Controversial plan to import whales should be scrapped
Kansas City Star-1 hour ago
Two whale sharks, taken from the waters off Taiwan, were both dead within two ... to account for: A beluga whale born at the facility in May lived only a few days

Killer whales spotted off Scarborough
The Australian-7 hours ago
Perth fisherman Craig Stock and friend Nathan Greig were fishing about 1km off the coast when they saw the whales. Mr Stock told sharkalarm.com.au they saw

How Fishing Gear is Killing Whales in the North Atlantic
Yale Environment 360-53 minutes ago
In early August, a small minke whale washed up on a beach in Chatham, ... Fishing line snarled thewhale's snout, threading in and out of its baleen

Speak Out for Oct. 29, 2012
SouthtownStar-11 hours ago
The baby beluga whale swims with mom Mauyak at the Shedd Aquarium on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

Free Morgan: A Killer Whale's Punishing Captivity Gets Its Day in Court
FlaglerLive.com-22 hours ago
When I was a speaker at BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, Calif., in September, I met an intriguing woman from New Zealand who was the perfect example

Communities want to ban gillnet use to protect dolphins
FIS-18 hours ago
“The dolphins in the Mekong are sacred to the people of Cambodia and are an ... “Dear communities along the Mekong River, the Irrawaddy dolphin.


The dolphin of Maui, on the brink of extinction, with only 55 copies ...
Lainformacion.com - 2 hours ago
The dolphin of Maui (Maui hectori Cephalorhynchus), who lives in New Zealand, is on the verge of extinction because there are only 55 adult specimens alive

Sunday, 28 October 2012

News from Oct-28 2012

Hope you all changed your clocks back ;) Anyway here is today's news and quiet as always on a Sunday
The Aquarium Politics of the Global Beluga-Whale Trade
The Atlantic-4 hours ago
A request by one of the United States' biggest oceanariums to import 18 beluga whales caught in Russian waters has set off a maelstrom of debate

40 whales die in mass stranding
DAWN.com-25 Oct 2012
NEW DELHI: About 40 whales died in a mass stranding on the west coast of India's remote North Andaman island in the Bay of Bengal, wildlife officials said

Fight to Save Mekong Dolphin Makes Enemies
The Cambodia Daily-9 hours ago
Chet Borei district, Kratie province – Sitting at his outpost overlooking the Mekong River, Deab Kuy remembers an incident some years ago when fishermen

Faro Island bloody and brutal whale hunting tradition ‥
MBC News - 5 hours ago
Residents of the island in Denmark Polynesia annual whale hunt events like being repeated. Whaleprotection organizations condemned by brutal because of the way but I'm thinking. Honggibaek in London

About 200 estuarine dolphin living in the estuary Cananéia
First Edition - 21 hours agoThe estuarine dolphin (Sotalia guianensis) is almost a " dolphin Brazilian, "inhabits the coast of Santa Catarina that goes to Honduras. It is near the coast and in areas

Saturday, 27 October 2012

News from Oct 27 2012

Daily news has returned - News from the last 24 hours 

Photos show dead sperm whale in Gulf of Mexico
GlobalPost-22 hours ago
Greenpeace released a series of photos this week of a dead and decaying sperm whale in the Gulf of Mexico that is suspected to have died

Officials: Let nature 'take its course' on dead whale
Cullman Times Online-8 hours ago
A dead whale, estimated to be about 54 feet long, lied sprawled across the beachfront after washing ashore over the weekend

Dead beached whale found in Indonesia
UPI.com-21 hours ago
The 32-foot whale was discovered on Sidayu Indah beach in Cilacap district of ... "Local residents found the dead body of the whale at 10 a.m.,"

Pod of orcas pops by for lunch
Hawke's Bay Today-17 hours ago
About five orca whales were probably feeding on stingrays when they came into ... "One [whale] will come in and sunbathe and the other ones will be sitting

Scientist Addresses Risks to Dolphins
Harvard Crimson-12 hours ago
Maddalena Bearzi, whose research on worldwide dolphin populations revealed remarkable similarities with humans, discussed how human actions

Op-Ed: Orca specialist reveals devastating report ahead of court ...
DigitalJournal.com-1 hour ago
The doctor then points to this paper by Ridgway and Carder about a deaf and mute dolphin who survived for nine years in the wild, before being captured.

India an island 40 giant whale mass stranding death
北方新闻网-3 hours ago
But saxophone Yina said whales stranded is a natural phenomenon, whales disoriented, unable to swim back to the deep-sea ... It is reported that the local emergency rescue departments and volunteers had to rush to the giant whale stranded beach rescue, but were unable to save their lives
Street selling "sea pig" in fact, the finless porpoise? (Figure)
搜狐- 26 Oct 2012The ... sea pig "location in the vicinity of the South Lake New Village, South Lake mall, selling 46 of a 30-year-old man was selling" sea pig "is about 1.5 meters, the body was leaden, blunt head appearance much like dolphins , the tail has been cut off.

On the coast of the Kerch killed dolphin

Center for Investigative Journalism - 4 hours agoApparently, the dolphin is injured, entangled in fishing nets, ... To Dolphins are not confused in the networks, the networks need to instal

In the center of the city settled the white whale
Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine - 20 hours agoSix year old beluga length of five meters was brought from Odessa dolphinarium. They say cute inmate water element we will be fine, saying that during the show program he will do almost the same as in nature.
5 Belugas arrive at Moscow Zoo
Five belugas were flown from Khabarovsk to Moscow by plane "Boeing 777". Marine animals were caught in the Khabarovsk region near Chkalov island , then a ferry transit through Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, they were brought to Khabarovsk. At the airport of Khabarovsk mammals taken at the special shipping platform for onward dispatch to Moscow Zoo.

Korean:Whale that captured the year what would
Asian economies - 14 hours ago
27 days, according to the Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries trapped whales illegally eight years from 2004 until last year, amounting to a total of 117

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Oct-15 to Oct-21


Whale, dugong washed ashore
The Hindu-2 hours ago
A 14-metre-long male whale, which has been dead for at least 10 days and a dead dugong (Kadal pasu), measuring two metre long

Keep an eye out for whales right now
Delmarva Now-1 hour ago
With the progression of fall and the cooling of our surrounding waters, most species of fish get on with some sort of migration that keeps them in

Ancient DNA Sheds Light On Arctic Whale Mysteries
Fars News Agency-3 hours ago
Ancient DNA Sheds Light On Arctic Whale Mysteries ... In addition to using DNA samples collected from whales over the past 20 years

Beluga sighted in Montreal's Old Port at risk of infection
CBC.ca-10 hours ago
A young beluga whale spotted swimming in Montreal's Old Port since last month is at risk of developing an infection from its new freshwater

Dead Whale on More Mesa Beach
Santa Barbara Independent-19 Oct 2012
A 25-foot juvenile gray whale washed up dead on More Mesa Beach Wednesday afternoon, and the 2,200- to 2,500-pound carcass will be

Bowhead whales lost genetic diversity, study shows
Washington Post-18 Oct 2012
Arctic bowhead whales have lost a significant portion of their genetic diversity in the past 500 years, according to a study to be published online

Marineland: Killer whale bleeding for months, trainer says
Toronto Star-18 Oct 2012
Kiska, the killer whale, swims alone in her pool at Marineland, often followed by a trail of her own blood. Her tail has been bleeding off and on

Marineland waiting for report
Toronto Star-19 Oct 2012
Re: Marineland whale bleeding for months, Oct. 18. Marineland provides a safe and healthy environment for our animals

Whale rescue trailer found
The Bay of Plenty Times-18 Oct 2012
Stolen equipment used to rescue stranded whales and dolphins, destined ... Whale rescue charity Project Jonah today announced the missing

Oregon Whale Numbers Stunning This Last Month
Oregon Coast Beach Connection-18 Oct 2012
A whopping nine whales were seen on September 20, ten whales were recorded lingering throughout most of September 21 and another

Call to remove nets after whale trapped
Independent Online-18 Oct 2012
Durban - A young humpback whale, trapped in shark nets off the Bluff on Wednesday, was released unhurt but its entanglement has upset

Killer whales frolic off East End
Caymanian Compass-17 Oct 2012
Four killer whales were spotted off East End in Grand Cayman on ... A simple fishing trip off East End turned into a whale of a time for two men

Southern Resident Killer Whale Recovery Program Update From ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)-15 Oct 2012
The Dtag is temporarily attached to a whale via suction cups. ... Although Southern Resident killerwhales continued to be somewhat sporadic

Minke whale found on Northumberland beach dies
BBC News-26 Sep 2012
A female 26ft (8m) minke whale has been put down after it was ... A vet was also called out and thewhale was assessed as being too thin to be

Saved whale later dies
The Nelson Mail-15 Oct 2012
After being successfully refloated from Patons Rock beach on Sunday, a pygmy right whale was found dead on Collingwood Beach yesterday

Whale spotted in River Humber
This is Hull and East Riding-15 Oct 2012
In October last year, a fin whale was washed up dead on Spurn Point having initially been rescued after being stranded. Earlier that month

Feds settle suit over rules on false killer whales
Honolulu Star-Advertiser-18 Oct 2012
The National Marine Fisheries Service has agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by environmentalists and says it will issue new rules aimed at #

Dolphins stay awake for 15 days by sleeping with one half of brain
Telegraph.co.uk-17 Oct 2012
Dolphins can stay alert and active for 15 days or more by sleeping with ... a tone, signalling success, and the dolphin was rewarded with a fish.

Lure found hooked on Port River dolphin's body
Herald Sun-19 Oct 2012
Onlookers became concerned when they saw the dolphin, known as Captain ... Adelaide DolphinSanctuary Action Group volunteer Barbara

Rescued Dolphin Dies at Sea Lab
KIII TV3-10 hours ago
On Friday, a Spinner Dolphin washed up on the Padre Island ... Volunteers with the Marine Mammal Stranding Network transported the dolphin

"Sponging" dolphins pass fishing trick from mother to daughter: study
Reuters UK-15 Oct 2012
SYDNEY (Reuters) - A small population of dolphins in Western Australia state not only use sponges to help catch fish but the rare hunting

Animal welfare group pushes for dolphins' release
Phys.Org-19 Oct 2012
A replica of a dolphin is displayed at a campaign event by Singapore animal welfare group ACRES. A Singapore casino resort's acquisition of

Dolphin Therapy in Sochi
Argophilia Travel News-20 Oct 2012
It's not so often any travel writer gets to report truly inspiring news. News from the site of the 2014 Olympics in Sochi makes today special.

Researchers Closer To Decoding Dolphin Speak
Forbes-18 Oct 2012
Researchers at The Wild Dolphin Project and Georgia Tech have hope. They are currently collaborating on the prototype for a “cognitive

Ukraine trains killer dolphins
Wired.co.uk-15 Oct 2012
Killer dolphins with knives and pistols attached to their heads. It might sound crazy, but that's reportedly one element of the Ukrainian navy's

OSHA sanctions SeaWorld after orca trainer death
Business Management Daily-4 hours ago
OSHA has ordered Orlando's SeaWorld marine park to change the ways in which trainers and orcasinteract following the death of orca trainer

Battle resumes to set young orca free
Northern Advocate-17 Oct 2012
Northland orca expert Ingrid Visser is heading back to Holland for a last-ditch court ... will revisit last year's decision to allow an orca rescued off the Dutch coast,

Feds to review petition aimed at freeing orca 'Lolita'
Northwest Cable News-15 Oct 2012
Lolita is the last surviving orca captured from the Southern Resident orca population during the 1970s. She is a member of the L pod, or family.

They find a dolphin stranded alive on the beach of El Pozuelo, in Almuñécar
Qué.es - October 19, 2012
A dolphin , a meter and a half and two years old, was found Friday morning stranded on the beach of El Pozuelo
Small in size, dark gray and white belly, its rounded fin is undoubtedly the hallmark of dolphin Chilean

Born a baby dolphin in Barcelona Zoo
La Vanguardia - October 16, 2012Raising dolphin bottlenose born on the 13th at the Barcelona Zoo. For now, sex is unknown because caregivers have not seen the

There is a dolphin died in The Playazo
Infonerja.com - October 16, 2012
This weekend has appeared a dolphin died on the beach of El Playazo. It was a small female with no external signs of violence,

Phuket - Baby Delfin is dead
Asia News - October 15, 2012
Phuket - The young dolphin from the one that he did on the road to recovery is, after he rescued from Mai Khao Beach, died Saturday.

Russian:Black Sea dolphin taught paralyzed baby walk
Your Day - 15 Oct 2012For a 10-year-old Jana Mazurok from birth shackled to a wheelchair, a dolphin Ian was a real guardian angel. It was he who helped

Korean:Whales illegal trapping and bycatch surge
KBS News - 14 Oct 2012
Captured illegal whale in 2008, the last 12 in the last 26 to more than double the increase meshing with the catch another fish and whales last year 2801

Dolphins captured a large southern Jeju prohibited
Jemin Times - 15 Oct 2012
Meantime been raised Jeju's controversial animal cruelty illegal capture and distribution event, and the 'show dolphin 'as big dolphin Southern specified according to the protected marine life performances, and more

Japanese:whale harbor Hiroshi Yagi field 5 meters in length! "said, or get lost
Iwate Nippo - seventeen Oct 2012
17, about five meters in length mink seen before and mature in the field near the port town Hiroshi Yagi Taneichi whale will show up, I attracted the attention of local residents. Station in the shallows near Rikuchuyagi JR, occasionally the tide

Changsha performances decade dolphins survival threatened plans to foster the field (Figure)
Red Net - 16 Oct 2012
September, the reporter had to interview with the old Zoo Dolphin Pavilion At that time, the water is fairly clear the potential underwater to hi, the reporter can clearly see where it is. On October 16, the reporter return to the scene, the water turbid naked eye ...

Dolphins haunt Penang waters PENG Wen Bao: to prove the waters clean
Kwong Wah Yit Poh - 18 Oct 2012
Penang, the 18th) online crazy pass a large number of dolphins swimming in the waters along the second Penang Bridge caused great repercussions, more lifted many people see memories of thedolphins in the waters of Penang , Penang Health, Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee .

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Oct-08 to Oct-14 2012

A search for whales off Mexico's coast
Philadelphia Inquirer-2 hours ago
Whale-watching season runs from mid-December to mid-April, when thousands of ballenas (whales) ply the waters day and night.

South African whale driven through streets
Telegraph.co.uk-9 Oct 2012
He said: "The whale was spotted on the beach on Sunday afternoon. ... city's specialist marine rescue team, who used diggers and a lorry to remove the whale

Bridlington stranded whale died of 'bacterial infection'
BBC News-9 Oct 2012
A whale washed up on a beach in East Yorkshire last week died of a ... the 4.1m (13ft) female Sowerby's beaked whale after it became stranded in Bridlington

Desperate flight to freedom: Pelican's miraculous escape from the ...
Daily Mail-11 Oct 2012
But after disappearing into the huge mouth of the whale, these pictures show the incredible moment the bird re-emerged, then made its bid for freedom.

Whale carcass to be removed today
The Australian-11 Oct 2012
The popular beach was kept open on Wednesday and Thursday nights while sharks fed near shore on the 7m beached humpback whale calfe.

Beluga whale spotted in the Old Port?
Montreal Gazette-9 Oct 2012
Searchers tried to spot the whale Tuesday evening, including Alain ... The whale would have poor chances of surviving if it stays in the Montreal area, he said.

Dead whale found in Boston Harbor
Boston Globe-8 Oct 2012
A dead finback whale more than 50 feet in length was found floating in Boston Harbor early Sunday morning — a rarity for the area, officials said.

Choreography of submerged whale lunges revealed
Phys.Org-10 Oct 2012
Analysing the whales' acceleration patterns, Simon saw that as the whales initiated a lunge, they accelerated upward, beating the tail fins (flukes) twice as fast

Dead whale offers study opportunity
Otago Daily Times-12 Oct 2012
An adult female strap-toothed whale lies dead on St Kilda Beach, near ... Dunedin marine scientists are analysing the head of a dead adult whale, which washed

Keeping right whales out of harm's way explored at AHA! program
SouthCoastToday.com-11 Oct 2012
NEW BEDFORD — The population of North Atlantic right whales is already less than 400 and many in the scientific and conservationist communities are worried

Most Whale Deaths in Past 40 Years Were Caused by Humans
Scientific American-7 Oct 2012
Protection measures seem to have had no impact on whale deaths, according to a new study that reinforces the need for science-based approaches to reducing

Beluga Whale Import Request Draws Ire Of Animal Rights Activists
RedOrbit-10 Oct 2012
An Atlanta-based aquarium is drawing criticism from animal rights advocates for their plans to import 18 beluga whales captured off the eastern coast of Russia.

Whale trapped, two in lagoon
Fiji Times-12 Oct 2012
Mr Cinavilakeba said the whale had been trapped within the reefs of Totoya. He said the whale came with two others measuring 30 feet in length.

Dolphin release awesome to witness
Poughkeepsie Journal-2 hours ago
After stranding on the shore of Wellfleet in Cape Cod, Mass., four dolphins were released by the International Fund for Animal Welfare from Herring Cove in ...

Philippine court halts dolphin export to Singapore
AFP-20 hours ago
MANILA — A court has blocked the export of 25 captive dolphins trained in the Philippines to become show animals at a Singapore casino, a Filipino official

Dolphin-spotting on the river Ganges
WWF-UK-11 Oct 2012
In a new survey organised by WWF and the government of Uttar Pradesh in northern India, a total of 671 river dolphins were spotted along a 2,500km stretch of

Ganga river dolphin in India faces extinction
chinadialogue-11 Oct 2012
The Ganga dolphin was declared India's national aquatic animal in 2009, and the government approved a National Dolphin Action Plan in 2010

Flipper on a mission: Ukraine resuming dolphin combat training
RT-43 minutes ago
A Soviet program of dolphin military training is reportedly being revived in Ukraine. ... In the Soviet Union, dolphin training started in 1965, while a special naval

Rescuers lose fight for dolphin's life
This is Cornwall-11 Oct 2012
The common dolphin was discovered on the shoreline at Gyllyngvase Beach by ... Mammal experts try to keep the dolphin wet and calm on Gyllyngvase beach.

The bottlenose dolphins who bring up their daughters to be lifelong ...
Sydney Morning Herald-20 hours ago
While the quirky behaviour, believed to protect the dolphins' noses, or rostra, as they probe the sea floor for food, has been observed in a small group

Lonely dolphin tries to get frisky with humans off Cayman Islands ...
Washington Post-11 Oct 2012
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Stinky the dolphin is lonely, and he's getting way too frisky with humans. The lone male bottlenose dolphin has been cavorting for

Dolphin Cove expanding to Turks & Caicos Islands
Jamaica Gleaner-10 Oct 2012
Dolphin Cove Limited has been granted a business licence to operate as an attraction in the Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI), but it still needs planning permission

Dolphins' Astounding Ability to Heal – Why SeaWorld is Confident ...
Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)-7 Oct 2012
“How does the dolphin not bleed to death after a shark bite? How is it that dolphins appear not to suffer significant pain? What prevents infection of a significant

Protesters crash dolphin show at Niagara theme park
Edmonton Journal-8 Oct 2012
NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. - Dozens of protesters rushed the gates of Marineland on Sunday demanding an end to what they called the abuse of whales, dolphins

Dolphin Found on East End Beach
Patch.com-8 Oct 2012
A striped dolphin washed ashore at Lincoln Boulevard beach, likely early Sunday ... A dolphin was found washed ashore in the East End early Sunday morning

Warning over future dolphin capture
Solomon Star-8 Oct 2012
PREMIER of Western Province George Solingi Lilo has cautioned communities in the province that those who continue to capture dolphins for personal gains

Rescued Phuket dolphin's health improves
Phuket Gazette-8 Oct 2012
PHUKET: The condition of the injured Spinner dolphin rescued from Mai Khao Beach last month has improved, albeit slightly, thanks to the efforts of staff at the

Orcas moving south into Puget Sound
Kitsap Sun-8 Oct 2012
An orca swims in Puget Sound as seen from Fay Bainbridge Park on Monday. Three pods of the endangered whales have begun their annual southern

Bears Amakusa Dolphins Super Paradise
Hong Kong Sina - 8 Oct 2012
Visitors and Amakusa are directed to where the dolphins from the original the Amakusa and Tokyo near the Ogasawara Islands, is today the two wild dolphin habitat in Japan , local friends assured me throughout the year any day In

Bottle-nosed dolphins stranded cause of death is unknown
Central Daily News - 11 Oct 2012
A bottle nose dolphin was found in the morning of the 11th, ran aground in Tainan City, North Gate area beaches, emergency rescue by the Coast Guard and conservation groups, and the end was pronounced dead. Central News Agency reported on the 11th, the Coast Guard Administration, Southern Coastal Patrol Office

Sperm whale babies die
NHK - 2 012 10 Oct
8 days to 3 days, sperm was found to have Nagaretsui coast of Ibaraki Prefecture Kamisu whale baby is violently weakness, 10 days, and I died. Spine of the National Science Museum has continued to pay

Finding dolphin gutted in fire alarm environmentalists
La Vanguardia - October 10, 2012A dolphin with a clean cut in the abdomen, which has left the view all ... According Ecologists in Action has reported, it would be a dolphin bottlenose

Rescue a dolphin in southern Santa Cruz
The Daily 24 - October 9, 2012Rescued a dolphin that was stranded on the southern coast. ... A dolphin stranded on the coast of Santa Cruz was rescued by members of the Naval Port

Already have named the baby dolphin !
Telemundo Chicago - October 12, 2012
Author: TELEMUNDO CHICAGO AND POINT | Date: 12/10/2012 | Updated: 12/10/2012 2:35 PM CDT.Send. Already have named the baby dolphin ! Credit: Shedd

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Oct-01 2012 to Oct-07 2012

Just a few top news articles from the past week

Dead stranded whale to be turned into biofuel
Telegraph.co.uk-5 Oct 2012
The 10m fin whale, weighing six tons and 780kgs, died after being stranded on Sunday afternoon on the beach at Shingle Street near Woodbridge, Suffolk.

PETA protests injury to whale at SeaWorld San Diego
Reuters UK-3 Oct 2012
SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - Activists with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals protested what they called poor conditions for killer whales and their trainers

Whale woe in the Atlantic
Nature.com-5 Oct 2012
Human activity is still killing right whales, one of the most endangered animals in the ocean.

Beached whales become food for Indonesian islanders
The Guardian-3 Oct 2012
Many of the whales were already dead when they were discovered by locals on Sabu island's Raijua beach in East Nusa Tenggara province on Monday.

Extreme whale watching as tourists on a flimsy rubber raft are almost ...
Daily Mail-4 Oct 2012
And that's the only way whales should be seen (although I would have had a heart attack): in their natural habitat, not cruel and barbaric aquariums

SeaWorld, others trying to import whales caught in wild
Eagle Tribune-4 hours ago
Efforts to capture whales for display in North America are exceedingly rare. SeaWorld and other aquarium owners, wary of negative publicit

Scientists track whales via their song
The Australian-3 Oct 2012
Now Australian scientists have devised a way to eavesdrop on their distinctive song to help locate the rare mammals, even if they're hundreds of kilometres

Georgia Aquarium's Beluga Whale Capture Comes Under Fire
Wired-5 Oct 2012
Controversy is brewing over the Georgia Aquarium's plan to import 18 beluga whales captured off the coast of Russia. If the U.S. government approves the plan,

Humpback whale shows up off Jiwani
DAWN.com-5 Oct 2012
KARACHI, Oct 5: A humpback whale has been spotted by officials of the Balochistan fisheries department near Jiwani between Gunz and Pishukan, said World

Faroe whale killing: a cruel and unnecessary ritual or a sustainable ...
The Ecologist-5 Oct 2012
To the people of the Faroe Islands the slaughter of pilot whales for food is a sustainable practice. Gavin Haines tries to make sense of this much maligned

Whale calf trapped in shark net
Ninemsn-3 Oct 2012
Rescue crews have managed to free a whale calf that became entangled in a shark net off the Gold Coast. The 7m juvenile calf pulled much of the net

Killer whale still in Bay of Fundy
Digby Courier-4 Oct 2012
Two whale watch boats from Long Island saw 'Old Thom” yesterday, Wednesday, ... Judging by a distinctive notch on his dorsal fin, this is the same killer whale

Dead whales washes ashore at Kodiak village
Juneau Empire-2 Oct 2012
KODIAK — A 40-foot humpback whale has washed ashore near a Kodiak Island community and probably will be a feast for the island's famous bears,

Ship noise hinders whale communication, say scientists
EarthSky (blog)-5 Oct 2012
The North Atlantic right whale is one of the rarest marine mammals. Only 350 to 400 whales are believed to currently exist

Program teaches about killer whales
HeraldNet-1 Oct 2012
Did you know that killer whales have brains so large that they shut half their brain off when they need to take a nap but keep swimming using the other half?

Boat campaign to save endangered Gangetic dolphin
The Hindu-11 hours ago
The three-day 'Save Ganga, Save Dolphin' campaign has been launched by the U.P. Forest department in association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

India counting Ganges river dolphins in Uttar Pradesh
BBC News-5 Oct 2012
A census has begun in India's Uttar Pradesh state to count the number of endangered Ganges riverdolphins. The three-day survey will stretch across 2,800km

Dolphin stranded on Gyllingvase beach
BBC News-3 Oct 2012
Almost 3,500 whales, dolphins and porpoises have been stranded on UK coastlines over the six years up to December 2011, according to the Zoological

Boom in dolphin and shark sightings at Lyme Bay
Bridport and Lyme Regis News-3 Oct 2012
Lyme Bay is more important for the study of dolphins and large marine animals than previously realised and a Bridport charity is asking for help in its research

Dolphin stranded in shallow waters
Herald Sun-3 Oct 2012
A 35-YEAR-OLD dolphin spent several hours trapped in shallow water off ... The bottlenose dolphin, known as Captain Hook, was found in a pool of water at St

Port River Dolphin Diary - October
Herald Sun-4 Oct 2012
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society volunteer Marianna Boorman writes a regular diary about her trips to the Port River to photograph our local dolphins.

Captured Dolphins die
Solomon Star-2 Oct 2012
THREE of the ten dolphins held in captivity by Tanhuka villagers in ... According to some of the villagers, they claimed this was the third dolphin to have died

Dead dolphin reported in river at Baton Rouge
Sacramento Bee-2 Oct 2012
BATON ROUGE, La. -- A dead young dolphin washed ashore in an isolated area along the Mississippi River bank at Baton Rouge, state Wildlife and Fisheries

$3 million dolphin park proposed for Providenciales
fp Turks and Caicos (blog)-5 Oct 2012
Jo Jo, the infamous people-friendly dolphin who has lived in the waters ... The Turks and Caicos Islands government announced Oct. 4 that Dolphin Cove, one of

Officials: Dolphin showed no signs of external trauma
WBXH-5 Oct 2012
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says biologists did not see any external sign of trauma in a young dolphin found dead along the Mississippi

Marine experts to examine lone dolphin
Caymanian Compass-30 Sep 2012
Three marine experts from the United States will arrive in Grand Cayman this week to study the behaviour of the aggressive lone dolphin in local waters

Scientists Unlock The Secrets (And Sounds) Of Orcas Underwater
Boise State Public Radio-3 Oct 2012
If you're a resident killer whale Puget Sound can be a busy and noisy place. Some research shows that during the summer tourist season - when the orcas come

Porpoise passes in Vancouver
24 Hours Vancouver-4 Oct 2012
He was whisked from a beach in Esquimalt to the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in grave condition and provided with 24-hour care for 71

Japanese:Orca : Head 3 Offspring, 13 Xintiandi attract close → Nagoya Kamogawa, even birth perky ...
Mainichi - 5 Oct two thousand and twelve
Came in December last year (Minato-ku, Nagoya) Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Orca parents of three animals are popular. Visitors of the month after the general public 4-9 1.248 million people, an increase of 13% compared to the same period last year. Mother is 12

Kyushu Amakusa dolphins surrounded
Hong Kong Sina - 1 Oct 2012
Ming Pao] Amakusa in Kyushu Kumamoto, near Nagasaki, is composed of 120 islands. Many of us may Amakusa unheard of in Japan, however, it is especially famous, because they have a rare resident ─ ─ dolphins

Despite efforts, breeding rescued dolphin melon head, lost ...
Cetaceans and marine wildlife - October 3, 2012After little more than 66 hours of effort to keep alive the small farming Dolphin Melon Head (Peponocephala electra) it passed the

Swedish:Nephele's calf was named
Thursday, 23 August-born dolphin female Nephele a dolphin calf, the third calf born on Kolmården Dolphinarium this summer. The little dolphin girl, who has been named Pearl, and mother Nephele feel good.

Russian:The world's largest oceanarium opens in Singapore
Travel.ru - 5 Oct 2012
Park guide promised that the Dolphins will be in conditions as close to nature and surrounded by caring

Natural southern big dolphin caught in a net, this time ...
Jeju's sound - 4 Oct 2012
However it is noted that the cooperation of the relevant authorities, despite the lack of measures for compensation administrative levels of the fishermen and whale discharged according to the manual in a hurry should be devised to Jeju Coast Guard .