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News Oct-29 2012

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Controversial plan to import whales should be scrapped
Kansas City Star-1 hour ago
Two whale sharks, taken from the waters off Taiwan, were both dead within two ... to account for: A beluga whale born at the facility in May lived only a few days

Killer whales spotted off Scarborough
The Australian-7 hours ago
Perth fisherman Craig Stock and friend Nathan Greig were fishing about 1km off the coast when they saw the whales. Mr Stock told they saw

How Fishing Gear is Killing Whales in the North Atlantic
Yale Environment 360-53 minutes ago
In early August, a small minke whale washed up on a beach in Chatham, ... Fishing line snarled thewhale's snout, threading in and out of its baleen

Speak Out for Oct. 29, 2012
SouthtownStar-11 hours ago
The baby beluga whale swims with mom Mauyak at the Shedd Aquarium on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.

Free Morgan: A Killer Whale's Punishing Captivity Gets Its Day in Court hours ago
When I was a speaker at BLUE Ocean Film Festival in Monterey, Calif., in September, I met an intriguing woman from New Zealand who was the perfect example

Communities want to ban gillnet use to protect dolphins
FIS-18 hours ago
“The dolphins in the Mekong are sacred to the people of Cambodia and are an ... “Dear communities along the Mekong River, the Irrawaddy dolphin.


The dolphin of Maui, on the brink of extinction, with only 55 copies ... - 2 hours ago
The dolphin of Maui (Maui hectori Cephalorhynchus), who lives in New Zealand, is on the verge of extinction because there are only 55 adult specimens alive

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