Saturday, 27 October 2012

News from Oct 27 2012

Daily news has returned - News from the last 24 hours 

Photos show dead sperm whale in Gulf of Mexico
GlobalPost-22 hours ago
Greenpeace released a series of photos this week of a dead and decaying sperm whale in the Gulf of Mexico that is suspected to have died

Officials: Let nature 'take its course' on dead whale
Cullman Times Online-8 hours ago
A dead whale, estimated to be about 54 feet long, lied sprawled across the beachfront after washing ashore over the weekend

Dead beached whale found in Indonesia hours ago
The 32-foot whale was discovered on Sidayu Indah beach in Cilacap district of ... "Local residents found the dead body of the whale at 10 a.m.,"

Pod of orcas pops by for lunch
Hawke's Bay Today-17 hours ago
About five orca whales were probably feeding on stingrays when they came into ... "One [whale] will come in and sunbathe and the other ones will be sitting

Scientist Addresses Risks to Dolphins
Harvard Crimson-12 hours ago
Maddalena Bearzi, whose research on worldwide dolphin populations revealed remarkable similarities with humans, discussed how human actions

Op-Ed: Orca specialist reveals devastating report ahead of court ... hour ago
The doctor then points to this paper by Ridgway and Carder about a deaf and mute dolphin who survived for nine years in the wild, before being captured.

India an island 40 giant whale mass stranding death
北方新闻网-3 hours ago
But saxophone Yina said whales stranded is a natural phenomenon, whales disoriented, unable to swim back to the deep-sea ... It is reported that the local emergency rescue departments and volunteers had to rush to the giant whale stranded beach rescue, but were unable to save their lives
Street selling "sea pig" in fact, the finless porpoise? (Figure)
搜狐- 26 Oct 2012The ... sea pig "location in the vicinity of the South Lake New Village, South Lake mall, selling 46 of a 30-year-old man was selling" sea pig "is about 1.5 meters, the body was leaden, blunt head appearance much like dolphins , the tail has been cut off.

On the coast of the Kerch killed dolphin

Center for Investigative Journalism - 4 hours agoApparently, the dolphin is injured, entangled in fishing nets, ... To Dolphins are not confused in the networks, the networks need to instal

In the center of the city settled the white whale
Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine - 20 hours agoSix year old beluga length of five meters was brought from Odessa dolphinarium. They say cute inmate water element we will be fine, saying that during the show program he will do almost the same as in nature.
5 Belugas arrive at Moscow Zoo
Five belugas were flown from Khabarovsk to Moscow by plane "Boeing 777". Marine animals were caught in the Khabarovsk region near Chkalov island , then a ferry transit through Nikolaevsk-on-Amur, they were brought to Khabarovsk. At the airport of Khabarovsk mammals taken at the special shipping platform for onward dispatch to Moscow Zoo.

Korean:Whale that captured the year what would
Asian economies - 14 hours ago
27 days, according to the Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries trapped whales illegally eight years from 2004 until last year, amounting to a total of 117

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